Appropriately called the “Last City of the East,” St. Paul adorns a shy, almost blushful look—and a cool, easy-going ambiance—that makes thousands of pleasure-seeking visitors troop to its environs every single year. Of course, it’s not just St. Paul. The “North Star State” boasts of many other towns, some of which are small—and ever so charming. Yet St. Paul, of all the destinations in the “Land of 10,000 lakes,” only competes with Minneapolis when it comes to travel volumes.


But while numbers don’t lie, they should also not be taken at face value. As the adage goes, there could be more to the numbers—than meet the eye. In this article, we take a look at whether St. Paul, Minnesota, is worth visiting.

A Vacation Trip To St. Paul: Is It Worth It?

There’s no denying that St. Paul is a pretty town with dozens of cool attractions that many would find breathtakingly attractive. Therefore, for those wondering whether St. Paul is worth visiting, we would not hesitate to say the answer is a definite “Yes.” But having said that, we would hasten to add that there’s a caveat. The allure of St. Pau may not be what every traveler—across the board—is looking for. In travel circles, tastes are rarely uniform. Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. One man’s Havana is another man’s Hawaii. That’s the reason St. Paul, even though it’s flat-out gorgeous, may not exude all the qualities of a vacation destination to meet every unique taste and style.

For those travelers looking for a vibe that’s slow, leisurely, and unhurried, St. Paul will be an exciting travel destination. Then again, St. Paul has that rustic appearance that’s the more alluring because it looks so authentic, unpretentious, and self-assured. The downtown simply minds its own business. It does not have towering skyscrapers like New York, Chicago, or even her immediate twin brother to the west—Minneapolis. And it doesn’t seem to care either. Granted, there’s the 37-story-high Wells Fargo Place building, the tallest building in the city. Yet, even this towering jewel, clothed in granite and glass, looks as if it doesn’t like the fame that its height accords it. Even other buildings, like the Ramsey County Courthouse, have exteriors that are deceptively glum. St. Paul has a look of a big city with a feel of a village neighborhood. And nowhere else is this strikingly quaint look evident—than when one is strolling on the 4.5-mile-long Summit Avenue—the country’s best-kept picture of Victorian-era elegance. However, it’s not just this Victorian look that St. Paul is known for. The city has quite a number of attractions and features that makes a visit worth every cent.

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Here’s What To See And Do In St. Paul, Minnesota

First, there’s River Mississippi, the country’s second longest. This rippling attraction gifts St. Paul a whole 26 miles of its spectacular shoreline. That’s simply the longest that any American city has. The 3-story boat Covington Inn, one of the country’s few floating hotels—is a fine place to enjoy the river’s pulsating ebb and flow. St. Paul also has quite a number of museums—all having rich collections and exhibitions that cut across several themes. Science nerds and wannabe nerds—will enjoy an interesting hour or two at the Science Museum, located at 120 W. Kellogg Boulevard.

For those with children, the Children's Museum offers many creative, hands-on activities that kids will love. For history buffs, the History Museum—is a must-visit. Stepping out of the city’s many museums, St. Paul has many parks with stunning out-in-the-wild views that’ll provide the perfect setting for winding down. These parks also have beautiful hiking trails that travel the gamut—from the hard and almost impossible—to the easy and breezy.

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Other Factors That Make St. Paul Travel-worthy.

A travel destination worth its salt must have amenities and facilities that can cater to the pleasure and convenience of trooping tourists. Aside from the views, however stunning; the museums, however rich; and the range of exciting activities, however broad, there are other crucial factors to consider. These include a wide range of accommodation and dining options. Fortunately, St. Paul perfectly checks both of these boxes. Whether looking for high-end luxury or a Spartan vacation, St. Paul brims with a good deal of options.

Of course, there are countless eateries in St. Paul which serve delectable cuisine. One can also get some good food at Cossetta's Italian Market & Pizzeria, a famous specialty food market in St. Paul. It goes without saying that St. Paul is also family-friendly. There are several places to take kids to—and activities that kids will relish. The Mall of America and the Children’s Museum are just the tip of the iceberg. Lastly, St. Paul is also dog-friendly. At the High Bridge Dog Park, our furry friends do not have to be on a leash. But there are many other pet-friendly parks as well.

Minnesota delightfully packs a punch—in travel speak—including very scenic vineyards. But St. Paul, in all fairness, is an amazing travel destination and completely worth a visit.