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Characterized by a diverse culture, charming neighborhoods, and atmospheric cafés, getting out of the busy Montreal can be difficult. However, a well-planned day trip out of the city is a breath of fresh air. Mont Tremblant is 81.3 miles from Montreal and is situated in the Laurentian mountain range, making it a perfect destination for a fun mini-vacation.

Mont Tremblant boasts breathtaking mountain peaks, a lively ambiance, and intriguing architecture. Every year, tourists visit this place to experience the natural thrills of hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and wildlife viewing. Here is why Mont Tremblant should be on every tourist's bucket list.


Why Mont Tremblant Is The Perfect Escape

Mont Tremblant is a 90-minute drive from Montreal and serves as a playground for visitors of all ages. This charming village was designed to resemble the Swiss alpine town, featuring cobblestone streets and idyllic mountains. The buildings in Mont Tremblant boast beautiful red, teal, and marigold roofs and facades.

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Mont Tremblant is one of the best day trip destinations from Montreal, thanks to exhilarating options for recharging right before winter. However, it's important to note that Mont Tremblant is a wide range of destinations under one umbrella term, which includes a national park, a mountain, and a town bearing the same name. The town is known for a balance of outdoor adventure and pampering, where skiers, foodies, history buffs, and general vacationers find something fascinating to engage in.

In the summer, Mount Tremblant is an excellent destination for families to visit for a vacation. Biking, zip lining, and horseback riding are examples of activities to enjoy here. Alternatively, tourists can enjoy nature at its finest by visiting Mont Tremblant National Park or attending events at the Circuit Mont Tremblant, formerly Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix.

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What To Expect

From a rich history to beautiful scenery to delicious food, there is a lot of splendor Mont Tremblant has to offer. In this region, tourists can:

  • Visit local eateries and historic buildings
  • Ride a gondola to experience panoramic views of Mont Tremblant
  • See idyllic lakes in the Laurentians while on a 50-minute cruise boat by Croiseres Alouette

Activities At Mont Tremblant

No matter the weather or season, Mont Tremblant will always be teeming with leisure activities. With ski resorts during the winter and hike trails in the pristine Mont Tremblant National Park, it's no wonder every tourist wants to spend a day's trip in Mont Tremblant. Additionally, the town doesn't fall short when it comes to luxurious resorts where visitors can feel like royalty. Here are interesting things to do during a day's trip in this region.

Get Wild At Mont Tremblant National Park

Also known as Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, the park is a vast outdoor recreational center blessed with impressive scenery and numerous lakes, rivers, and hike trails. Nestled in the southern part of Quebec Province, the park is the ultimate destination for nature lovers, featuring 400 lakes, four rivers, and lush greenery. The natural reserve boasts cross-country skiing, canoe-camping, skating, dog sledding, and other opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

While in the National Park, tourists will likely bump into plenty of wildlife. There are fascinating plant species and 40 mammal species, including deer, moose, black bear, red foxes, and wolves. A tour around Mont Tremblant is one of the best ways to feel what it's like to experience the raw beauty of nature.

  • Admission fees: $9.25 per adult

Ski At Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Quebec's frigid winter provides an excellent opportunity for locals and visitors to ski and snowboard, thanks to the deep piles of snow in Mont Tremblant. With over 100 trails, there are adventurous experiences for everyone regardless of their experience level. Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is one of the best ski resorts in the region.

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is a perfect spot for ski experts and beginners. This top attraction site features downhill skiing and snowboarding, thanks to its spectacular glades and mogul runs that offer unforgettable experiences. Seriously, cross-country skiing is a must-do fun activity for any adventurous tourist in Mont Tremblant during the winter.

  • Time open: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

How To Get To Mont Tremblant From Montreal

Mont Tremblant is located north of Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains. The nearest airport is in Montreal. Here are some easy ways to access Mont Tremblant.

Driving is the most convenient way to get to Mont Tremblant from Montreal when planning a day's trip. One can reach this destination via Autoroute 15 North towards Saint-Agathe, where it connects with 117 for 18.5 miles. Follow this highway to Montee Ryan Intersection, then take exit 119 to Chemin Duplessis. From there, follow indications for Tremblant Resort. The overall driving time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Autocars Skyport offers transport services from Montreal Airport to Mont Tremblant. Alternatively, two intercity bus lines, Groupe Galland and Autobus Maheux operate between Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, and Mount Laurier.

One can as well take a train to Montreal, and then opt to transfer to Mont Tremblant in a rented car.

Mont Tremblant always has a lot to offer, no matter what time of the year. People worldwide come to take in the spectacular culture and natural beauty while engaging in adrenaline-filled activities. Weekends are particularly awesome to visit this place for the ultimate relaxation.