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Panama City is the destination for tourists from all over the states to relax on the beaches and take advantage of the area's many attractions and activities. A perfect panorama of summer is created by turquoise crashing waves at the sparkling white-sand beaches that line Panama City Beach's beachfront. This little village on the Florida Panhandle is converted into a genuine American beach town from spring to November. The majority of the activities are outdoor or water-related as this is mostly a summer vacation region, and many of them are only available during certain times of the year. There are numerous attractions to visit in Panama City, and Shell Island is one of them. Shell Island offers a rare chance to enjoy a beach unhindered by distractions, with brilliantly clear water edging its sugar-white sandy coastline. The mesmerizing island is a seven-mile-long (11.2 m) patch of unspoiled beauty tucked between the wonderful gulf and the stunning St. Andrew Bay. Shell Island is the ideal destination for a fun-filled beach getaway. Here are some means to get to Shell Island and some activities tourists can enjoy doing there.


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How To Get To The Astonishing Shell Island

Although it may seem far away, Shell Island is close by. Depending on sea conditions and weather, the Shell Island Shuttle travels this short distance every half-hour throughout the summer. The season affects the dates and timings. The PCB Shell Island Express Ferry is an additional choice and has a snack bar. For hours and bookings, tourists have to contact ahead, especially during the off-season. Another option to get to the island is boat rentals. Several businesses provide this choice if tourists like to set their own schedule and enjoy solitude with their family and friends. Tourists can also ask the rental office for a crew to help them on the boat. The last option is renting a sailboat or taking a banana boat around the island for a memorable excursion.

Explore The Unspoiled Natural Splendor Of The Island

Visitors of Shell Island frequently awe at how white the sand is, how vibrant the emerald and blue hues are, and how clear the surrounding ocean is. Many people experience a sense of being lost in a tropical paradise and can spend an entire day exploring the area without ever coming across another person.

  • Activities: Tourists can fill their day by picnicking, snorkeling, sunbathing, and other activities.

Spot The Cute Dolphins

On the way to Shell Island, tourists can come across some welcoming wild bottle-nose dolphins. One of the highest populations of these mammals in the world may be found in the ocean around the island. On their journey to the marvelous area and while lounging on the beach, visitors might have the chance to see them. They can also spot one of these incredible animals as it plays and swims in the ocean near the magnificent shoreline. There are a variety of guided dolphin trips available if tourists want to go even closer, such as Dolphin Sea-fari which takes them on a professionally guided swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. This tour guide will also drive swimmers to the best areas of the sea, provide them with the appropriate swim and snorkel equipment, and instruct them on how to interact properly with dolphins.

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Cost: $28 per senior (above 55 years old); $30 per adult, $22 per military, and $20 per child (above two years old)

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Collect Unique Shells

There is a good reason why Shell Island has that name. Visitors may appreciate and collect a variety of native shell species that are found in the vicinity.

  • Shell varieties: Moon snails, sand dollars, periwinkles, conch shells, olive shells, and whelk shells are among the shells tourists may discover on the island.

The sole restriction on carrying shells with them is that they cannot include live marine animals like live snails or crabs. If not, tourists can feel free to collect some seashells as mementos of Shell Island!

Get More Adventurous: Go Snorkeling and Kayaking

Due to the incredible diversity of marine life on Shell Island, snorkeling is a popular sport. The majority of tour operators provide either escorted snorkeling excursions or the option to rent snorkeling equipment prior to arrival at the island. Tourists may anticipate landing close to the Shell Island Jetty if they travel to the island by shuttle. Due to its peaceful and shallow waters, this location is referred to as the children's pool. This is a wonderful location to snorkel.

Another popular pastime among tourists to Shell Island is kayaking. Either via the Shell Island Shuttle or St. Andrews State Park, renting a kayak is the simplest option. Tourists can rent their kayak through the shuttle service, and it will be waiting for them as soon as they get to the island. The seas surrounding Shell Island are mainly shallow and generally calm. It is an excellent place to learn how to paddle or kayak. Furthermore, kayaking is a fun pastime for the whole family, and they can frequently find kayaks that can accommodate one or two paddlers.

What To Pack With You To Shell Island

When visiting this dazzling island, tourists are recommended to take all the equipment they will need during their day. On Shell Island, there is nothing man-made. Consequently, there are no restrooms, garbage cans, picnic tables, snack stalls, or shade tents. Taking back all the things brought is also required to preserve this breathtaking landscape.