Sometimes, planning when to vacation can be a more difficult decision than choosing where to go. San Juan, Puerto Rico is already well established as a popular Caribbean destination, but choosing the right time to visit can elevate one's vacation from being great to absolutely unforgettable.

Taking a winter vacation is perhaps the greatest option for a multitude of reasons from the weather to the many festivities taking place from December to March. Here is a list of reasons why winter is the ideal time to plan a a Puerto Rican getaway.

10 San Juan Is Cooler In Winter

The weather during winter is certainly one of the top reasons why this is the best time of year to visit San Juan, as this applies to everywhere you go and everything you do.

The Caribbean humidity during the summer can be relentless, so planning a trip during this time will have everyone quite literally breathing easier.

9 Celebrate A Puerto Rican Style Christmas

Christmas is taken very seriously in Puerto Rico, so this offers visitors an opportunity to spice up their usual holiday season aesthetic and enjoy something different.

The streets of San Juan are highly decorated for Christmas throughout December and there are tons of Tropical editions of typical festivities like Christmas boat parades.

8 Seasonal Puerto Rican Dishes

Foodies looking to indulge in unique dishes should definitely plan to visit San Juan during the holiday season when a myriad of traditional plates arises throughout town.

Highlights include dishes of plantains, pork, and the Puerto Rican version of eggnog known as coquito.

7 More Direct Flights

Although certain winter months may have a bit more traffic due to snowbirds choosing Puerto Rico over Florida, the upside is that airlines tend to increase their daily direct flights to San Juan.

This means no entire days wasted on connecting flights and depending on the departure point, travelers may arrive in San Juan in just a few hours.

6 San Sebastián Street Festival

In mid-January, Old San Juan holds the multi-day San Sabastián Street Festival. This celebration serves as the closing party of the long list of celebrations in Puerto Rico which begins leading up to Christmas every year.

This festival features vibrant parades in the street and hundreds of artisan vendors in the streets during the day followed by parties and concerts on every corner at night.

5 Rainforest Hiking Is Better In Lower Humidity

Exploring the tropical wilderness in San Juan is much more enjoyable without the suffocating humidity which is present in the rainforest during the summer.

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This means that winter is the perfect time to take a hike through El Yunque National Forest. Trails here lead visitors through the vibrant rainforest featuring waterfalls and petroglyphs of the Taino, which is the local indigenous group.

4 Optimal Time For A Caribbean Cruise

Winter is the low season for the cruise business, which means Caribbean seas are a bit more accessible.

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If one begins their cruising route from San Juan, they will have a chance to delve into a deeper Caribbean experience that can be more tricky to pull off during a summer vacation.

3 Día de Los Reyes

Every year, January 6th is el Dia de Los Reyes (Three Kings Day) which is a celebration of the Three Wise Men to newborn Jesus.

The entire island of Puerto Rico celebrates this holiday, but the greatest festivities are found in the town of Juana Díaz where the parade featuring the Three Kings on horseback gathers around 25,000 people every year.

2 Winter Is Carnaval Time!

Carnaval is perhaps one of the most well-known holidays in Latin America, and San Juan is no exception.

This colorful celebration preceding Lent and lasting throughout the month of February is full of parades, special events, and endless music and food.

1 Maricao Coffee Festival

Coffee fanatics visiting in mid-February have a special treat waiting for them in the form of a coffee festival. This festival celebrates the end of the annual coffee harvest in Maricao which has been producing coffee since the 1700s.

This festival is found after a highway drive through scenic Maricao State Forest where visitors be greeted by the usual festival staples like vendors and traditional live music accompanied by any and every form of coffee imaginable. The festival grounds themselves have coffee beans growing on site.