Kotor, located in Montenegro, is one of the oldest fortified cities in Europe and remains its "Medieval" looks since then. The Bay of Kotor is called the southern-most fjord in Europe, even though it is a submerged river canyon.

Tourists have been visiting the city a lot more since it was classified as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site—also, these 10 World Heritage Sites will change your perspective on new places to visit.

Kotor is an incredible place to visit, full of history, especially during the summer—when the city gets particularly beautiful! And, if you prefer less crowded places, these stunning European cities have hardly any tourists and y«would be perfect for your next vacation!

Get yourself ready to explore Kotor with our itinerary!

10 Kick-Off Your Itinerary In The Beautiful Bay Of Kotor

Look at those crystal waters... That alone should be able to convince you to hop on the next plane!

The Bay of Kotor, commonly known as "Boka", is the most popular bay of the Adriatic Sea. The region of Montenegro is, in fact, "built" around this beautiful bay. And it is not only the city of Kotor that you find along the bay, but also Risan, Tivat, Perast, Prčanj, and Herceg Novi.

9 The Old Town Of Kotor Is Part Of The UNESCO World Heritage Site

In case you were looking for (even) more reasons to visit Kotor, this one should convince you to add the city to your list.

The old town of Kotor was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 (fortunately, this isn't one of the UNESCO Sites that are completely overrated) and that explains why its cultural landmarks are incredible. The city has a lot of Orthodox and Catholic churches and monasteries to where a lot of pilgrims go.

8 Kotor Has A Museum Entirely Dedicated To Cats (With Real Cats Inside)

Kotor Cats Museum is a one of kind museum—not only because it is dedicated to cats, but mainly because these beautiful animals walk around the building while you're enjoying your visit.

The main reason that led to the set up of this museum was a donation made by Countess di Montereale Mantica, who had a huge collection of cats' paintings at the time.

Nowadays, the museum's main income source relies on people's donations.

7 You Need To Get On A Boat To Visit Our Lady Of The Rocks, One Of Kotor's Top Attractions

Our Lady of the Rocks is one of two (artificial) islands located in the Bay of Kotor—and that's why you need to get on a boat to visit this Roman Catholic church.

The legend says that several seamen, after seeing a Madonna and Child painting on a rock, have created the tradition of throwing a rock into the area each time they returned from fishing. The tradition remains, as several people gather around on their boats every July 22.

6 Kotor Is The Best Place To Buy Olive Oil, All Sorts Of Jams, And Honey

That's what tourists say: Kotor ha amazing local markets, from which you can buy fresh products or other types of souvenirs to bring home. It's said that, in these markets, you find the most intense olive oil, delicious jams, and sweet honey—and the best part is that you can buy them in small jars!

If you're looking to know more about Montenegrins' products, you should check these top 15 things to buy in Kotor, Montenegro.

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5 Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral Is Not Only A Church, But A Small Museum

From the outside, Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral looks like a regular cathedral, where you can attend masses or simply enter to appreciate its inside. The three-nave Cathedral was restored several times, especially after the earthquake that happened in 1667.

The truth is that you would never guess that there's a museum upstairs, from where you can also enjoy breathtaking views of the city—and the entrance costs only 2 Euros (which, by the way, is an amazing price).

4 Looking For Outdoor Activities? You Can Either Hike Or Bike At Ladder Of Kotor

People who hiked at Ladder of Kotor said that this is a one of kind experience. The good news is that, if you don't like to hike, you can always bike in this incredible (and rocky) place.

The Ladder of Kotor approximately has 8 miles (roundtrip) and can take you up to 5 hours to finish it. If you prefer, you can take the one-way path only so that you still have the right energy to wander around the city.

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3 Climb To The Lovcen National Park And Get The Most Amazing Experience Of Your Life

The area surrounding the Lovcen National Park looks like it just got out of a movie!

The mountain is covered in dense forest and has two different peaks: Štirovnik (the higher one) and Jezierski. Either way, you can witness amazing views over Kotor, difficult to get from any other place.

And did you know that there are over 1000 plant species at Lovcen National Park? This natural beauty must be on your Kotor itinerary!

2 Visit Kotor In The European Summer And Bring Light Clothes

As we said earlier, Kotor is especially beautiful during the summer. It's not that it is not worth the visit during colder months, but the truth is that you can enjoy the city at its fullest when warmer days are around. Besides walking, exploring the area, and check all these itinerary's activities, you can always book a boat to discover the bay, and even swim where it's safer!

That's why Kotor is a "summer city"!

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1 Don't Leave The City Without A Kapa

Kapa is a Montegrinin traditional hat and it dates back to 300 years ago. It's still one of the most bought souvenirs in the city, mainly because you can't find such an object in other cities around the world.

History says that Kapa was worn in Montenegro by the Montegrinins and also the Serbs of Montenegro. It's very common to see this hat in museums because they often exhibit the original ones—but you can find them in many stores.

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