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Arches National Park is truly a sight to behold. Boasting over 2,000 distinctive natural stone arches, hundreds of towering pinnacles, enormous rock fins, and gigantic balanced rocks, it's clear why many adore it. From the magnificent formations to trails and dazzling sunsets, there is no shortage of what to see. But as a traveler, knowing beforehand what to expect on an expedition ensures one has a great time.

The following are ways to spend a day in this glorious park.

Early Morning In Arches National Park

If planning to visit parks in Utah, the majestic Arches National Park won't disappoint. During peak seasons, it gets crowded, making parking for driving travelers a problematic task. But by getting here early before crowds pour in, travelers can be sure of a stress-free time. So, how can one utilize the fresh morning while in this haven?


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Though arriving early to this fantastic spot means sacrificing some hours of sleep, it's all worth it in the end. With thousands of natural stone arches, picking the right place for this excellent experience can be tricky. But travelers can never go wrong with a sunrise encountered at the North Window. It is a popular spot in the morning, and for a good reason. Here, guests can perfectly view and photograph the dazzling sunrise through the arch without obstruction.

Afterward, adventurers can head to the mind-blowing South Window and Turret Arch. Being among the most impressive arches in the park, exploring them is a must. Hiking through the Turret Arch to the thrilling South Window, tourists relish the remarkable vista and take beautiful photos. What's more, guests can enjoy the sensational outlying sight of the Double Arch. Alternatively, tourists can hike to the massive and striking Double Arch to absorb its charm and snap selfies up close.

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Early Afternoon In The Outstanding Arches National Park

Whether visiting as a sightseer, backpacker, or thrill seeker, Devils Garden welcomes everyone. From arches and fins to spires, it has everything to keep its visitors busy. Besides marveling at the awe-inspiring backdrops, travelers can camp, hike, and stargaze in this zone. From manageable to challenging trails, ramblers can indeed have a great time. Here is how to spend an engaging afternoon in this locale.

Sightseers who choose to engage in the easy hike can head to Landscape Arch, considered a piece of the Devil's Garden Trail. With only moderate ridges up and down, the path wanders through tall fins allowing walkers to enjoy the eye-catching sights. Adventurers on this easy trail are advised not to go beyond the viewpoint as the hike becomes difficult.

For skilled adventurers who desire to go on a strenuous hike, heading to the phenomenal Double O Arch is ideal. Tourists must use their hands and feet to mount steeply, ascending on the sandstone fins and narrow ledges with hilly drop-offs. Though the hike is exhausting, its panoramic vista is worth it.

After waking up early and touring this place for the better part of the day, what better way to recharge than to have a tasty meal? But with no restaurants in the park, tourists have to exit and head to Moab, Utah. Besides enjoying a flavorsome dish, travelers can explore some shops around Moab for handcrafted souvenirs.

Late Afternoon In The Great Arches National Park

When done resting, guests can resume their lovely day by walking the fabulous Park Avenue. With the trail being effortlessly flat and paved, tourists can enjoy their walk, take pictures and absorb the eye-catching views. Travelers can decide to extend their stroll to the marvelous Courthouse Towers.

However, a visit to this exceptional park isn't complete without seeing the Balanced Rock. As one of the most outstanding features of this park, it stands 128 feet high. Though this astounding rock can be seen from the road, many travelers prefer witnessing it up close. At this location, adventurers can stargaze and take sunset photos too.

Holidaymakers can end their day on a high note by touring the noteworthy Delicate Arch. Generally, the park draws travelers worldwide, but visiting Delicate Arch tops most adventurers' itineraries. Bragging as one of the most notable geological features, it delivers one of the most dramatic sunsets.

Below are the operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday: 8.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m

Here is the time open during the winter:

  • Monday to Sunday: 9.00 a.m to 4 p.m

Services are offered daily except on Christmas Day when the park is closed. (December 25)

Here are the entrance fees:

  • Private Vehicles: $30 (15 passengers or less per vehicle.)
  • Motorcycle: $25 for the non-commercial motorcycle and its riders.
  • Per Person: $15 For one Person with no car
  • Travelers aged 15 and below are admitted to the park for free.

With this park being open year-round, travelers can plan their trip depending on their convenience. Though exploring the spectacular Arches National Park in a day is possible; one can also decide to spend a weekend and have a great time with no rush. Whether for a day or week, one thing is for sure, a visit to this wonderland is a must-have on every traveler's bucket list.