New Orleans, best known as the most haunted city in America, has some of the best ghost tours that travelers can experience. With its reputational stories of ghosts, vampires, magic, and voodoo practice, travelers are sure to have the best scary tour. Travelers can take a tour of the whole city, visit the historical sites and learn about the famous practices done in the city like graves that are above the ground. They can also learn about new cultures, eat new food, and even get a reading from voodoo practitioners. Here are some of the few ghost tours that travelers can take in New Orleans.


Take The Ghost City Tours Of New Orleans

The Ghost City Tours provide the background of the city and the culture of the city. Travelers will learn about the city’s history here.

Ghosts Of New Orleans Tour

This is a 90-minute tour walk around the city that includes going to some of the best-known haunted locales in the city. The tour includes sightseeing the eateries there, the hotels, and the iconic LaLaurie Mansion. The tour gives the traveler a glimpse of the unlawful acts, violence, and demise surrounding the city’s life. The tour is suitable for children and is educational and fun. The tickets cost $20 for adults and $10 for kids between the ages of 6 and 11 years.

Killers and Thrillers Tour

This is an adults-only tour. Only travelers from the age of 16 and above are allowed to participate in this tour. It lasts about 90 minutes, and it is a midnight tour. Travelers will learn about New Orleans’s haunting history, the voodoo rituals and beliefs in the city, and some of the most historic murders. Tour instructors will be telling travelers about actual true criminal narratives behind the eerie legends. Travelers can bring their pets along with them and alcohol is also allowed. This tour is sure to be memorable for travelers. The tickets cost about $30.

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Free Tours That Can Be Taken By Foot

The following are tours that are best taken by foot to fully explore the thrill and wonders that they bring forth.

New Orleans Voodoo Tour

The voodoo tour is an educational trip that will last for approximately 90 minutes. The experienced tour guide will educate travelers about the strange and sometimes misrepresented culture of voodoo. Travelers will learn that some people in the city still practice the culture. The Tour Guide will discuss the views of the historical and modern believers of voodoo, its history and how it came about in the city, and its impact thereof. The trip will take travelers to places like Congo Square and some temples. The tours occur at 10 pm. Travelers are required to make reservations before visiting.

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Other Ghost Tours Travelers Can Take In New Orleans

After touring all the above places, if travelers still need more thrill, they can find never-ending thrills with the following tours.

French Quarter Phantoms

From the French Quarter Phantoms, travelers will spend approximately two hours on this tour with a tour guide. Travelers will get a taste of eerie stories about local ghost hauntings and vampire mythology. The tour guides are qualified guides and during the tour will be telling travelers stories about the city’s sickness, calamity, malevolent ghosts, and death. The ghost stories will also be accompanied by some ghost jokes and plenty of laughter so there is a balance. The tours occur every day at 6 pm and 8 pm and tickets are $20 per person.

Witches Brew Tours

This tour is a tour that explains the French Quarter cemeteries and the city’s ties with voodoo magic. It is a two hours long tour with a guide who will explain to travelers about the New Orleans culture, its lifestyle, buildings, beliefs, and norms that people from there live by. The most exciting part of the trip is visiting the cemetery. The guide will take travelers to see some of the most renowned graves and see and learn about the city’s distinctive burying method. Travelers must book a reservation for this tour. The tour occurs every day at different times in the day and tickets are $25 for adults and $12 for kids between 6 and 12 years old.

Haunted History Tours

This two-hour trip explores locations where actually verified hauntings have been discovered in the local department files and records. En route, the tour guide tells amusing stories about the most renowned residents of the city that have been passed down. Throughout the trip, travelers will be learning new things about the history of the city. Ticket prices begin at $25 for adults and $14 for kids between 6 and 11 years old.

Haunted Pub Crawl

One of New Orleans' memorable tours, this tour is led by the city’s historians. The historians are academics who have studied and know the city’s history very well. These historian guides educate travelers on the historical roots and beginnings of the iconic haunting tales. Travelers are allowed to have a drink in hand as they tour around the city. The tour goes to actual places probed by actual ghost investigators. This is really an ideal method to discover the hidden gems of the city. The tours start at 7:30 pm and tickets cost about $27.

For those travelers who enjoy ghost stories and horror settings, a visit to New Orleans is a must. The city has some of the best ghost tours that travelers will find in the world.

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