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Winter is an incredible time of the year to explore Jasper National Park. From spectacular mountain peaks covered in snow to stunning a bit dusted forests, the area’s landscape is dazzling with beauty – and it’s truly a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. With the lower cost of services, fewer crowds, and breathtaking snowy landscapes, visiting Jasper National Park in winter is nothing but magical. There are plenty of enjoyable activities for outdoor lovers. From skiing to fat biking to snowshoeing, there are routes within the park for all interests and abilities. Jasper National Park is open in winter and here's why it is worth visiting.


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How To Get There

Covering 2900 square miles, Jasper National Park was established in 1907 and is the Canadian Rockies’ biggest National Park. The park features Columbia Icefields, the stunning Maligne Lake, and some of the region's most incredible summits. To get to the park, travelers have to arrive at the region's main town, Jasper.

  • The time it takes to get to Jasper Town: three and a half hours from Banff town's north side, five hours from Calvary's north side, and four hours from Edmonton's west side.

Getting To The Park Via Edmonton Vs. Calvary

Getting to Jasper from Edmonton is the most convenient and the fastest way possible because the road is well maintained and has a four-lane highway. If one is going on a few days-trip, flying into Edmonton and renting a car to the park from the airport would be great. There are numerous hotels at the airport if one arrives late in Edmonton and cannot make it to Jasper the same day.

Flying into Calvary is a perfect option for visitors looking to combine a Jasper and Banff trip. The only drawback of using this way is the dicey road between Banff and Jasper, which is not always well-maintained during winter.

Reasons To Visit Jasper National Park In Winter

Fewer Crowd And Off-Pricing

The main good reason to visit and explore Jasper National Park in Winter is fewer crowds. During winter travelers do not have to go through the hassle of looking for parking, finding accommodation, making queues in restaurants, no overcrowding of people on the park’s trails, and not experiencing too many vehicles when viewing wildlife.

Winter is the cheapest time to visit and explore Jasper National Park and prices significantly drop compared to traveling in summer. Accommodation, food, and the park rates are much cheaper than any other time.

Beautiful Winter Landscapes

When visiting Jasper National Park in winter, incredibly spectacular landscapes are guaranteed. The snow on the summits in Jasper is a whole different dynamic, while the stunning frozen lakes will have a traveler not get overstaying and staring at the natural beauty surrounding this park. The snow on mountains makes them look much bigger – and a beautiful glow during sunsets and sunrises.

Why Jasper National Park Is Worth Visiting In Winter

Visit The Maligne Canyon

Whether one is a winter climber or just a walker, visiting Maligne Canyon in winter is an adventure like no other – and guarantees a great deal of fulfillment. The bizarre ice formations and the frozen waterfalls are breathtaking and make this winter wonderland an amazing destination to explore. Travelers can go ice climbing and walk around the canyon – and the safest way to do that is by exploring with a certified mountain guide. Of course, tourists can always go ice climbing or walking alone, but they run a risk. Visitors must ensure they are self-sufficient when they choose to tour the canyon alone. Use the following tips:

  • Have all the requirements; the right clothing, helmet, and ice cleats.
  • Ensure all kids are supervised.
  • Inform immediate contacts about a planned tour and the location.
  • Don’t explore the canyon at night.
  • Pay a visit to the park information center before going for the tour.

Note: the surfaces get slippery and there is the possibility of the ice shelf breaking in winter.

Explore The Maligne Road

Driving the Maligned Road in winter is impressive and will have every traveler amazed at every turn. There are numerous attractions along the road, including the Medicine Lake and of course, the magnificent Maligne Lake. The region is home to plenty of incredible wildlife, including moose and bighorn sheep – and tourists are guaranteed to spot them along the road.

The Maligne Lake

Located just a 45-minute drive from the town of Jasper, the Maligne lake is a beautiful scene to experience in Jasper National Park in winter. The Magline Lake is among the most serene lakes in the Canadian Rockies and has received praises – thanks to its ever-natural splendor. This is a perfect wonderland to behold when visiting Jasper National Park for a few days.

Go Skiing At Marmot Basin

Skiing at Marmot Basin is one of the most interesting outdoor activities to do in Jasper National Park during winter. The Basin is about a 30-minute drive from Jasper and is among the most impressive ski resorts in Western Canada. The place does not just promise an amazing skiing experience, the views from chairlifts tops are second to none! On a clear day, travelers can be lucky to spot the Pyramid Mountain.

There are other activities to enjoy while in Jasper National Park, including visiting the Pyramid Lake, snowshoeing on Lake Patricia, exploring the downtown Jasper, and enjoying the amazing food experience in Jasper.

Where To Stay In Jasper National Park In Winter

Being the off-season, most of the accommodation is closed. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is an incredible place to stay while visiting Jasper in winter. Staying at the lodge's cabin-style accommodations overlooking the lake is a beautiful way of spending a winter vacation. The main lobby lounge guarantees a mind-blowing atmosphere that one cannot get over. From roaring woodfires and live music performances to board games and a cocktail at hand – clearly, there is a lot to enjoy in this fine lodge.

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The Pyramid Lake Resort is another incredible spot to stay while visiting Jasper in winter. Its positioning right on the Pyramid Lake is amazing – and travelers can explore nature at its best. Mounted just a few minutes from downtown Jasper, visitors can still have access to the beauty of the town and the amenities.

Jasper National Park is a winter wonderland that every tourist should visit and explore. With fewer crowds, low prices, and breathtaking attractions to take, touring this park in winter should be every traveler's next move.