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Utah is a state of mind, not simply a location in the western United States. Its exceptional scenery, which has been shaped by water, wind, and time, is the ideal piece of art for explorers. With its five outstanding national parks, winter sports paradise, and urban attractions, the Beehive State is a destination where unanticipated events create enduring memories. Tourists can discover this marvelous state starting with a road trip to one of the best US places, Arches National Park. The park preserves a breathtaking environment with the greatest concentration of arches on earth. It is the hub of more than 2000 arches. It is a 76519-acre (309.66 square kilometers) paradise of eroded sandstone fins, ribs, towers, hoodoos, gargoyles, arches, and balancing rocks northwest of Moab. Over the course of millions of years, the park's rock strata have been deposited, eroded, and subjected to various geologic processes. Here are the best scenic drives visitors can take to enjoy the splendor of Arches National Park.


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A Short Road Trip To Explore The Best of The Arches

Some of the park's greatest arches may be seen if visitors drive to the magnificent Windows Section. There are four prominent arches to observe in this astonishing area, as well as other splendid landscapes that passengers can spot. The South and North Windows, popularly known as The Spectacles because they look like glasses from a distance, are the primary draws. During their auto touring, visitors can stand beneath the expansive South Window as they approach both Windows. They can also get a different viewpoint of the region by using a rustic loop route that goes around the back of the Windows Section. For a longer scenic drive, they can expand their trip for an additional 30 minutes to wander beneath Double Arch and North Window. Tourists have another option which is to take a trip to the bewitching Delicate Arch Viewpoint to see the most well-known arch in the world from a mile (1.6 Km) away. On their way home, they can pause at the intriguing Wolfe Ranch and consider what it must have been like to pioneer this largely arid region in the late 1800s.

  • Duration: This amazing road trip can take 1.5 hours.

Road Trip To Tour All The Main Spots Of The Park

Travelers who have three hours to spend auto touring these magnificent arches can see both South and North Windows as well as the Delicate Arch Viewpoint. During their scenic tour, tourists must see the most famous arch, which is one mile from the Lower Delicate Viewpoint. Sadly, it is not visible from the main road. Therefore, they should take a short 100-yard (91.44 m) stroll along a flat trail to observe the arch. Furthermore, there is an upper viewpoint that brings them a bit closer if they are willing to walk for an additional half-mile (804.67 m) trek with some steps to climb. When they arrive at the bewitching arch, visitors will recognize that it was worth every step they made!

  • Duration: This marvelous tour takes up to 3 hours.

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Road Trip To Discover The Entire Arches National Park

This scenic road is a combination of the previously mentioned trips and viewpoints. During these 4.5 hours, visitors will have the chance to tour the entire national park. Their first stop will be at La Sal Mountains Viewpoint, where they will be able to contemplate the mesmerizing second-highest mountain range in Utah contrasted with the red granite spires of Arches. Their next destination will be the amazing Courthouse Towers Viewpoint where they can take photos of the rising sandstone walls and spires that resemble skyscrapers. Then, on their scenic trip, the Balanced Rock is a must-see. It is undoubtedly one of the Park's most distinctive formations.

Later, they will drive through the Windows District to see the astonishing Turret Arch, Cove of Caves, Garden of Eden, South Window, North Window, and Double Arch. This charming route will lead them to the Delicate Arch Viewpoint. After their hike, they will get to Fiery Furnace Viewpoint, where they will look into a maze-like collection of slender spires and fins. The final recommended stop before leaving the dazzling Arches National Park and turning around at the beautiful Devils Garden is Skyline Arch, an accessible and picturesque arch.

  • Duration: This comprehensive road trip takes up to 4.5 hours.

The arches visitors can also book an off-road guided tour during which they can discover unusual spots as well as unique landscapes that cannot be seen from the main road and can escape busy areas.

  • Cost: $170.73 per person for a 4x4 driving tour.
  • Duration: This guided tour takes half a day.

Equipment For The Scenic Road Trip

During the scenic auto touring of the Arches National Park, it is recommended to be well-equipped. First, visitors shall be properly dressed according to the weather: if it is cloudy, it is safer to have rain gear and extra clothes; if it is hot, a pair of sunglasses and a hat will protect them from the scorching sun. Then, they are also advised to apply some sunscreen and insect repellent. Tourists shall also have water and some food. It is better also to wear their hiking shoes, some marvelous scenery may call them for a short walk. Finally, for memorable photos, they shall not forget their cameras as well as a tripod. They can also bring their binoculars to contemplate the outstanding panorama.