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Grand Canyon’s West Rim is full of adventures suitable for all types of travelers. There’s no need to go on kilometers-long hikes for entertainment as the western rim of the canyon has been turned into an accessible area for adventures by the Hualapai Tribe, People of the Tall Pines, who live in the Hualapai Reservation that encompasses the West Rim.

Travelers can enjoy a range of activities that range a variety of interests from thrill-seekers to photographers to those just looking for an inspiring experience. All these desires can be fulfilled along the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.


Sky Walk

Travelers who are not necessarily great with heights may be a bit triggered by the 4,000-foot drop and 360-degree view of the canyon that the Sky Walk provides. But for those with the courage to step out on this 10-foot wide horseshoe-shaped walkway that extends 70-feet out over the canyon, granting a spectacular vista of the area. There are few better ways to view the canyon than to step out onto the Sky Walk. It should be known that the Sky Walk is perfectly safe. It has been tested for an absurd amount of weight. It is capable of holding a fully loaded 747-passenger Jet.

  • Width - 10 feet
  • Length - 70 feet
  • Drop - 4,000 feet
  • Strength - approximately 910,000 lbs (visitors will be safe)
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Hualapai River Runners

The Hualapai River Runners is another exciting way to experience the canyon though this option is mostly for more adventurous travelers who don’t mind getting wet while whitewater rafting. The river runs come in two varieties, a one-day option, and a two-day option. Both options will take their participants through a thrilling adventure that isn’t simply limited to white water rafting. Travelers will explore local waterfalls, enjoy lunch on the banks of the river, and even be taken on a wildlife viewing. Travelers can also expect to learn a bit from their certified river guides who will share the Hualapai Tribe’s history and connection to the canyon as well as the Colorado River.

Grand Canyon West Rim Trail

This 20.4-kilometer hike is long but not overly complicated. There is very little elevation change making it mostly just an excellent way to walk along the rim of the canyon to enjoy the spectacular views. This area is popular with bird watchers, photographers, and backpackers who are passing through. The ideal time to visit this trail is between April and October which allows for quite a lengthy window for travelers to visit. The trail is also dog friendly, they are just required to be on a leash.

  • Length - 20.4 km
  • Duration - 4 hours 44 minutes
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Trail Map

Ride the Sky Zipline

The Sky Zipline’s a fun and popular way to experience the natural wonder of the Canyon from the air as you zip through it 500 feet up. The Sky Zipline is made up of 3,200 feet of zipline and will hit speeds of 40 miles per hour. It is also set up in a way that allows multiple people to be launched at once so friends and family can take in this experience together. Riding the Ski Zipline is a great deal of fun that just about any traveler can enjoy.

  • Length - 3,200 feet
  • Height - 500 feet
  • Top Speed - 40 mph
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Helicopter & Pontoon Tours

For travelers looking for the most spectacular way to view the canyon, why not try the Helicopter and Pontoon Tours that are offered!. Fly above the canyon and float the Colorado River. Take a stunning helicopter ride that takes travelers high above the canyon for a 12-15 minute experience that is complete with inspiring aerial views that are only possible from a helicopter. The flight takes travelers from above the rim to below it as it takes them 3,500 feet down to the bottom of the canyon where the pontoon portion of the journey begins. This is a relatively relaxing ride that allows travelers to view the distinct beauty of the canyon from the river. At the end of this ride, it's time to ascend back to the surface of the canyon with another helicopter ride.

The People of the Tall Pines

There are incredible experiences awaiting visitors to Grand Canyon West, and they will be in the hands of the indigenous people of the region. The western edge of the Grand Canyon is home to the Hualapai Tribe and their reservation. During a visit to Grand Canyon West, travelers will the rich traditions of the Hualapai community, and travelers will also have the opportunity to learn much about the tribe and the land they have inhabited for so long.