Idaho is possibly one of the most underrated states in the United States. It is dominated by the high desert (including the must-see Craters of the Moon National Preserve) to the south of the state and the northern Rockies to the state's north. It's not just Colorado that boasts the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains!

Perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy the Rockies and the serenity of nature is by staying at a ranch nestled in amongst the Rockies. If one is planning to go there, consider staying at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. The ranch gazes out over the snowcapped Rocky Mountain peaks and is situated on the meandering Salmon River.


An Idyllic Setting At Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

"The living history of the Old West mingles with the solitude and peace of this 900-acre ranch offering freedom, breathtaking natural beauty and a relaxed atmosphere. And the view from the porch? Well, you just have to experience that for yourself."

- Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

The ranch has been a favored western ranch vacation retreat for eighty years. The range has several activities to keep all entertained including hiking, fishing, massage and spa, water sports, horseback riding, and hot springs.

The ranch mingles the rustic nostalgia of the Old West with the relaxing atmosphere of the 870-acre ranch set in the Rockies.

  • Size: 870 Acres
  • Hiking: There Are over 700 Miles of Trails In The Sawtooth National Recreation Area

One of the best ways to relive the Old West and discover the Rockies is with horseback rides. They also offer pony rides for the little kids. There are also some trail rides that include a chance to fish or camp overnight.

  • Age Limit: Kids Must Be At Least 6 Years Old
  • Weight Limit: The Maximum Weight Limit Is 230 pounds

The ranch's partners are at Mystic Saddle Ranch which offers a wide range of options including 90 minute, two-hour, half-day, and full-day rides.

One Hour Loop Ride:

Ride through mountain meadows, lodgepole pine forests, and along morainal ridges. This loop provides amazing views of the area and is a great introduction for beginner riders.

  • Times: 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm daily
  • Cost: $59.00 +tax/person

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A Day In The Life Of Staying on The Ranch

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Here one can unwind and soak in the peacefulness of nature far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In the morning step out onto the porch and watch as the sun rises above the Sawtooth mountains and glints off their peaks.

Grab a cup of coffee and sit in front of the fire to collect one's thoughts. Enjoy a hearty breakfast with specials like “garden fresh veggie scramble with homemade chorizo and spiced potatoes.”

Then set out for the day's adventures. Bag lunch and provisions in their day packs and set out on one of the ranch's “must-see” day hikes - like to Sawtooth Lake. See who dares take a swim in this cold but picturesque alpine lake.

One of the main activities in the Sawtooth region is fishing, so take time out for some fly fishing as well.

Back at the ranch, enjoy a scrumptious meal and soak in the hot pool while gazing up at the stars or relax on the porch drinking beer.

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The Ranch Rates and Accommodation Options

The Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch offers 4 lodge rooms, 17 cabins plus a Lodge with a lobby and dining room that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. All cabins are in a duplex style except for the Honeymoon Cabin.

All rates include breakfast, a packed lunch, and dinner. Rates are also per night although minimum night stays apply (four nights minimum before 1 June). Extra people are $350 per person - prices shown are for 2 people and the cabins can accommodate 3 people.

Lodge Room:

  • Offers: One Queen Bed And Private Bathroom (2 Adults Only)
  • July & Aug: $700 Per Night
  • June & Sept: $625 Per Night


  • Offers: One King Bed (or Two Twin Beds) And Private Bathroom And Fireplace
  • July & Aug: $900 Per Night
  • June & Sept: $800 Per Night

Deluxe ‘Honeymoon’ Cabin:

  • Offers: One King Bed And Private Bathroom, And Fireplace
  • July & Aug: $1,000 Per Night
  • June & Sept: $900 Per Night

Family Cabin:

  • Offers: Two Rooms One King Bed And Two Twin Beds, Private Bathroom, And Fireplace
  • July & Aug: $1.650 Per Night
  • June & Sept: $1,450 Per Night

Cabins 8 & 8b:

  • Offers: Cabin 8 - One King Bed And Private Bathroom, And Fireplace; Cabin 8b - Two Twin Beds Shares Bathroom and Interconnecting Door With Cabin 8
  • July & Aug: $1,550 Per Night
  • June & Sept: $1,350 Per Night

Rates are also subject to a 15% ranch fee, and applicable state taxes. The Ranch Fee is for access to all ranch facilities and activities: natural hot springs pool, fly casting clinics, fly rods and paddleboat for stocked fishing pond, guided hikes, mountain bikes, and trails, paddleboards, and recreational center.

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