Jamaica has been popular with tourists for decades, and it's only gotten more popular. With Jamaica's wide array of beaches, attractions, luxury resorts, and history, it's the prime place to get away on a vacation.

However, there's one small catch: Jamaica isn't known as being the safest of places. It's known for being a hot spot for drug trafficking, petty theft, and gun violence. According to the United States Safety Department, Jamaica is on a Level 2 Advisory, which means that American tourists should practice increased caution.

Having said that, we still recommend that you explore Jamaica on your next vacation (as long as you avoid certain areas). In fact, we have a list! Here are some areas and resorts in Jamaica that are perfectly safe to visit.

10 Views for Instagram: Treasure Beach

If you want amazing photos to make your social media followers jealous, then head to Treasure Beach. A lot of people travel to see the most breathtaking beaches and enjoy the views while having fun in the sun - Treasure Beach delivers! And on top of that, it's very safe! According to TripAdvisor, the locals are fishermen and farmers, so the nightlife is not as rowdy. You get to enjoy nice, long walks and not worry about criminal activity.

9 Top-Notch Staff: Jamaica Inn

If safety is a priority for you on your vacation, why don't you choose the hotel that's rated #1 on TripAdvisor in terms of safe resorts? The Jamaica Inn has been in business since the 1950s and consists of 52 suites spread across a private beach. One review described it as having "an old-world charm", with "immaculate" grounds and a"completely secluded beach". It sounds like the best of both worlds if you want to avoid danger!

8 Great Alternative To The Mainland: Portland

If you're looking to explore an area of Jamaica that isn't as popular, then consider going to Portland. Not only are there breathtaking white-sand beaches, but you also have plenty of natural sites to enjoy, including the Blue Mountains, Frenchman's Cove, and Folly Mansion. To sweeten the deal, it's ridiculously safe! According to the Jamaica Gleaner, there have only been 5 murders recorded since 2017. As long as you stay relatively vigilant, you can enjoy yourself in Portland!

7 Knowledgeable Tourism Advice: Westender Inn

If you want a place to truly relax, then check out the Westender Inn. It's located in a secluded area on the West End of the island, giving you amazing views of the Caribbean Sea. One TripAdvisor review describes it as a "peaceful paradise" and they raved about how the staff gave them suggestions on safe places to visit. Another reviewer confirmed that the area is so secluded that there is no one around!

6 Epic Beaches: Runaway Bay

Jamaica is known for its beaches, but some of them just go above and beyond. One of these is Runaway Bay. This area is popular for its beachfront resorts that give stunning views onto crystal clear water. There are also plenty of tourist attractions to explore, including Dunn's River Falls and the Green Grotto Caves. Also, according to TripAdvisor, it's not as "touristy" an area, so your chances of being a victim of crime are pretty low.

5 Fun Without Leaving The Resort: Round Hill Hotel And Villas

Sometimes, you don't feel like being a stereotypical tourist and you just want to lounge in your resort for your entire stay. If this sounds like you, then check out the Round Hill Hotel and Villas. This resort is known for its wide array of family programs, tennis courts, and a spa. Those amenities alone can keep you comfortable and busy. Also, TripAdvisor reviews assure that the resort is super safe and that there's no need to be paranoid.

4 Less Crime And The Natural World: Port Antonio

Nature is the name of the game in Port Antonio and you can expect lots of it. Out of the many tourist attractions, we recommend a trip down the Rio Grande, taking a swim in Reach Falls and exploring Frenchman's Cove. On top of that, it's generally a safe place to visit. Oyster.com describes it as a "quiet, nature-centric area", so you're less likely to run into any shady characters. Just keep a little vigilance and you'll be all set!

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3 Security On-Site: The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel

This is another great choice if you have relaxation and resetting on the brain. This hotel won the Traveller's Choice Award in 2019, so already it has some prestige. Some of the amenities in the resort are a seawater pool, spa, restaurant, and bar. Even better, this resort comes in a close second on TripAdvisor's list of safe hotels in Jamaica. One TripAdvisor review confirmed that there is 24/7 security on-site, so there's nothing to worry about!

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2 A Resort Hot Spot: Point Lucea

Many of Jamaica's most beloved resorts are found on Point Lucea, so you can already expect a quality visit. But there are also many attractions to check out, including Dolphin Cove, Seven Mile Beach, and the Rose Hall Great House and Luminous Lagoon. Also, many tourists have given the area positive reviews, so it goes you a pretty good idea of how safe Point Lucea is.

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1 Private Paradise: Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa

This resort is underlined by one word: luxury! You'll be greeted by the clear, blue waters of the north coast and have over 540 guest rooms to choose from. There is a spa on-site where you can expect the highest caliber of service. The hotel is also close to both Montego Bay, as well as the airport. According to TripAdvisor reviews, the staff went above and beyond to ensure the safety of their guests.

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