When the word 'boardwalk' is mentioned in regard to the East Coast of the U.S., there is any number of places a person could think of. It could be referencing a boardwalk in the Carolinas, or the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore, or even the iconic Coney Island Boardwalk. One boardwalk, in particular, that doesn't immediately come to the minds of most people is the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

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The city of Virginia Beach is one that extends outside of the actual beach and while there's plenty to do within the city, some of the most fun a person can have is on the boardwalk. This is where boutique beach shops can be found, waterfront resorts can be booked, and beachgoers can look on at the Atlantic knowing that right behind them exists an entire span of nightlife and entertainment waiting to be explored. During the day, it's a wholesome, beach lovers paradise and at night, it becomes a haven for beachside entertainment and live music. Anything from pet hermit crabs to one-of-a-kind beachwear can be found in its shops, and its restaurants are home to the best of both worlds: casual beach cuisine and southern comfort. Ready to take a stroll down Virginia Beach's most beloved walkway?

Book One Of Many Waterfront Resorts

The beautiful thing about Virginia Beach is that even during the peak summer season, there's a wide range of options for any budget. Waterfront resorts don't necessarily need to break the bank there and if you don't mind a bit of a walk, you can find something even cheaper not far from the boardwalk.

If renting a home is more your style, finding something within budget is made an even bigger reality. As long as you have a car, the boardwalk can be a short ten-minute drive away, and renting a house might even give visitors their own private, beachside access. During the summer months, hotel prices range from just under $100 per night up to $250 per night, give or take. Pro tip: Book a vacation just before summer or just after the season to get the best deals before everything books up.

Look For King Neptune (He's Not Hard To Find)

Normally, a statue wouldn't be a big deal... Except when it comes to King Neptune. This statue of the Greek god reigns over the boardwalk in such an apropos way, with his face to oncoming visitors and his back to the Atlantic.

The statue stands at a towering 26 feet, made entirely out of bronze which catches the Virginia Beach sunlight in a way that certainly captivates the attention of all who pass by. Seemingly to come out of a split sea rock with a number of sea creatures at its base, King Neptune is easily spotted by Neptune Park, one of three along the boardwalk.

Spend The Day Soaking Up The Sun, Then Hit The Shops

Some might think of shopping while on vacation to be a superficial pastime but in Virginia Beach, it's practically a rite of passage. The shops along the boardwalk are so unique, and the atmosphere so warm and welcoming, that it's nice just to window shop if actual shopping isn't your thing.

Visit Virginia Beach refers to the shopping on Atlantic Avenue as 'eclectic coastal,' and we'd wholeheartedly agree. Any number of clothing styles can be found along the boardwalk along with unique seaside finds, including souvenirs and Virginia-specific gifts. The entire length of Atlantic Avenue has a chill, 'all good' vibe to it, and visitors will be happy for this upbeat reprieve from daily life.

Grab An Orange Crush And Rent A Bike (And Make Some Museum Pit Stops)

The restaurants along the boardwalk are just as fun and interactive as the boutique stores are, and, by now, you're probably wondering what an Orange Crush is.

This cocktail is specific to Virginia Beach and can be found at any number of restaurants, and for those who aren't fans of orange, it comes in multiple fruity flavors. It's the perfect refreshment after a long day; The Shack on 8th also offers additional options such as a giant ping pong table and long games at their fully-stocked, open-air bar.

Before all of that, though, be sure to get a bike ride in. The boardwalk is also home to a path specifically carved out for bikers, and this is a great way to explore its three-mile length. Not far from the boardwalk are two museums worth visiting: the Atlantic Wildfowl Museum located in the historic DeWitt Cottage, and the Surf and Rescue Museum, which was once home to a U.S. Life Saving Station.

Scope Out The Fishing Pier At Sunset And Head To The 31 Street Park After Dark

Located right off Atlantic Avenue, the fishing pier is another iconic part of Virginia Beach. Visitors can watch people fish off its dock or walk to the end themselves to watch the sunrise or the sunset, both of which are equally beautiful. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the pier is open 24 hours a day, with hours varying during the off-season.

The 31st Street Park is where much of the live entertainment happens around the boardwalk. It's one of four parks (of which there are an additional seven waterfront stages), all of which are part of the Virginia Beach Events calendar. Anything from seaside festivals to historical events takes place here, during the day and after dark, so check often.

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