There are a number of wildlife safaris dotted around North America. On these safaris, the zoos are reversed, the animals are free to move about in their large enclosures while humans are stuck in their cars. The Wildlife Safari in Oregon boasts many hundreds of animals from all around the world. One of the other great wildlife safaris is the Lion African Safari in Ontario, just out of Toronto in Canada.

So the next time one is on the West Coast, one can go on a safari. But if one really wants to go on a real safari in Africa, see here for everything you need to know about going on a Safari in Africa.


About Wildlife Safari In Oregon

Located in Winston, Oregon, the Wildlife Safari park is open to literally hundreds of animals. While guests drive through the main part of the safari park, there is also a walkthrough exhibit that shows some of the park's smaller animals.

  • Size: 615 Acres or 249 Ha.
  • Number Of Species: Around 100 Animal Species
  • Number of Animals: Around 600 Animals
  • First Openned: 1972
  • Organization: Today It Is A Non-Profit Organization

This is the perfect opportunity to discover many of the world's most exotic animals up close and personal. In this world of Covid-19 restrictions, it is very difficult to go on a real Safari in Africa or another country in the world (plus they are really expensive). Fortunately, that doesn't mean that one can't go on a safari while in America or Canada!

What To Expect On The Safari

The animals are free to roam around in the grasslands in different pens. These are accessed by visitors by driving on the 4.5 miles of roads inside the park (kinda like Jurassic Park). Everyone is free to stop and take pictures along the way - although they are not permitted to get out of their cars.

Wildlife Safari brings its guests up close to Watusi cattle, lions, and zebra. One can watch hippos and scimitar-horned oryx relax and explore their surroundings. These are the environments that one will drive through while exploring the park.

Environments here include firstly that of Southern Africa (see animals like Rhinos and Giraffes) and then comes the interpretive wetlands. After that one continues onto a North American safari within the sprawling canyon of North American forests. These are the home of bears, bison, and elk. Then drive through grasslands inhabited by African elephants and Australia's large emus, and Tibet's yaks - take in the diversity of wildlife from multiple continents. End the drive-through journey by exploring the carnivore loop of the parks' top cheetah breeding grounds and the world-famous Sumatran Tigers.

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Animals In The Park

They have over 600 animals, so plenty for everyone to see and enjoy. Some of their more notable residents include:

  • South African Cheetahs (They Have An Important Cheetah Breeding Program)
  • Red Pandas (Unrelated To The Great Pandas)
  • Black Bears
  • Sumatran Tigers
  • Southern White Rhinoceros
  • African Elephants
  • Giraffes
  • Hippopotamuses
  • African Lions
  • Ostriches

The Safari Village And Facilities

It is also a great family experience boasting a petting zoo for the kids. There are around 90 of the park's animals in the Safari Village. Other attractions and facilities in the village include:

  • A Restaurant
  • A Playground
  • A Gift Shop
  • Restrooms
  • Train Ride

There are lots of activities offered by the park, so be sure to plan one's schedule to see the key events that one would like to see. Some of the events offered include feeding the animals (including giraffes, red pandas, bears, tigers, and lions. These typically cost an extra $40 per adult and $20 per child. Other activities include "Big Cat Painting Encounter", "Maned Wolf Encounter", "Cheetah Photo Encounter", "Lion 101" and more. To see a full list of activities with prices and times see here.

Opening Hours

  • Days Open: Seven Days A Week
  • Drive-Thru Hours: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Last Vehicle Admitted At 6.00 pm)
  • Village Hours: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Safari Grill Hours: 11.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Season: The Park Is Open Year Round

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Ticket Pricing And Conditions

  • Adult Admission: Aged 13-59, $21.95
  • Child Admission: Aged 3-12, $15.95
  • Senior Admission: Aged Over 60, $18.95
  • Toddler Admission: Aged 0-2, Free

There are a number of conditions and rules about driving through the park. Some of these are that driving through the park is at one's own risk. All guests must remain in their cars at all times while in the drive-thru. There is to be no petting or feeding of the animals (except in the petting zoo). No motorcycles are permitted nor convertibles without the roof. No parts are permitted (not even in the Safari Village).

The Wildlife Safari is a perfect days excursion for the whole family, and it is a day the kids will not forget.

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