The Osa Peninsula consists of 700 square miles on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Two million years ago, the Osa was an island until it merged with Costa Rica. The fault line that caused the merge is the same one that extends to California. The Osa Peninsula is the only home to lowland rainforests in Central America. The Osa covers around 300,000 acres with 13 tropical ecosystems.

A large portion of the Osa Peninsula is made up of rainforests but there are plenty of beaches too. The Osa is home to an astronomical number of marines and land species as well as diverse ecosystems in a very small area. The Osa Peninsula is a popular destination for those who want to visit not only beaches but also rainforests and exceptional wildlife.


Eco-Tours On The Osa Peninsula

A great way to experience everything that the Osa Peninsula has to offer is through an Eco Tour. An Eco Tour is a form of tourism involving traveling responsibly to natural areas while conversing with the environment.

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Osa Wild Travel Excursions

Osa Wild Travel promotes ecotourism. The local Costa Rican Company was founded by naturalist guides who enjoy sharing their passion with tourists. Osa Wild Travels offers several tours.

Corcovado Standard Package is a three-day package hiking into Sirena, staying in Sirena for a day, and hiking back. The package starts at $406 a person.

Full Peninsula Discovery is a two-day one-night package. This package starts at Puerto Jimenez and boats to Drake Bay. This package starts at $285 a person.

Sirena Deep Exploration is a two-day one-night package. This package starts at Drake Bay and boats to Corcovado National Park. This package starts at $292 a person.

Utopia Drake Outdoors

Utopia Drake Outdoors offers a variety of tours. Utopia Drake Outdoors is run by a woman biologist whose mission is to offer travelers a unique, personalized, and authentic experience.

Tamandua Biological Station offers an option of a day tour or an overnight in one of five bungalows. It is reached by either hiking or horseback for an extra charge.

  • In shared bathroom Bungalow: $195 per person (minimum 2 people).
  • In private bathroom Bungalow: $210 per person (minimum 2 people).
  • One day tour: $95 per person (minimum 2 people)

Cano Island tour offers options for scuba diving and snorkeling where travelers can experience being surrounded by barracudas, turtles, reef fish, and dolphins.

Scuba Diving $140 per person, $175 per person with an instructor

Snorkeling $85 per person

Night Life Tour is a great tour for children. Experience how the forest changes at night when animals that are hidden during the day appear. Tourists are able to enjoy the diversity of frogs, insects, and serpents. The cost is $45 per person.

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Destinations In Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers many destinations that are attractive to tourists interested in tropical paradise, rainforests, or ecosystems.

Drake Bay On The Pacific Ocean

Drake Bay is on the northern side of the Osa Peninsula. Stunning vegetation, seclusion, and calm waves are some of the draws for tourists to Drake Bay. It is a tropical paradise but doesn’t offer pampering accommodations.

The towns have dirt roads and a small airstrip. Corcovado National Park and Cano Island Biological Reserve are two of the must-see when visiting. If looking for that postcard-perfect picture, visit Playa San Josecito which is a crescent-shaped beach with white sand. There are many other beaches, but Playa San Josecito is a must.

Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is Costa Rica’s most prized possession with its 13 ecosystems and almost 40 kilometers of beaches. Corcovado National Park inhabits almost a third of Osa and is the largest national park in Costa Rica. When visiting Corcovado National Park, tourists have a great chance of seeing some endangered species such as scarlet macaws and jaguars.

Corcovado National Park is one of the most ecosystem-diversified regions because of the number of wildlife that inhabits the park. There are many hiking trails to hike that follow not only the coast but also inland routes. These trails offer a chance to see mangrove swamps, lowland rainforests, and Pacific beaches.

Cano Island Biological Reserve

The Cano Island Reserves protects over 7,000 acres of territory. It is not known for its abundance of wildlife but in fact, known for the 19 species of coral that are located under the water. These reefs are home to hundreds of mollusks and fish.

White-tipped sharks, stingrays, tunes, sailfish, and barracudas are some of the species that can be found in the water. The Costa Rican government manages the Cano Island Biological Reserve. The Reserve is opened daily from 8 AM – 4 PM with a $15 entrance fee. There are no overnight accommodations.

Puerto Jimenez

Part of Puntarenas province, Puerto Jiménez is the district of the Golfito canton. Being the largest town of Osa Peninsula the place is located near the Corcovado National Park on the Golfo Dulce. Many of the settlements on the Peninsula have a small number of houses, a dirt road, and a small number of shops and restaurants.

Even though the area is not overly populated, there isn’t a shortage of things to do. Besides dolphin and whale watching, there is kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. The remote beaches offer horse riding. A visit to the cacao plantations is always a must.

Where To Stay

Costa Rica offers a variety of places to stay. Whether tourists want to stay in a boutique hotel, an eco-lodge, or a private cabin, there are plenty of options. Wherever tourists decide to stay, the scenery is amazing to view. It comes down to what experience tourists are looking to enjoy.

  • Aguila De Osa Inn: Sits on a bluff overlooking the panoramic views of Drake Bay
  • Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge: Private cabins on the Gulfo Dulce with Jurassic scenery
  • Playa Cativo Lodge: On over 1,000 acres of private rainforest is an 18-room little hideaway
  • Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge: Private cliff top bungalows with chairs and hammocks

The Osa Peninsula has so much to offer for those people looking for a vacation in Costa Rica. The Osa Peninsula offers diverse wildlife, rare tropical lowland rainforests, rainforest trails, and roaring waterfalls. Whether people are looking to relax off the beaten path or explore rainforests where there is so much wildlife to admire, it can be found on the Osa Peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is the perfect destination for tourists who want to explore. Why wait, plan a vacation today!

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