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Steamboat Springs is one of the most popular destinations to visit in the Colorado wilderness. Nestled on the western slope of Colorado, Steamboat Springs has existed for over a century and is a location reminiscent of Colorado roots. Featuring sprawling ranches and the breathtaking Aspen Mountains, this destination is home to natural beauty, culture, and entertainment that keeps tourists coming back every year.

Unlike in the winter, when Colorado Springs is popular as a ski destination, summer is a great time to enjoy a vacation in the region by hiking, biking, or listening to live music. Here are some activities friends and family can enjoy doing during summer in Steamboat Springs.


Fish Creek Falls Is The Place To Be

Fish Creek Falls is the best place to start an adventure around Steamboat Springs for visitors new to town. The evergreen trees in the area ignite a welcoming feel to Colorado, whereas an astonishing scenery of a plunging waterfall on the side of a cliff completes the package.

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The best thing about Fish Creek is the variety of ways visitors can perceive the area. Tourists can choose to marvel at the Fish Creek falls that plummet hundreds of feet into the Canyon or snap a photo in a backdrop of pristine views.

All the events happen within Routt National Forest. Fish Creek Falls is an excellent place for a hike, especially for the adventurous types. The short trail stretches about 0.25 miles and includes a gravel path friendly to newbie hikers. Tourists who are not about the adventure can take in the gorgeous views of the magnificent Fish Creek Falls that pour gracefully from 280 feet high. Walking down a paved path leading to a viewpoint overlooking the waterfalls on a lazy afternoon can be a refreshing activity.

  • Hours Open: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, daily
  • Fees: $5 day-use fee

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Chill In Strawberry Park Hot Springs

The name Steamboat Springs comes from the natural hot springs located in the region. The collection of natural hot springs could be the area’s most popular thing to do in this town. Strawberry Park stands out among all the incredible hot springs in Steamboat Springs.

Soaking in Strawberry Park Hot Springs is an excellent way to spend a summer vacation. The park is situated at the edge of Yampa Valley, an ideal spot for viewing the stunning Colorado Mountains. In addition, Strawberry Park Hot springs feel more natural than most resorts, boasting a picnic area and spa section.

Besides the 104-degree mineral pools, Strawberry Park is also home to unique accommodations like posh cabins, tent campsites, and a train caboose. During the day, visitors with families are welcome to enjoy an incredible experience in the hot springs. After dark, the park only allows adults, as clothing is optional.

  • Hours Open: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Pool admission fee: $20 per person

Don’t Forget Yampa River Botanic Park

One of the unique spots in Steamboat Springs is Yampa River Botanic Park. What’s more? Visiting in the summer earns visitors a free pass. Downtown Steamboat springs can be full of rattle and excitement thanks to the park’s strategic location, which boasts breathtaking views full of serenity. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air with a pop of color to relax the mind.

The great thing about Yampa River Botanic Park is that its serenity doesn’t only cater to those wishing to have a stroll. The park is excellent for hosting events like weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries. For visitors in pursuit of wellness, the destination’s ambiance makes it a suitable place for outdoor yoga. Located along the Yampa River, Yampa River Botanic Park’s atmosphere provides enough beauty to leave visitors begging for more of Steamboat Springs.

  • Opening Hours: Dawn until dusk
  • Entry fee: Free; visitors are encouraged to offer donations.

The Yampa River Core Trail

Although winter is a popular season for Colorado owing to its famous ski town, visitors might want to consider other cheaper options for enjoyment. Yampa River Core Trail is the perfect way to spend the holidays with friends, family, or significant other. One only needs to walk down a paved path to enjoy the beauty and magic of the Colorado Mountains.

Yampa River Core trail runs from Walton Creek to Bud Werner Memorial Library and beyond, making it an ultimate pathway for biking. This trail is an adventurous option every tourist should explore, as it is one of the free fun activities found in Steamboat Springs. Yampa River Core Trail is approximately 7.5 miles long, with plenty of time for visitors to reflect on the wonders of the Yampa River. Moreover, walking is not the only thing visitors have to do on the Yampa River Core Trail. If walking seems too dull, visitors can try rollerblading, skating, or biking on the pavement.

  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Fees: Free

Steamboat Springs is a must-visit location in Colorado. For tourists thirsty for adventure, there are many exciting things to see in the region. However, it would be best to carefully look into the activities one can try in the area before making a reservation. Regardless, a visit to Steamboat Springs won’t leave any disappointments.