The CN Tower is massive and the views from the top are unparalleled. One can enjoy sweeping panoramic views of the city of Toronto stretching for miles around. It is located in the heart of downtown Toronto and is one of the city's premier tourist attractions. It is one of the main landmarks of Canada.

In much the same way that the Empire State Building defined the New York City skyline for many years, the CN Tower defines Toronto's skyline. For those interested in visiting the Empire State Building and gaining sweeping vistas of New York City, see here.


About The CN Tower

  • Height: 553.3 Meters or 1,815 Feet
  • Built: Completed In 1976
  • Name: "CN" Referred To Canadian National
  • Record: The World's Tallest Free-Standing Structure For 32 Years

While no longer the world's tallest free-standing structure, it remains the tallest free-standing structure on land in the Western Hemisphere. Today it is a very popular tourist attraction attracting 2 million visitors annually. See here for the world's tallest skyscrapers now.

  • Covid-19 Note: As At The Time Of Writing Effective September 22 Proof Of Full Vaccination is Required for Admission to The CN Tower For Those Over 12 Years Of Age
  • Hours Open: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Daily
  • Tickets: One Needs to Book Timed Tickets Online

360 Restuarant

No restaurant in Toronto offers views like that of the 360 Restaurant the CN Tower. It is in the main pod of the tower (one can go higher up to the Skypod). This restaurant rises 351 meters or 1,151 above the streets of Canada's largest city and the views are truly breathtaking.

As this is the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, one should reserve one's place in the restaurant in advance.

  • 360 Restaurant Hours: Open Daily From 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

The restaurant offers fine dining and is an acclaimed restaurant. To see their summer dinner menu see here. To see their Seafood Bar options see here. Or if one is going for lunch, check out their Dine TOgether menu (seasonal).

Two of the lookout attractions in the tower are the LookOut and the Glass Floor, these are complimentary with access to the restaurant.

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Glass Floor

One of the attractions at CN Tower is not for those afraid of heights! On the main pod check out the glass floor that one can walk out on and jump on. While the glass is super strong, it is scary for many people as one just looks down 342 meters or 1,122 feet to the streets below. Many are not brave enough to walk out onto these glass planes. Some folks are sweating, shaking and nervously creeping out onto the glass on all-fours while the excited kids and running and jumping on the glass around them.

  • Outdoor Terrace: Another Attraction At The Restaurant But Currently Closed Due To Ongoing Renovations

Tickets To Enter The Tower

Timed General Admission

There are two ticket options for those just wanting to explore the tower. The timed general admission ticket provides access to the LookOut Level at 346 meters or 1,136 feet. This is also the level with their world-famous Glass Floor. Tickets can only be purchased for up to 30 days before visiting. Be careful to actually visit at the correct time of one's timed ticket.

  • Adult: $40.00 ($31 USD) (Aged 14 to 64 Years of Age)
  • Senior: $27.00 ($21 USD) (65 and Over)
  • Youth: $27.00 ($21 USD) (Aged 6-13)
  • Child: $14.00 ($11 USD) (Aged 3-5)

Timed General Admission + Timed SkyPod

This ticket includes access to the main observation deck as well as the smaller but higher SkyPod. The SkyPod is a thrilling 447 meters or 1,465 feet above the streets of the city. It is one of the highest observation platforms in the world.

When booking this ticket, one should select the General Admission entry time first and then their SkyPod entry time. Note that the SkyPod is not so large and so capacity in these times is limited.

  • Adult: $55.00 ($43 USD) (Aged 14 to 64 Years of Age)
  • Senior: $42.00 ($33 USD) (65 and Over)
  • Youth: $42.00 ($33 USD) (Aged 6-13)
  • Child: $29.00 ($23 USD) (Aged 3-5)

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EdgeWalk Experience

For those wishing to take their CN Tower experience to the final level, then consider the hair-raising EdgeWalk Experience. This is the CN Tower's most thrilling attraction in its whole history (and the first of its kind in North America).

For the EdgeWalk, strap on the harness, buckle up, and experience the world's highest hands-free external walk on a building. Complete the full circle hands-free on a 5 feet (or 1.5 meters) wide ledge that encircles the main pod of the tower (the one that includes the restaurant). Gaze down 356 meters or 1,168 feet to the streets below.

  • Note: Like Other Attractions, The EdgeWalk Has Been Limited To Ensure Physical Distancing, Plan Ahead
  • Cost: Starting At $195.00 ($153.00 USD) Per Person

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