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Mont Tremblant is a fabulous snowy destination for a vacation, and it's easy to see why. It’s an excellent choice for vacationers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Montreal, featuring numerous ski resorts, hiking trails, breathtaking mountain peaks, and outdoor festivals. Every year, tourists travel to Quebec to experience the Mont Tremblant atmosphere and its natural thrills.

Fall is full of color in Mont Tremblant and is a perfect opportunity for tourists to hike, bike, zipline, and tour in a scenic gondola. This is the time of the year when visitors can enjoy the dazzling spectacle that Mont Tremblant truly is. Here's why these Quebec's Laurentian Highlands are worthy of a visit in the fall.


Fall In Mont Tremblant

The fall in Mont Tremblant is magical, thanks to the explosion of color brought by the bright yellow, vibrant orange, and red maple trees all over Quebec. Mont Tremblant passes for a perfect retreat before the cold weather kicks in, characterized by a fresh atmosphere and endless activities to do in the fall. Most tourist attractions in the summer stay open as autumn approaches, giving tourists the advantage of not having to elbow through high-season crowds or put up with the high costs of having fun.

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A journey to the heart of the Laurentians requires adequate preparation. During the fall, packing hiking shoes and thick socks might be handy, as the clearly-defined trails often tempt locals and visitors alike. But, honestly, there is no better way to experience the mountain's landscape than through the panoramic views offered by ziplining tours and gondola rides.

Besides the kaleidoscopic patterns in the trees, Quebec's crispness in the autumn is why hoards of tourists flock to Mont Tremblant. Mont Tremblant is also known for its frequent events and festivals that take place throughout the year. Fall is a great time to experience outdoor shows and annual events like the Canadian Mountain Bike Cup, Wanderlust, Halloween Festival, and Circuit Mont Tremblant.

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Things To Do At Mont Tremblant

In Mount Tremblant, one doesn't have to be an expert skier or an avid mountain hiker to have memorable experiences in the region. Here is an assortment of fun activities during the fall.

Ziplining And Other Aerial Thrills

Ziplining is an excellent choice for tourists who want to experience Mont Tremblant's spectacular views without the hassle of treacherous climbs. Thanks to Ziptrek Ecotours, tourists can launch themselves above Mont Tremblant's landscape, a trip full of speed, thrill, and wonder as one soars high in the air. Watching the trees below while zip lining from the mountain's summit to the village is enough to convince tourists that Ziptrek Ecotours offers one of the best zipline courses in Canada.

  • Opened: 8:45 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Price: $139 per adult

Alternatively, riding a gondola At Panoramic Gondola is another memorable way to experience the highest peaks of the Laurentian Mountains. Much friendlier to visitors who are uncomfortable with high speeds, a gondola ride accommodates easy photography as tourists slowly cruise over the beauty of fall's flamboyant colors underneath the cable car.

  • Opened: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on weekdays, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on weekends
  • Price: $25.33 per adult

Hike Through Mont Tremblant Nature Trails

Besides skiing, Mont Tremblant is famous for its countless hiking trails that attract adventure lovers worldwide. In addition, there are serene nature trails in the village and the mountains, giving avid hikers a variety to choose from.

Daredevils can combine hiking and rock climbing, a refreshing combination for tourists hiking in groups. Although most trails are friendly to beginners, necessary safety measures are recommended to enjoy the adventures fully. Consulting a certified tour guide is also a good idea, as beginners learn basic hiking skills and rock climbing techniques like rappelling. Popular hiking and rock climbing spots in Mont Tremblant include Mont Tremblant Activity Center, Mont Tremblant Resort, and Mont Tremblant National Park.

Take A Chance At Casino De Mont-Tremblant

For tourists who prefer indoor fun, Casino de Mont-Tremblant provides an exciting opportunity to have fun while making an extra dollar. Here, guests are spoiled for choice regarding online and slot machine games. Features include 16 gaming tables, three poker tables, and 500 slot machines for the ultimate gaming experience. The casino also boasts a cozy bar and exciting theme activities, making it a perfect spot to spend an unforgettable night with friends.

  • Location: 300 Chemin des Pleiades

Cool Places To Stay In Mont Tremblant

Cozy places to spend the night in Mont Tremblant include:

  • Fairmont Tremblant
  • Hotel Quintessence

Fairmont Tremblant Resort is a 5-star hotel that oozes luxury and class. The top-tier resort features 314 guest rooms, 62 of them being plush suites. Strategically located at the foot of Mont Tremblant Mountain, Fairmont Tremblant combines relaxation and adventure. Tourists can feel like royalty in this ski-in ski-out resort, thanks to world-class amenities like fitness and aquatic centers, a spa, and an on-site restaurant.

  • Location: 3045 Chem de la Chapelle
  • Price Per Night: From $312 per couple

Hotel Quintessence is another beautiful place tourists can visit in Canada for an excellent staycation. Surrounded by rocks and trees, this hotel is on the edge of an idyllic lake, making it an ideal spot for guests visiting for nature, sports, food, or royalty-like treatment. The delightful property includes 30 suites, each boasting a private balcony, a wood-burning fireplace, and a custom-made king-size bed.

  • Location: 3004 Chem de la Chapelle
  • Price Per Night: From $490 per couple

Mont Tremblant has a lot to explore, especially in the autumn. Whether a great outdoor lover who loves urban spots or an adventurous tourist who prefers to be in nature, Mount Tremblant always proves to be a sure charm.