Summer has finally arrived and with it, family vacations. Common vacation destinations include Disney World, Hawaii, or even simple road trips to see family. With children, a family-friendly environment becomes increasingly more important. Most cities offer family-oriented attractions. New Orleans is no exception. New Orleans, otherwise known as The Big Easy, is most known for its French Quarter but more specifically, Mardi Gras. While this is an enjoyable event for many, it’s not necessarily geared toward families with younger children. However, there are still plenty of events and activities for families to enjoy together.


The Garden District

This is a colorful area of New Orleans filled with beautiful historical buildings and rich history. Young children will be entertained by their surroundings while the older children, as well as adults, learn more about the history of their vacation destination. Even a casual stroll through the area provides a relaxing aura while getting fresh air.

Speaking of the French Quarter, this carriage ride allows the whole family to take a rest and enjoy the scenic area that has made the city well known. The tour visits sites such as Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral with live narration from a tour guide. A great mix of culture and history in a single family-friendly outing. Adults and young children alike will enjoy this relaxing tour.

Surrounded by various restaurants as well as the New Orleans Botanical Gardens, the City Park is a central area amid many attractions, as well. The City Park itself sports different activities such as golfing, horseback riding, and tennis. With this mix of activities, it is easy to have a fun, relaxing time with family and even make some new friends.

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Audubon Zoo & Other Outdoor Experiences

Voted the 2020 Travelers Choice, this zoo has many exotic animals such as jaguars, white alligators, and even a white tiger. The different exhibits showcase different animals with some of them even having shows featuring chats and feedings. This mix of learning with hands-on experiences creates a beautiful environment for families to come together.

Some places allow visitors to experience the true culture of a destination. St. Roch Market is one of them. The delicious cultural foods and upbeat atmosphere make this a must on any traveler's visit list. Visitors truly eat like locals when they visit this lively market.

Find your zen in the Japanese gardens where relaxation is the end goal at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens. The tranquil scenery creates a quiet bubble in an otherwise bustling and lively city. A well-needed respite after a fun day at the City Park or the various historical sights within the city. All members of the family, young or old can find enjoyment in the well-kept environment of these gardens.

The National World War II Museum

Who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing walk through a pinnacle moment in history? The museum is the perfect place to not only enjoy time together as a family but also learn about the past in a quiet environment. Various exhibits such as the D-Day landing crafts display line the walls of the building alongside many restaurants and even a period dinner theatre. With different activities throughout the day, there’s something for everyone.

Sunday Brunch Steamboat Jazz Cruise

What a great way to start off a vacation! Aboard the only surviving authentic steamboat, you can enjoy a delicious brunch with live jazz playing in the background. A perfect way for the family to come together and spend quality time without any interruptions. To top it off, beautiful views of the Mississippi River and New Orleans itself paint your entire meal.

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Kids and Family French Quarter Walking Tour

While this famous area of New Orleans may not be the best for children during Mardi Gras, the French Quarter is still a sight to see. The perfect combination of culture and tourism in a singular region of the city. It creates a perfect excuse to put on your beads and start grooving with your family. The Walking Tour is a great way for the family to enjoy the party aspects of the area while still learning about it. The tour itself is designed for 5 to 12-year-olds but even the adults can remain entertained. The children learn a few crafts and activities that are common in New Orleans while the adults can rest and recoup from the dancing only minutes prior.

Is New Orleans Kid Friendly?

While every city has its activities solely for adults, there are plenty of activities for children as well, New Orleans included. From the fun tours to the family-friendly restaurants, there is something fun for everyone in the Big Easy. It is a city with plenty of culture and experiences to be had.

In Conclusion...

There are many more events and activities throughout the year in New Orleans that cater to families large or small. The Big Easy is a city filled with wonder, history, and adventure for any age with its authentic steamboats, famous French Quarter, and Botanical Gardens. There is hardly a dull moment in this bustling and lively city, especially with family to enjoy it with. One look around provides a myriad of experiences big and small for everyone!

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