The common consensus for taking a vacation is a much-needed break, a holiday away from it all to relax and enjoy ourselves, to get out of that 9-5 hustle and bustle and sip a cocktail by the sea. Certain places are flocked to more than others, leaving our relaxing getaways to be shared with thousands of other travelers. If you're looking for a true, serene, remote experience, try one of these less-visited and nearly isolated destinations instead.

10 Tuvalu

This list naturally has to start with the least visited country in the world. Tuvalu is so small and so far in the middle of nowhere that you'd likely win a bet with anyone if you told them to point it out on the map. Aside from its geographically minuscule size, Tuvalu is the least visited country in the world, likely because there's only one international flight a week that goes to Fiji, another remote island nation (though much more visited than Tuvalu). Nevertheless, a visit to Tuvalu can be an exciting one. Rent a motorbike and drive around the entire island, go diving and see some nearly untouched coral reefs, and explore the capital of Funafuti, where 60% of the nation's population resides. There are some accommodations worth booking a stay at in Tuvalu.

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9 Kyrgyzstan

When travelers refer to traveling Asia, the conversation is often revolved around Far East destinations like Japan, Southeast destinations like Thailand, and Middle East destinations like Jordan. What about Central Asia? Boasting beautiful mountains with almost 2,000 lakes nationwide, Kyrgyzstan offers a retreat away from the usual chaos associated with the rest of the Asian continent. If you really want to take isolation to the next level, get off the radar and go on a several-day horseback riding trip throughout the country, where you'll ride for 3 to 6 hours a day before camping overnight. There are many iconic hotels to book in Kyrgyzstan.

8 Socotra Island, Yemen

While mainland Yemen needs no introduction and is currently experiencing one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world, Socotra Island has remained peaceful despite its home country being ravaged by war. If you can get past the fact that you're technically in Yemen, a visit to Socotra is sure to be an otherworldly one. The island sees less than 3000 tourists a year. Getting there is no easy feat. There is only one flight a week from Cairo, Egypt, to Socotra Island via Yemenia Airlines. There is also one flight a week from Abu Dhabi to Socotra on Air Arabia. Once you figure out the loopholes, you'll immediately notice the distinct characteristics of Socotra Island in their Socotra Dragon Trees. You might be surprised to see how pristine the beaches are. It will certainly change your perception of Yemen. Socotra Island is home to many hotels worth staying at.

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7 Moab, Utah

Are you less interested in heading to a far-off remote part of the world and are looking for something a little more in your own backyard? Thank goodness for Utah. Whether you're driving in from Eastern Colorado, Southwest Las Vegas, or any direction for that matter, entering Utah immediately feels like you've transformed from the USA to Mars. Though the entire state is full of ideal camping sites, Moab tops the list for some of the most serene, not only in the state but in the entire country. Rent a camper van and sleep under the stars at Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse State Park, to name a few. If you're worried about getting too isolated, head to downtown Moab, a small street lined with shops, restaurants, and hotels. Utah will remind you of the great beauty that can be found without jet-setting halfway around the world.

6 Atacama Desert, Chile

Chile is geographically the longest country in the world. Because of this, it covers a wide array of climates, from the snow-capped mountains in the south all the way to the Atacama Desert in the north. Chilean's Atacama Desert is the driest nonpolar desert in the entire world, creating landscapes that are unlike anywhere else in the world. Your viewing options will include salt flats, dramatic peaks, volcanic hikes, stargazing, and float in salty lagoons, to name a few. Why not take the less traveled road in Chile and head north? There are many hotels worth staying at near the Atacama Desert.

5 Siwa, Egypt

Egypt is one of the most visited countries in the entire world. However, few travelers dare to trek to Siwa. More commonly known as Siwa Oasis, Siwa is 348 miles from Cairo and just 30 miles from the Libyan border. Because there are no nearby airports, most travelers skip out on the eight-hour drive from Cairo in order to get there. However, if you have the time and the patience, a trip out to the Siwa Oasis will treat you to scenery lined with palm and olive trees and options galore for salt lakes to swim in. One can also book a stay at one of the accommodations in the village of Siwa.

4 Merzouga, Morocco

If you're looking to get away from it all in luxury, Merzouga in Morocco might be calling. Take the 9-hour trek from Marrakesh out to the Saharan Desert, close to the Algerian border. Everything can be booked seamlessly through one of the many tours offering luxury Moroccan glamping. The best part of luxuriously camping out in Morocco is it won't break the bank. Sahara Desert Luxury Camp, for example, offers a 4-night stay for as low as $360 with all meals included. Most companies will include all meals and round-trip transportation.

3 Jeju Island, Korea

Korea is not all bright lights and skyscrapers. Just an hour plane ride from Seoul lies the humble little island of Jeju. Jeju is one of the world's natural wonders, and as soon as you arrive, you'll understand why. Jeju gives the vibes of Hawaii without the tropical paradisaical feel; that's not to say it's not pure paradise on earth, but it's not the paradise of swinging in a hammock on pristine beaches that are often associated with the word. Instead, it's filled with volcanic rocks, milky blue waters, and some serious hikes, all paired with delicious hearty cuisine. Few travelers add Jeju to their bucket list, so you're guaranteed a quiet, serene getaway. It's also worth booking a stay for several nights on the island.

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2 The Amazon Rainforest

If you're really looking to get at one with nature, then why look any further than the Amazon? Connect with spiders, sloths, jaguars, snakes, and more! Though you're not guaranteed to see any of these critters, you are guaranteed to be taken away by the lush green beauty that is the largest and most famous forest on planet earth. If you really want a dive into local life, go piranha fishing. Looking for something more adventurous? Go kayaking, paddle boarding, canopy-bridge walking, or even stay in a treehouse. It's also worth staying at the various accommodations around the Amazon Rainforest. Don't forget to try some Amazonian cuisine; it's unlike anywhere else.

1 Iron Ore, Mauritania

Are you looking to go somewhere totally random with a huge sense of adventure, topped with a dollop of discomfort? Certainly not for everyone, but a unique isolated adventure nonetheless, try riding the Iron Ore Train in Mauritania. Your timing to catch this train better be impeccable. It only stops once for five minutes in the quiet town of Choum before heading off onto a 19-hour journey to Mauritania's economic capital, Nouadhibou. It's completely free, and anyone can get on, but you better be prepared with the proper gear, including but not limited to ski goggles, gloves, and a sleeping bag. It is certainly an adventure for the traveler who's looking for an isolated experience; few people on this planet are crazy enough to do it. There are many accommodations that one can book around the Iron Ore in Mauritania.