From red sand dunes and high mountains to lush forests and majestic waterfalls, Africa is one of the most diverse continents. In fact, it’s the second-largest continent after Asia, with 54 countries, thousands of languages, and various religions.

Sadly, as many controversial and terrifying events have taken place in countries, such as Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa, Africa’s media image is often distorted. That said, there are still places in Africa that are devoured by piracy, terrorist attacks, and health problems. In Somalia, for instance, kidnappings and attacks often target Western tourists.

Though nobody can guarantee travel safety these days, visiting Africa can be safe, especially if you stick to these places. Just use common sense and be aware of general travel precautions, travel scams, and local etiquette!

10 Rwanda Is One Of The Safest Countries In The Whole Of Africa

Rwanda - one of the smallest countries in Africa - is a major player in the tourism sector. It is one of the safest travel destinations in Africa, as per World Nomads; and there are numerous gorilla trekking tours and glamping sites that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the globe. We should note, however, that Rwanda’s past is daunting - the Rwandan genocide in 1994 led to the deaths of up to a million people.

9 Ethiopia Is Fairly Safe For Tourists

Ethiopia is another beautiful country where one can witness different natural wonders and mind-blowing desert finds, such as the rock churches of Lalibela. Interestingly enough, Ethiopia is the most populous country in the Horn of Africa. Though petty crimes and civil unrest happen, Ethiopia is fairly safe, according to Trip Advisor. Tourists should simply avoid certain regions, such as the border areas with Somalia, South Sudan, and Eritrea.

8 Morocco Is One Of The Most Colorful Countries In North Africa

From the white walls of Essaouira to the red labyrinths of Marrakesh, Morocco is one of the most colorful and diverse places in the whole of Africa. The good news is that Morocco is considered safe, as reported by Nomadic Matt. That said, petty crimes and scams are common. Also, avoid the border areas with Western Sahara, which is controlled by Morocco.

7 Namibia Is An Extraordinary (And Safe) Place

With its amazing wildlife, red sand dunes, and extraterrestrial quiver tree forests, Namibia is one of the most exotic countries located on the southwestern coast of Africa. According to Travel Safe Abroad, Namibia is safe, especially after the end of the Angolan civil war in 2002. That said, busy areas like Windhoek - the capital of Namibia - have high non-violent crime rates, including scams and muggings.

6 Lesotho, The Kingdom In The Sky, Is A Level 1 Country

Lesotho - known as the Kingdom in the Sky - is a beautiful but overlooked destination. It is an enclaved country within South Africa, just like the Vatican City and San Marino in Italy. Lesotho is fairly safe and has a lot to offer; from mesmerizing waterfalls to curios cave houses, this small country is one of the hidden gems of Africa. Yet, according to Travel Safe Abroad, petty crimes and car accidents are still common.

5 It Is Safe To Visit The Republic Of Seychelles And Its 115 Islands

The Republic of Seychelles is an amazing archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Its 115 islands are a natural wonder that spreads over thousands of sq mi and coral reefs. La Digue, in particular, is one of the most spectacular islands that can offer romantic moments, turquoise waters, and majestic beaches. The good news is that Seychelles is a trouble-free destination. On top of that, many fancy boutique hotels and luxury resorts offer private beaches.

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4 Though Egypt Is A Level 2 Country, Ancient Sights Keep Attracting Travelers

If you want to explore the secrets of the ancient world - or simply enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Nile - then do not hesitate and book your trip to Egypt. Even though Egypt is a Level 2 country, we should note that this amazing country is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. On top of that - though the country is not 100% safe - locals can be really friendly (as per Going Awesome Places).

3 Swaziland: A Trouble-Free Kingdom With Unique Traditions

The Kingdom of Eswatini, known as Swaziland, is one of the most interesting countries in Southern Africa and the only absolute monarchy in Africa. Though Swaziland is generally safe to visit, we should mention that local women are highly discriminated against. On top of that, many visit the country just for the notorious Reed Dance performed by semi-nude girls.

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2 Solo Travelers Can Relax In Kenya

Beautiful Kenya is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa. According to World Nomads, the country is safe compared to its neighbors. Yet, Nairobi - the capital of Kenya - and Mombasa have high crime rates. Tourists should also exercise a higher than usual level of caution in certain areas, such as the Kenya-Somali border, as extremists from Somalia do not hesitate to target tourists and social workers.

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1 Madagascar And Its Lemurs Are More Than Welcoming

Despite its rugged history and political instability in the 20th century, Madagascar (rated Level 2 by the US Government) has a lower crime rate compared to other African countries. This beautiful island country is located in the Indian Ocean around 350 miles off the coast of East Africa. Visitors can see majestic baobabs and meet sweet lemurs, native only to Madagascar. Just smile and wave!

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