Some parts of the world are known for one thing, even though they actually have a lot more to offer. A great example of this is New Orleans. Some people think the only cool thing to do in New Orleans is going to the Mardi Gras parades, but that it far from the truth.

This is also true for the city of Athens, since it offers guests more than the Acropolis. One place that is actually loaded with cool stuff to see and do is Kenya. According to, this is a great place for a person to get a look at some wildlife creatures. A trip to Kenya is never boring. Here are some pictures that show what a trip there can be like.

10 Travelers Can See The Gedi Ruins

Apparently, Guatemala is one place that has a lot of really cool ruins for people to check out. But that is not the only place that has something like that. According to, there is an abandoned city in Kenya.

There is a lot of mystery that surrounds the Gedi ruins. The town has been abandoned for a very long time, and its’ origins are covered in mystery. But it’s surprisingly a very advanced place.

9 The Marafa Depression Is Something That Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed

There Marafa Depression is one of the most mysterious places a person can see when they go to Kenya. According to, this place has a couple of nicknames. One of them is “hell’s kitchen,” and the other one is “the place broken by itself.”

Some stories claim there used to be a town there. According to one of them, the residents all left except for one woman, and the town just vanished one day.

8 The Carnivore Restaurant Is A Meat Lover's Dream

People who love to enjoy a meal filled with meat will probably really like going to Kenya. According to, there is a restaurant there that actually serves up a lot of meat that tourists might not be able to get elsewhere. People who go there can watch meats such as camel, crocodile, and ostrich meat get roasted and carved in front of their very own eyes since that process takes place at their tables.

7 There Are Some Cool Glass Things To Check Out In A Desert There

There are really cool works of art in the middle of the Kenyan desert, and one of the most interesting facts about them is that they are made out of glass. According to, this all happened because an artist needed some shade when she was there in the 1970s. The people who go there will likely see something cool around each corner of the place, which makes visiting a very fun thing to do.

6 Travelers Can See The Karen Blixen Museum

According to, the farmhouse that was once owned by author Karen Blixen is a museum these days, and people who visit Kenya should check it out. For those who do not know, she is the person who wrote the book “Out Of Africa.”

After living in it for a while, the author moved back to Denmark. Kenya later received this farmhouse as a gift, and it came from the Danish Government, which is cool.

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5 Visitors Can Get A Taste Of What The Culture Is Like In Kenya When They Go To The Bomas

Some parts of Kenya are better at giving travelers a real taste of the places’ culture than others are. One of the places that seem to be the best for people who are trying to immerse themselves in authentic Kenyan culture is the Bomas of Kenya.

This place might just seem like a neighborhood, but it is much more than that. According to, travelers can find real Kenyan culture in many ways while there.

4 People Who Go There Can See The Largest Dessert Lake In The World

There are some pretty nice places to check out during trips to Kenya, and some of them are lakes. One of the lakes that are there is Lake Turkana, which is a spot many travelers seem to go to. According to, this particular lake is the largest desert lake in the world. Seeing something like that is quite an accomplishment that lots of travelers would probably be very proud of if they did it.

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3 People In Kenya Can Eat In A Really Old Cave

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is a really cool spot that must be seen in person, as the pictures simply do not do it justice at all. Travelers who go there can eat their meals inside of a very old cave.

It’s hard to tell exactly how old the cave is, but that does not make it any less cool. According to, the cave is anywhere between 120,000 and 180,000 years old, which is incredible.

2 Sports Fans Can See A Town Where Many Athletes Have Been Trained

According to, the town of Iten is known as a runners’ mecca, and it’s located in Kenya. This place has served as a training area for many athletes that the world knows and loves today, and some people go there just to run in general.

Running in the same area where a famous athlete trained before they were well-known is a cool thing to do. But seeing this place, in general, is also cool.

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1 There Are Lots Of Cool Things To Do At Diani Beach

There are a lot of truly beautiful places for a person to go to in Kenya, and one of them is Diani Beach. Going there just to check out how stunning it is would be a lot of fun on its’ own, but what makes it even better is that travelers who go there can do other fun things as well. According to, people can take part in kitesurfing and snorkeling at this beach.

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