Everyone knows someone who's done it. This acquaintance has taken a cheesy picture standing next to the Tower of Pisa, placing their hands as if holding it up. Then, they shared the pic on social media. Some viewers shake their heads. Others write dad jokes in the comments below: "Did the builders get punished for what happened with the Tower of Pisa? No, they got off due to leniency!"

For the community at The Travel, those photos of the leaning tower spark a feeling of wanderlust, a desire to see it for ourselves. Doubt bubbles in our minds, though, "Is Pisa worth it, or is time better spent at other Italian destinations?" Read on to find out what Redditors have to say about it.


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There's More To Pisa Than The Tower

Some people argue that Pisa is amazing. They aren't necessarily fans of the leaning tower, though. In fact, they give it a little hate. Consider this comment:

Or this one:

One of the other sites to visit in Pisa is the green space surrounding the tower, called the Piazza Dei Miracoli (also known as the Piazza del Duomo). Both the Cattedrale Di Pisa and the breathtaking Battistero Di San Giovanni are in the square along with the famous tower.

Curious explorers may want to walk along the River Arno, visit the nearby beaches, or see the city from a different point of view from the 3 km walkway on top of the Mura Di Pisa or Pisa's ancient wall.

Then there's this Redditor who points out that Pisa is nothing special when compared to other cities in the region, like Lucca. He writes that visitors need to see more than just the Piazza Dei Miracoli to understand Pisa.

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One Day In Pisa Is More Than Enough

Many of the veteran travelers who comment on Pisa's worthiness as a destination say to visit it, but not to spend too much time there:

Others are more generous in the amount of time they'd spend seeing Pisa's attractions:

Comment from discussion .

More helpfully, this Redditor suggests an itinerary for the day that includes seeing the River Arno and a nearby beach. Their proposed day in Pisa sounds simply heavenly:

The Marina Di Pisa, just about 10 km from the city center, used to be a little fishing village, but in the late 1800s became a vacation hot spot. Since then, it has grown as a resort town and continues to attract crowds in the summer.

The Airport Offers Great Deals

Many travelers on Reddit point out that Pisa is a great place to start or end a trip since tickets to Pisa are less expensive than to some other Italian destinations. The city is well-connected to the rest of Italy by train, so it's easy for travelers to get wherever they're headed.

For example, a Kayak search for a week-long round trip from Berlin to Italy revealed that it's cheaper to fly to Pisa than Florence. Fliers could get tickets to Pisa for less than $100 while tickets to Florence were at least $150. Travelers who are already in Europe may want to consider flying there, but tourists from across the Atlantic will probably find better deals to Rome.

Buses run from a stop near the Piazza di Miracoli to the airport every 20 minutes. The short journey takes just about half an hour. Some travelers reported leaving their luggage in storage lockers while they looked around the city for a few hours. When they'd seen what they wanted, they continued their journey.

Go Somewhere Else Instead

Finally, there were a few people who remained entirely unimpressed by Pisa. This final group suggested seeing other Tuscan destinations instead. The two cities that came up most regularly in these comments were Florence, Tuscany's capital, and Lucca which is just a 30-minute drive from Pisa.

Travelers in Italy love Lucca because it is so well preserved. Early in its history, it was the second most important city-state with Venice coming in first place. During the Renaissance, the population built a fortified wall to protect it. This wall still stands today, which is unusual. Lucca is also home to a slew of other important architectural sites.

People who aren't interested in staying long in Pisa, may still want to pass through it on their way to the Cinque Terre or land of five. This coastal route leads travelers through five quaint seaside villages and miles and miles of vineyards.

Pisa, as a whole, may not be as picturesque as Lucca, as breathtaking as Cinque Terre, or have as much going on as Florence. That doesn't mean it's not worth visiting, though. Sure those photos that people take with the leaning tower are cheesy, but they look like they're having fun! Finally, there are few things more symbolic of Italy than the leaning tower--possibly only the Coliseum. What tour of Italy would be complete without a quick stop at Pisa?

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