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Salem Massachusetts, the Witch City, as stated on many storefronts, is commemorated by a statue of a witch in the center of town that is just steps from the stylish Gulu-Gulu Café. For the month of October, the shops, cafés, and restaurants of the city attempt to hire additional, temporary, staff to handle the annual influx of visitors to the city. And it's needed, hordes of visitors flock to the city annually.

As the 31st of the tenth month of the year approaches, main streets are closed down and costumed revelers flock to streets lined with vendors. It's a lot of hype and festivity over a tragic event that occurred in the vicinity of today’s Salem over 300 years ago. But, the modern Halloween celebration is a great deal of fun.


Halloween In Salem Massachusetts Is Worth The Visit

So, is visiting Salem on Halloween worth the hype? Yes, travelers to the area should absolutely check out Salem on Halloween or really any time in October if they get the chance.

It has a bit of everything for all ages. During the day, child-friendly activities and shops line the main streets. At night, more haunted and spooky activities become available to more grown-up visitors.

Bring a costume, and partake in the celebration on the streets during Halloween night. The City may take its name as the Witch City a little too seriously, but Halloween in Salem is an event that is absolutely worth experiencing.

Day-Time Activities

Visiting Salem during the day in October is a great time to check out a bit of what the city has to offer. There will be plenty of Halloween-themed activities going on including haunted locations and spooky shops.

Charlotte Forten Park

Charlotte Forten Park is a great place to visit for travelers with children. Every Friday night in October, Children can watch a family-friendly movie at the park.

Trick-Or-Treat With The Mayor

On this Friday in early October, travelers can meet up with the mayor and visit many of the city's local businesses together trick-or-treating.

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Children of all ages are welcomed and are encouraged to arrive in costume. An important detail of note is that costume weapons are not allowed. No weapons are permitted, real or fake.

Merchant Market Place

Merchant Market Place may be home to some great local shops, but it is also home to a variety of street performers that can frequently be seen putting on a show in the street.

This area is always a great deal of fun and worth checking out.

Local Shops And Sites

Salem is also the home of some great destinations for food and beverage as well as the home to a few witch-related tourist sites worth checking out.

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It will be clear quite quickly to those visiting the city that Salem takes its title as the Witch City seriously.

Gulu-Gulu Café

This stylish European-style café offers travelers a fun balance of free Wi-Fi and crêpes. They offer coffee during the day, and craft beer in the evening.

Their outdoor dining is also dog friendly, so visitors can feel free to bring their furry friends.

  • Address - 247 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970-3401
  • Contact - +1 978-740-8882
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - The Lumberjack
  • Menu

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Easily accessible just off Charter Street is Salem’s plain at first look, but dramatic memorial to the tragic victims of the Salem witch trials.

A four-foot granite wall is surrounded on all sides by granite benches. On the bench, the words, “God knows I am innocent” can be found. A simple but profound way to memorialize the events of 1692.

Red's Sandwich Shop

It’s hard to find a better shop than Red’s Sandwich Shop, especially at its incredible value.

Travelers visiting Red’s Sandwich Shop will always feel accommodated and are sure to have a great experience. Their serving sizes are good, and their food is delicious, a definite must-try during a visit to Salem.

  • Address - 15 Central St, Salem, MA 01970-3702
  • Contact - +1 978-745-3527
  • Cost - $
  • Must-Try - Pancakes
  • Menu

Count Orloks Nightmare Gallery is a cinematic monster museum. It is one of the unique stops travelers can make during a visit to Salem.

Travelers who are fans of the worlds of Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi will have a great time exploring their collection from those genres.

Halloween Day And Night

Halloween is the day Salem builds up to the entire month of October. It is the day with the most events and the day when the main streets get closed to cars.

If travelers have one day to visit Salem, it should be this day.

9:00 am - 5:00 pm, The Good Witch of Salem

Travelers with young would-be witches and warlocks can check out the Good Witch of Salem. They hold events here all month long that are perfect for young kids.

  • Events - Magical Tea Time 10/9, Potion Party 10/22, and Costume Ball 10/22
  • Learn More

10:00 am - 5:00 pm, The Enchanters

“The Enchanters” is an outdoor exhibit, and they will be back in Salem on Halloween to drive back vampiric evil.

The exhibit is sleek and a great destination to grab a photo to commemorate the trip.

10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Eerie Events at the Peabody Essex Museum

The Iconic house from the go-to Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, is now a museum dedicated to Salem’s history and the history of the witch trials.

Travelers can view authentic documents and objects from the infamous trials.

Halloween Night

Those staying in Salem on the 31st into the evening hours will see the streets steadily fill with more and more costumed visitors.

Travelers can snag a bit to eat at one of the street vendors and pose for pictures with other costumed revelers. Later in the evening, there are also numerous costume parties for travelers to check out too.