Nowadays traveling first-class is becoming more of a status symbol. With some first-class prices ranging as high as the altitude of the plane themselves, it all comes to how badly you want to taste luxury for that limited time. Out of all the operational airlines in the world, there are about 21 airlines that have the facility of international first-class. This low number of first-class providers is justifiable as only a fraction of fliers can afford it.

But this limited first-class menu does not mean that every dish here is worth eating. Few airlines, despite charging thousands of bucks, top of the regular ticket price fail to please their customers. So next time if you decide to pay extra on first-class of any airline, it is recommended to spend some time browsing their offerings before you make a final decision.

Here is the list of few top-notch airlines that are famous for their first-class; well some of them worth paying while some… probably not.

10 Your Very Own Flying Apartment In Etihad Residence, Worth It

A round-trip at Etihad Residence comes with a staggering price tag of $31,000 from NYC to Abu Dhabi but the included perks do justice with this price. You are given access to a secret lounge at JKC Airport. From the moment you book until you reach your destination, their VIP Travel Concierge will manage everything for you. Your entire experience will be curated around you and there will be plenty of things you can get for free on an airplane.

9 US Airways, The All-Around Worst First Class

The first class at US Airways does not give you access to the VIP lounge. Their package does not include free drinks even. Their customers are often found to be complaining about missing entertainment, lack of food options, and poor delivery service. So think twice before you choose flying with them.

8 Air France La Premiere, The Most Exquisite Service On Our List

First Class Air France has one of the best ground experiences in their package which includes tarmac transfers in luxury cars, access to the beautiful lounge in Paris, exquisite French dinner with ridiculous exclusivity, and privacy. They even provide the facility for extending your privacy by installing curtains in between seats.

7 Aeroflot Russian Airlines, You Better Save Money

When you buy Aeroflot Airlines' first-class ticket, don’t get your hopes too high. You will not get business check-in, lounge access, priority boarding, safety briefing, announcements of any sort, or moving map. People often complain about the rude and unprofessional staff of Aeroflot Airlines.

6 Emirates New First Class Suites Are Worth Every Penny

Emirates Airlines has one of the most glitzy and over-the-top first-class services. Their First Class Suites are the first seats that feature a fully-enclosed seat with floor-to-ceiling walls to ensure total privacy. You also enjoy classic Emirates luxury, including Bulgari amenities, Emirati fine-dining, virtual windows (on middle seats), personal climate controls, on-demand dining via your tablet, and beautiful cabin finishes.

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5 Air India, The Only Difference From Economy Is Price Tag

Air India is barely clinging itself in the race of first-class service providers. Their biggest issues are that lounge in Mumbai is old and dated, planes are in bad shape, and problems are not addressed promptly. They have reportedly put their flight staff on Low Fat Diet to resolve the complaints of the overweight crew.

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4 Singapore Airlines, Name The Luxury And You Will Get It

Singapore Airlines, with competition to Emirates, provides you access to The Private Room at Changi Airport (SIN), which features a-la-carte dining. Their new A380 First Class Suites feature your private seat, along with a separate bed that which you can turn into a double bed with 2 seats. You can use a personal tablet to control lighting, request service, and more.

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3 Don’t Choose Air China Even If You Have All The Money In The World

Air China’s first-class is hardly better than the economy class of some of the world’s best airlines. Their biggest issues include uneasy seats, unfriendly cabin crew, dirty cabin, unlisted meals, and entertainment which is understandable by you only if you are Chinese.

2 Choose Lufthansa, Choose Quality

Lufthansa is rightfully the best European airline. Although its first class does not feature anything out-of-the-world when you are on board, its soft product makes the difference here. You get some fantastic food, a polished First Class Lounge, a cigar bar, and an unforgettable ground experience featuring Porsche tarmac transfers.

1 If You Want To Buy Pain, Go For United Airlines

Yes, you read it right. If you travel via United Airline’s first class, you’ll have back pain by the end of your journey. Featuring narrow beds, hard flat seats, lack of storage space for personal items, insufficient privacy, and bad quality food, United Airlines makes its way to the very last in our list.

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