Morocco is one of the richest, most aesthetic tourist destinations in the Northern part of Africa. It has various tourist destinations and attractions, from museums to beaches, to luxurious Riads that are quite affordable and budget-friendly. Although it may not be the easiest country to travel to, the city offers a diverse experience. And for every traveler who dreams of a solo trip, Morocco is the place to go.

Travelers can enjoy a great deal without having to spend thousands of dollars on a week’s trip in Morocco. Apart from the natural wonders of Morocco such as the magnificent beaches; the tourist attractions and historical landmarks, traveling to Morocco gives every visitor and guest the chance to experience their culture and tradition, through the local cuisines and through its people.


Here Are A Few Things To Know About Morocco

Morocco is part of the Western North African mountainous country that is directly across the Gibraltar Strait from Spain. Morocco's culture is a mix of ethnic traditions and religions, with Berber, African, Arab, and Jewish influences. Berbers and Arabs make up the majority of the population, with Amazigh speakers accounting for at least 30% of the population. The country, which is only an hour by ferry from Spain, has a unique blend of cultures.

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Tourism Industry of Morocco

Morocco is a popular location for international travelers visiting Africa. With an increasing number of visitors throughout the year, it is undeniable that Morocco's tourism industry is quite well-developed, with a heavy focus on the country's shore, culture, and history.

Great adventures are offered by the city of Marrakech, Essaouira’s majestic panoramic coastal views, and Medina. Casablanca is one of the cities with the world's most beautiful mosques, Tangier has its deep blue water and sandy beaches, and Chefchaouen is recognized as the city of blue.

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Budgeting A Trip To Morocco

Traveling can be costly, but it is also manageable. Prior to booking a trip, travelers should conduct research on the area, especially on the amount of money they will be spending and how much they are bringing along. Expenses vary according to their interests, and Morocco offers both a luxurious and an average experience.

Before anything else, it is best to know the country’s basic currency. In Morocco, their money is known as the Moroccan dirham (MAD). Of which, 1 MAD is equivalent to $0.10 USD. Although establishments and business places especially near tourist destinations accept USD.

Standard expenses when traveling are airfare, hotel accommodation, cost of transportation when moving around the city or traveling from one city to another, and the cost of meals.

Here are some of the average expenses that travelers must consider:


Morocco, which is located on Africa's northwestern coast, is surprisingly affordable to visit. Depending on which part of the world a person travels from, airfares come in cheap when booked for non-peak seasons, preferably in February. Although fares also vary according to holidays, as well as the closer the trip is. Booking a flight a year away is always cheaper than when it's booked for the next two weeks, although not applicable to all, but for most.

  • On average, for flights coming in from Europe, airfare can go as low as $11-$20.
  • And about a price range of $400-$700 for guests coming from the United States.


The riad is one of two main types of traditional houses in Morocco and many are available for rent. However, hotels have used the traditional style of home to provide a better experience while staying in Morocco. Usually, with two or more floors, they are perfectly symmetrically designed with an interior garden centering on a fountain. Riads are basically the luxurious mansions once owned by the rich in Morocco but are now the most popular accommodation found in the city.

Surprisingly, visitors can book and stay in riads for only $20 a night with a free breakfast. Thus, Moroccan accommodations are very affordable. Luxury hotels can go as high as a thousand dollars per night, but deals can be found with early bookings.

Here are a few of the luxury hotels and their prices:

  • La Sultana - luxurious 5-star hotel located in Marrakech; with a price starting at $425.00 per night
  • La Mamounia - popular for family and couples; starting price of $450 per night
  • Dar El Sadaka - is commonly booked by family, couples, and explorers; starting price is $3,400 per night for the entire premises.
  • The Oberoi Marrakech - offers a peaceful and wholesome ambiance, guests can enjoy the place starting at $610
  • Selman Marrakech - the 5-star hotel located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, offering an intimate and romantic vibe. The price starts at $320


Traveling around Morocco is quite simple, the city is accessible by almost all types of vehicles, from taxis to rental cars, buses, trains, and planes. Travelers can move around the cities with little hassle as Morocco has a quite advanced transportation system.

Trains are the most comfortable mode of transportation when traveling between cities. Although, there are some destinations that visitors may need to transfer from train to bus before reaching their final destination. Train tickets can be purchased in advance at the stations or a few hours before departure. Train stops usually have signage and timetables for guidance.

On the other hand, buses are better and more convenient accessibility-wise, as they are more connected and easy to maneuver when moving around in the city. The average bus fare costs around $2.70 a trip, depending on the location and distance from point A to point B.

Food And Drink

Food and drink prices in Morocco, like in any other destination, can vary greatly. Visitors are offered various options from luxurious restaurants to street foods. Although, there are a few things that are not easily accessible in the country, such as alcohol and pork.

Basically, local food eateries and food markets' prices can go from about $7-$15. Not so bad for a meal price. Also, most hotel accommodations already offer breakfast, that’s one less meal to budget.

Morocco is one of the most budget-friendly and inexpensive countries. It offers a variety of options, from high-end experiences such as luxury hotels and desert camps to local tourist destinations that are mostly preferred, as visitors can better experience the beautiful traditions and culture of the country.