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The Grand Canyon is unarguably the most famous National Park in the United States, receiving over six million visitors every year, and travelers should follow some safety tips when planning to explore the region. While most tourists decide to go to the South Rim, the Grand Canyon North Rim is home to endless wonders, perfect for travelers looking for some quiet days.

Deciding between the Grand Canyon North and South Rim depends on several things, including when the trip will happen and what travelers want to see.


How To Decide Between Grand Canyon North Or South Rim

But which one is better to visit: the North or the South Rim? There is no correct answer; it all depends on what travelers are looking for. Tourists with a tide schedule that can only attend to a day trip probably should go to the South Rim, as it is closer to big cities and plenty of agencies offer a day tour. It is also the right place for those who demand more structure or dream about seeing the Grand Canyon from a helicopter.

On the other hand, the Grand Canyon North Rim is excellent for travelers who want to avoid the crowds and have some quiet days trekking.

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Things To Consider Before Visiting The Grand Canyon South Rim

Five million tourists visit the South Rim every year, making it one of the most popular spots at the Grand Cayon. The place lives up to the hype, offering scenic views and several activities, but like every place, there are things to consider before visiting the South Rim.

It Is Open During The Whole Year

The South Rim is open all year, so travelers don't need to worry about it. For people visiting Las Vegas, there are daily tours to the South Rim, as it is the closest option, only 274 miles away. There are also endless interesting spots between Las Vegas and the South Rim, which assure travelers of a fantastic road trip.

It is also closer to big cities such as Phoenix and Flagstaff, making it the most accessible way to see the Grand Canyon. Due to its popularity, it is no surprise the South Rim also has the best structure for travelers, offering all kinds of accommodations.

The South Rim Has Endless Attractions

The South Rim is not only popular thanks to its structure. The region has endless attractions and scenic views, and the best way to explore them will depend on the traveler's profile and schedule. There are many day tours, but it is recommended to stay two nights at the South Rim. Travelers that can spend more than a few hours can check some of the most popular trails at the Grand Canyon.

Many agencies also offer special tours, including helicopter rides, picnics, and visits to the museum. So even travelers who have just one day to visit the South Rim can have an unforgettable experience.

Travelers Must Be Prepared For The Crowds

The South Rim is the most visited spot in the Grand Canyon, which means travelers will need to deal with crowds, especially during spring break, summer, or holidays. It is also recommended to book everything in advance, but for those who want to avoid the public, it is possible to do it by going on a bike tour or exploring the trails.

Travelers visiting the South Rim between March and May tend to see the place with fewer people and also enjoy mild weather.

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The Grand Canyon North Rim Can Be Surprising

The Grand Canyon North Rim received 221,000 tourists in 2021, a humble number compared to the South Rim. The region is perfect for those who want to escape the crowds, but it demands planning, and there are a few things travelers should know beforehand.

It Is Open Only For Five Months

Before planning a trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim, it is essential to know that it is open between mid-May and mid-October. Between October and December 1st, the area is available for day use, and then it is closed due to weather conditions. Yet, for those who require a backcountry permit, it is possible to do some activities such as hiking and snowshoeing year-round.

For travelers planning to stay at the North Rim, booking a place in advance is essential, as the options are limited.

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The North Rim Is Perfect For Having A Quiet Time

As most tourists decide to visit the Grand Canyon South Rim, the North Rim stands out as the perfect option for travelers looking for peace and having some quiet days. Travelers will be impressed by the Point Imperial and Cape Royal scenic views during a road trip, but it is just the beginning. The North Rim has several quiet trails, including the Cape Royal and the Ken Patrick trails.

While some travelers try to adventure on Rim-to-Rim one day hiking, the National Park Service recommends not to do it, as it can be extremely dangerous.