Myrtle Beach is a top vacation destination not only in the Palmetto State but in the whole of the United States as well. 60 miles of powder-soft beach, 90 quality golf courses, exhilarating theme park rides—and a dozen other attractions and activities—all conspire to make the Grand Strand a household name in travel circles. While Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer in the leisure and entertainment realm, it’s also just as welcoming to pups—man’s best friend. For travelers wondering whether to tag their pets along to Myrtle Beach, this article shows where one can take his or her pup while on a visit to South Carolina’s tourism hub.


But first, are dogs allowed on one of South Carolina’s most magnificent beaches?

Why Myrtle Beach Is Dog-friendly

For those wondering whether dogs are allowed in Myrtle Beach, the answer is “yes.” However, even though dogs are allowed on Myrtle Beach, the calendar dictates the times our feline friends will be permitted to excitedly wag their furry tails on the sandy shorelines of Myrtle Beach. In the peak season that runs through summer, Myrtle Beach usually swarms with beach goers. As a result, authorities restrict the times' dogs will be allowed on the beaches. As a rule, from May 1 up to Labor Day, dogs are not permitted to come to the beach after 10.00 AM all the way to 5.00 PM. This means those who want to come with dogs to Myrtle Beach can only do so before 10.00 AM and after 5.00 PM. It’s important to note that Labor Day for 2022 falls on the 5th of September while in 2023, the federal holiday will come a day earlier. After Labor Day through to the last day of April, travelers can come with dogs to Myrtle Beach—anytime; any day.

Another important piece of information travelers will need to know about dogs in Myrtle Beach is that they should always be on a leash. The leash should not be longer than seven feet to ensure the dog is within the owner's radius. This is to ensure the dog’s owner can control the dog easily. Additionally, the dog’s owner will be responsible for collecting the pup’s droppings as well as disposing of them responsibly.

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Traveling To Myrtle Beach? Here’s Where You Can Take Your Pup.

Those who’ve taken dogs to the beach know that our canine buddies adore the beach experience. And it’s not just the lapping waves, the puddles, or the pools. For some reason, dogs enjoy digging their paws inside the piles of warm crystalline sand that fringe the ocean. Doting dog owners will therefore find it beneficial to gift their dogs such a welcome indulgence. And in Myrtle Beach, there are several places where this will be possible.

Although the 1.2-mile oceanfront boardwalk isn’t exactly a beach, it’s a popular stretch with dog owners. Long ranked as one of the best boardwalks in the country by National Geographic, this beautiful walkway is a dog-friendly stretch that features bubbling dog water fountains at numerous spots. And no; since 2015, one doesn’t need to get a pet license in order to own—or walk his pet in Myrtle Beach. However, dog owners will still need to immunize their pets against rabies. As a result, dogs will have to wear collars or tags proving rabies immunization and showing the dog owner’s contact information. Apart from just the dog fountains, this open stretch is a perfect place for some much-needed exercise that’ll benefit both the dog’s owner and the dog—of course, in addition to several other activities.

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Another go-to place for those with dogs is Myrtle Beach State Park. This is a perfect place specifically for taking pups out for camping as they aren’t allowed in the cabins. Myrtle Beach State Park has beautiful trails that dogs and their owners will find enjoyable to explore. For camping, the sites are cozy and shaded with lofty trees. Of course, accessing the beach will depend on the time of the year as we’ve stated. Dogs will have a blast chasing seagulls or just running around, leaping, or twirling—around the scenic expanse.

  • What Is The Park Entry Fees At Myrtle Beach State Park? Adults will pay $8 while children (6-15) will be charged $4. Senior Citizens on the other hand will pay $5. The park is free for children less than six years.

Aside from Myrtle Beach State Park, other options for dog-friendly trails are Huntington Beach State Park, McLean Park, and Vereen Memorial Gardens. For those who just want to have some alone time for an hour or two, or even for a day, there are several dog daycares in Myrtle Beach. These include Camp Bow Wow and k9cabana. There are also several dog parks where dogs can roam off-leash. These include Barc Parc South, Barc Parc North, Surfside Beach Bark Park, and North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex. Otherwise, from September 16th to May 14th, the adjoining city of North Myrtle Beach, about 15 miles away, is open for dogs at any time. On other days, dogs will not be allowed on the North Myrtle Beach between 9.00 AM and 5.00 PM.

Here’s the truth. Myrtle Beach is dog-friendly—and features several places and activities that both dog owners and their pets will find enjoyable.