Most wouldn't put Halloween and Italian cuisine together in the same sentence. This Pittsburgh restaurant is looking to change that.

October is now a week and a half old and for many people, the arrival of fall's favorite month means one thing and one thing only. Halloween. Despite the spookiest holiday of the year only being one day long, and that day not arriving until the very final day in October, some people use October as an excuse to show their scary sides all month long.


As the days of the month tick away, you may start to notice more and more decorations creeping up the sides of houses and onto front lawns in your neighborhood. That's fine by us, although we draw the line at people trick or treating until the day before October 31 at the very latest.

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We also didn't think we'd like our local eateries getting in on the spooky spirit, especially this early in the month. Angelo's II in Monongahela, Pennsylvania has very much changed our opinion of that. The restaurant takes Halloween very seriously, reports CNN, and already has what is frankly an incredible set of decorations donning its exterior. This year's theme? The iconic 80s movie franchise, Ghostbusters.

As you can see from the photo above, the building in which Angelo's II is situated has glowing green tentacles reaching out of its windows. While that is extremely cool, it isn't our favorite part of the Halloween setup. That honor goes to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man sitting atop the restaurant roof. Stay-Puft might not be the main character in the Ghostbusters franchise, but he is the most instantly recognizable thing from the movies.

Apparently, Halloween isn't the only holiday Angelo's celebrates in this way. Once the Ghostbusters Halloween-themed regalia is packed away for another year, the Christmas decorations come out. The festive season doesn't allow the restaurant owners to be quite as creative. However, judging by what we've heard about their plans, it will be equally as spectacular.

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