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Brooklyn is New York's most populous borough, yet largely differs from the hustle and bustle of the city. The area features incredible parks, beautiful walkways, and a cool vibe. Every person is going to fall in love with Brooklyn, thanks to the affordable public transportation system, fascinating dining scene, an incredible number of cultural institutions, and the vibrant nature of the place. Visitors can expect to encounter diversity in the culture, especially in arts, food, as well as entertainment. There are many businesses run within this borough, and a thriving economy is evident in its neighborhoods. Considering staying in Brooklyn? Here are the pros and cons for your first time.


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What To Expect In Brooklyn?

Public Transit Is The Best Way To Get Around

While many people have complained about the NYC subway and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), it is still the most convenient way of getting around. NYC subway is globally-recognized for a reason: one can get a ride for just $2.75 and go anywhere they want. Brooklyn alone boasts 170 subway systems, with Atlantic Terminal being its manor transit center. Travelers can use other modes of transit other than the subway. Buses, bicycles, cabs, and ferries are other ways to get around the city.

Brooklyn Is A Family-Friendly Destination

With incredibly walkable sidewalks, serene parks, tight-knit communities, and plenty of family-friendly activities, Brooklyn is perfect for travelers exploring New York as a family. Kids have numerous activities to enjoy, from the Prospect Park Zoo to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. If planning to stay in Brooklyn as a family, do some research to find out the best neighborhood, depending on the family’s needs and preferences.

  • Best Brooklyn neighborhood for families: Bedford-Stuyvesant

The Cost Of Living Is High In This Borough

While this borough takes travelers out of the hustle and bustle of the city, the cost of living in Brooklyn is certainly high. The borough was at one point a cheaper alternative to Manhattan, but prices seem to be increasing, and now it is difficult to tell whether staying there is worth it, or consider a different borough, especially if visiting on a budget. The 2019 report by Streeteasy confirmed that the rent price in Brooklyn averages at $700,000 and about $2,700 per month. The reasons for the high cost of living are:

  • High Tourism: Brooklyn is part of larger New York, receiving millions of tourists. This means that the borough must also create space for not just their neighbors but a large number of visitors they receive every day.
  • High population. As of 2020, Brooklyn had about 2.8 million residents calling it home. If Brooklyn was a city, it would be the fourth largest in the U.S. in terms of population. Bushford is the most populous neighborhood, with 157,530 residents.
  • The number of attractions: there are so many attractions for visitors to see in Brooklyn. There is always something to do, from museums to parks to religious attractions.

Brooklyn Is A Haven For Foodies

Brooklyn has countless ethnic cuisines represented throughout its neighborhoods, and visitors can have a taste of almost anything they've craved for. Every day, new restaurants come up steady and strong, creating new spots to try for a family meal, a romantic night out, or out with friends. Brooklyn is brimming with incredible restaurants serving great food and have been offering tasty meals for years to their loyal customers. Some of the restaurants to visit include Nathan’s famous, Bamonte’s, and Tom’s Restaurant.

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Green Space Is Abundant In Brooklyn

The abundance of green space is one of this borough's major draws, making it a popular family destination n NYC. The place s full of beautiful parks where one can relax and unwind after spending a hectic day in the city. Constructed in 1867, Prospect Park is the best place to seek peace and relaxation and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Another park to check out is Brooklyn Bridge Park, sectioned in numerous piers, each offering unique opportunities, including water sports facilities, terraces, and kids' playgrounds.

Pros Of Staying In Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Vibe Is Trendy And Cool

When staying in Brooklyn, everyone can feel the cool vibe, thanks to the incredible shopping scene, trendy food items, cool music, and beautiful hotels with both luxury and budget and gaming options to choose from. Whether into the latest design, watching the latest movie, boutique hotels, or preferring to relax in a greenery space, Brooklyn has it all. This is the spot where vacationers will feel like they're cool kids!

A Bigger Space To Stroll Around

Brooklyn is larger, and there are many incredible spots to relax and find some space for a while. And the good news is that people are not always congested on its gorgeous streets or sidewalks, giving visitors more space to roam. Unlike other boroughs within NYC, Brooklyn's streets are walkable, and travelers can walk through without feeling like they're narrow or crowded. There is a larger space to breathe.

There Is Room For Finding A Budget Accommodation

Generally, Brooklyn's cost of living is a bit higher and has been increasing over the years. But travelers will still find cheaper accommodations they can't find somewhere in Midtown Manhattan. Several budget hotels and hostels are there to choose from. One of the best things to enjoy in Brooklyn is its affordable hotel rates. It is advisable to research the borough's neighborhoods to see which place is more affordable.

Brooklyn Is Perfect For Seeking Peace And Serenity

Brooklyn is not a remote area, but visitors will certainly find some peace in its neighborhoods, especially in its parks. NYC is noisy, and one will always hear the sounds of sirens and non-stop chattering on the walkways. If one is looking to escape the overwhelming noise of the city, then Brooklyn's neighborhoods should be their top consideration.

Cons Of Staying In Brooklyn

High Cost Of Living

While travelers can find some great hotel deals when it comes to accommodation, they are still going to deal with the high cost of living in Brooklyn. It will cost a traveler about $1924 to get through a seven-day trip in Brooklyn, while a family will cost $6,512. The average cost of staying at a hotel is $139, with the possibility of finding budget options costing less than $100. A vacation rental costs between $160 and $500 per night. One should set aside an average of $120 for transportation and food per day. There are budget options for food, hotels, and even transit. It is possible to stay in Brooklyn on a budget, but the cost of living is generally high because it is within NYC.

Longer Durations In Transit

Getting from Manhattan to Brooklyn is definitely going to take longer than anticipated, and waiting to get to a destination can sometimes be frustrating, especially for first-timers in this borough. Even flying in or out of an airport in Brooklyn is going to be a problem. It is only one way of suffering, but this is something vacationers planning to stay in Brooklyn for the first time must prepare for.

With only two cons to staying in Brooklyn, travelers can be assured of an exciting vacation in this borough.