Moorea lends itself to some intriguing and adrenaline-filled outdoor activities. From adventurous treks through the mountains to fascinating water excursions, this place is an exemplary bucket list trip for many tourists.

Although Moorea is a small island, it’s a little slice of paradise suitable for couples, solo or group travelers. These are the top eight activities visitors shouldn’t miss while in Moorea.

8 Ride With ATV Moorea Tours

Arguably, no other activity compares to the adrenaline rush these ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) deliver. The excursion delights with exceptional views when maneuvering through the stunning mountains, valleys, rivers, and Belvedere Pineapple Farm. Besides crossing the iconic viewpoints, the ATV tour ends with some sweet pineapple juice tasting sessions.

The guides are highly knowledgeable and friendly, making the journey fun and educative. This tour is open for adults and kids aged five and above.

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7 Climb Magic Mountain

It would be heartbreaking for tourists to visit Moorea and fail to have a 360-degree view through this mountain’s peak. Travelers can choose between two routes, both with different difficulty levels. There’s the forested hike option using ATVs, either solo or as a squad. However, the final push to the peak is done on foot. The hiking trails are home to breathtaking viewpoints that make the entire journey worth the effort.

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6 Laze On Temae Beach

Located in the northern part of Moorea, Temae Beach is the ideal representation of paradise on earth. Besides the white sand and clear water seen on most beaches, there are fine-looking coconut and palm trees that add more beauty.

The most popular option is snorkeling, which gives explorers a glimpse of the underwater world. From colorful reefs to tropical fish, the snorkeling experience is a fantasy in its purest form. Nearby outlets offer exotic refreshments to complement the entire experience.

  • Recommendations: Village Temanoha, Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa, Fenua Mata’i’oa, and Village Temanoha

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5 Snorkel At The Shark Sandbank

Here’s an outstanding opportunity for vacationers yearning to fulfill the fantasy of swimming with sharks. Unlike other snorkeling spots with multicolored fish only, Shark bank stands out with its blacktip reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus).

Coming into contact with the shark triggers a bucket load of mixed emotions, but the entire experience is worth it. In fact, tourists may find themselves planning for another trip back while still underwater! Inquisitive, harmless, shy, and beautiful, this iconic species makes every traveler’s visit to Moorea worthwhile.

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4 Dance At Tiki Village Cultural Center

This spot gives tourists a taste of the captivating history and culture of French Polynesia. The Lūʻau, a traditional Hawaiian party, amuses travelers with authentic music and exceptional cultural performances. The magnificent Tahitian fire spinners make the evening dances more intriguing. Guests also have a chance to hit the dance floor and show off their epic dancing skills.

Local villagers run craft demonstrations, where travelers can learn about pareo dyeing, braiding, and basket weaving. Don’t forget to stop by the village restaurants to sample famous dishes like kalua pig, laulau, haupia, and poke.

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3 Go Kite Surfing At Lakana Fly Moorea

With its unique settings and favorable weather conditions, Moorea is an ideal place to try out this sensational sport. Several certified instructors are on board to take explorers through the entire process. From learning how to control the kite to dragging the body, beginners are assured of getting the most intriguing experience out of this activity.

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2 Stay In An Overwater Bungalow Resort

Thousands of travelers have always marveled at the impeccable beauty of Overwater bungalows on Instagram. Fortunately, Moorea has an exciting array of resorts with lodgings perched on shallow water. Overwater bungalows are primarily popular among honeymooners and couples craving a romantic retreat. Here, they get the ultimate privacy and relaxation to spice things up.

The luxurious cabins have balconies that deliver spectacular and unbeatable views of the lagoon, beach, or ocean. Most also have a private stairway that makes it easy to dive into the restful water for a soothing swim.

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1 Go For A Moorea Jet Ski Tour

A Jet Ski expedition is yet another fascinating way to have an up-close view of volcanic mountains and stunning bays. Racing over the vibrant blue Opunohu Bay makes up for an unforgettable and breathtaking excursion. The adventure is also a riveting way to see various marine species in their natural environment. These alluring animals include sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays.

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