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Mexico has long been a popular destination for travelers, but now San Luis Potosí is emerging as a new go-to Mexican travel destination. Particularly popular with nature lovers due to its proximity to Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí is also home to historic architecture and culture centers.

So, should travelers mix up their Mexican vacation plans by including San Luis Potosí in the itinerary, or are they better off sticking to their usual plan? Here is a look at if San Luis Potosí is worth visiting.


Why It's Worth Visiting San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosi was once a gold and silver mining hub but is now becoming an emerging hub for travel. Central Mexico is still home to the country's most popular tourist destinations; however, San Luis Potosí is becoming more and more of an alternative. Its Pink-quarry colonial buildings, historic landmarks, and contemporary museums line the streets of the old town. Close by, the rural highlands above boast rivers, caves, and waterfalls. All of this, combined with lower accommodation costs, has led to this destination's growth.

At this moment, San Luis Potosi may be the most worthwhile travel destination in Mexico. Nature lovers venturing to the city will love locations like Huasteca Potosina, where stunning waterfalls and pools populate the highlands. Inside the city, travelers will find centers of art and culture as well as historical sites and architecture.

At a lower cost than most Mexican travel destinations, San Luis Potosí is a great value.

What To Do At San Luis Potosí

Travelers visiting San Luis Potosi will find that it's a unique destination full of cultural sights and surrounded by a nature lover’s paradise. Nearby Huasteca Potosina offers travelers a chance to explore stunning waterfalls, and San Luis Potosi City may be a real-life ghost town to check out too. The city itself is full of historical locations and museums to check out too.

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Huasteca Potosina

This nearby location is home to numerous waterfalls and stunning pools of blue-green water, all nestled into the jungle. With waterfalls like Tamul Waterfall, Minas Viejas, and Tamasopo Waterfall, Travelers should be sure to check out Huasteca Potosina.

Catorce ghost town and San Luis Potosi City

Travelers should check out this old royal mine turned magical ghost town located in the Altiplano region. It was founded in 1778 and was functioning as a mining town until the late eighteenth century. Now it is quite popular with tourists coming through to explore the mines, hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost from the site's past.

  • Elevation - 8,950′
  • Weather - 58°F (14°C), Wind S at two mph (3 km/h), 57% Humidity weather.com
  • Population - 1,392 (2010)
  • Local Time - Thursday 10:17 AM

Centro de las Artes de San Luis Potosi Centenario

This interesting museum is actually located in a 19th-century prison. Its art displays are all set in what used to be prison cells. Exploring this museum is quite a unique experience.

  • Address - Calzada de Guadalupe 705, Col. Julián Carrillo San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., CP. 78340
  • Contact - +52 444-137-4100

Where To Stay At San Luis Potosí

With San Luis Potosí being such an attractive destination for travelers, there are, of course, a variety of hotels for them to choose from. To help travelers make the right choice, here are three of the most highly rated hotels in the city.

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Casa Catalina

The architecture of this hotel is quite stunning as it is located in the heart of a traditional neighborhood of San Sebastián in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The architectural style comes from the early twentieth century and stands as a jewel representing the city of San Luis Potosi. With all this in mind, it is also a fantastic and highly rated hotel that offers its guests space for free expression and inner peace.

  • Address - Calle Arteaga 270 San Sebastián, San Luis Potosi 78349 Mexico
  • Cost - $55 per night (estimate)
  • Customer Rating - 5 out of 5
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The View Hotel by Covalia

Specializing in short-stay accommodations, the View Hotel offers two types of suites the master suite and the junior suite. Travelers will find this hotel to be modern, with a range of services to help make their guest’s stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Address - Av. Real de Lomas #350 Lomas 4a. Seccion, San Luis Potosi 78216 Mexico
  • Cost - $73 per night (estimate)
  • Customer Rating - 5 out of 5
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Fiesta Americana San Luis Potosi

Fiesta Americana is a genuine five-star hotel that offers its customers a warm and personalized experience ensuring that they have the best experience possible. This is a highly recommended hotel for those who enjoy a bit of luxury while they travel.

  • Address - Avenida Doctor Salvador Nava Martinez # 278, San Luis Potosi 78216 Mexico
  • Cost - $96 per night (estimate)
  • Customer Rating - 5 out of 5
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