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Tybee Island is arguably the best version of the state of Georgia. It’s a place to enjoy the sand, the breeze, and some mind-blowing sunsets. It’s also a place to learn some fascinating United States history, bike along picturesque trails, or plunge oneself into the glimmering waters that are breathtakingly calm in most cases. In travel circles, we’ve come to learn that pleasure, like misery, loves company. Of course, there’s a time to be alone. However, the truth is that enjoying a beautiful scene without any company is like eating alone. And like French cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard said, “Nothing more contradicts the laws of man or beast, for animals always do each other the honor of sharing—or disputing—each other’s food.”


That’s the reason many vacationers like traveling as a family. And that’s also why we discuss in this article whether Tybee Island is family-friendly. Here’s why the answer is yes.

What Makes A Beach Family-friendly?

First, what exactly is a family-friendly beach or destination? While families have their own criteria, a family-friendly beach destination should provide a safe environment for kids. That's a top priority. To meet this expectation, family-friendly beaches should have lifeguards. Of course, this doesn’t mean parents should take their eyes off their little ones or that a case may not slip through their fingers. And again, the sand should be soft and gentle, not of a texture to hurt children or prick their feet.

The presence of coral is also a red flag. No one wants her kid coming out of a beach with cuts and bruises. A family-friendly beach should also have amenities suitable for families with children: Shops, eateries, and restrooms. Lastly, a family-friendly beach should be decent. By decent, we mean the beach shouldn’t allow nudity or any sexually explicit exposure that would not be appropriate for children.

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Why Tybee Island Is Family-friendly

It’s by considering family-friendly factors that we’re led to the conclusion that Tybee Island is— to a large extent—family-friendly. Of course, very few beaches would perfectly check all family-friendly boxes. For starters, Tybee Island has lifeguards. But not on all beaches. Travelers will find lifeguards on the South Beach and on the area around the pier, which are usually more crowded. On the flip side, North Beach and the other two river beaches (Tybee Back River Beach and Savannah River Beach) do not have lifeguards. Then also, Tybee Island beaches are generally calm. Of all the beaches, North Beach is the calmest. That’s a perfect condition for those with children who like wading in the water, rolling on the sand, or building castles. Also, the sand at North Beach is smaller and softer than the sand at South Beach. Regardless, on rare occasions, it can get very windy—with sand blowing in the air and causing considerable inconvenience.

Additionally, there are no corals or pointed rocks that can cut or pierce the feet. On stepping on the sand, one may spot seashells or horseshoe crabs here and there. Fortunately, most of these are harmless. However, one may also chance on a jellyfish. Most of these are cannonball jellies that pose zero risk. As their name suggests, cannonball jellies are normally shaped like balls. Still, in the busy July-August season, up to 200 jellyfish stings are reported per day—mainly from wasp jellies. Fortunately, lifeguards are able to handle 99% of these cases with a simple, topical application. Tybee also has restrooms, beach stores, and restaurants that can be of practical convenience to families. Most of the stores and restaurants are in South Beach. Then lastly, nudity is prohibited on Tybee Island. Even beer kegs, because they are associated with public intoxication or disorderly conduct, are expressly forbidden.

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Family-friendly Activities On Tybee Island

There are several family-friendly activities on Tybee Island that can make for a memorable vacation. Stretching to 145 feet in height, Tybee Island lighthouse is not only the tallest but also the oldest in the “Peach State.” Climbing the 178 steps to the pinnacle, stunning 360-degree views of the Island dramatically emerge into sight. It’s an incredible experience watching the bright orange glow of the sun as it dips on the distant horizon. From the historic lighthouse, Tybee Island Museum is a stroll away. Here, 400 years of United States history await. The entry ticket to the lighthouse covers the short trip to the museum.

Aside from these, Tybee Island has the Fort Pulaski National Monument, which has walls that are 7.5 feet thick. History buffs in the family will enjoy learning about civil war history and how it played out on the Georgian stage. The fort is also a fine place for paddling, hiking, and biking. On Tybee Island, families can also enjoy thrilling sea excursions to watch dolphins and learn about other sea residents.

Here’s what we should all agree on. Tybee Island is a family-friendly travel destination. Those looking to give their families a travel-related treat should cruise to Savannah’s most talked-about attraction.