Sometimes it is best to have peace and quiet, and what better way than to do it by traveling alone? If Greece is your destination or even other countries, it would be normal for you to think and consider some things before making reservations – it may be on how to get around the country, your safety, or whether Greece, in particular, is an appropriate destination for solo travelers.

With over 30 million visiting Greece every year, there is no doubt that this beautiful country at the center of the Mediterranean is a crowd favorite – from peaceful islands, undisturbed beaches that span miles on the coastline, to cities that are filled with diverse culture, history, and ancient ruins. Greece has something in store for all types of travelers, even for those who are running solo.


Greece Can Be Visited By Anyone

Branded as a romantic destination, most Greek islands deter travelers who are visiting alone. It would be a shame if you are considering visiting Greece and are worried about things like this. In Santorini, a lot of people travel solo, not minding other people and making time pass.

The locals, restaurant owners, hoteliers, even some travelers have seen a lot of people traveling to Greece alone and no one will think weirdly of that. Try considering visiting the “romantic” places in Greece and have a wonderful time alone. Try Hydra, Skopelos, or Ionian for some sailing.

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Greek Islands Suitable for Solo Backpackers

Do not get us wrong, almost all Greek isles are ideal for solo travelers. Even if you visit a place that is known for its nightlife, they too offer areas for some peace and quiet. And with numerous islands from the Saronic, Sporades, Ionian, and Cyclades, destination options are not short in this country.

Likewise, these places are also great to visit if you are looking forward to experiencing pristine nature and traditional culture. Islands like Thassos, Crete, the Saronic Islands (Agistri, Aegina, Poros, Spetses, and Hydra), Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos, and Antipaxos.

International Language, Anyone?

Move over, Google Translate, as the international language of English is widely used in this country. Even most Greeks have a good understanding of the language. This is evident when you get the chance to speak to some ex-pats that still cannot speak one Greek word even if they have been here for many years.

Even if you wander to remote places in Greece, you will still find people that speak English. Even in restaurants, bars, and tavernas all over the country, English menus are always available.

On the other hand, it will be good if you can learn a few words or phrases of the Greek language before you leave. It may be a challenging language to master, but knowing how to thank and greet the locals will be much appreciated by them.

Getting Around Greece Solo

Greece is known to have excellent public transport. They have the best inter-city links, trains and buses are always available, services are modern, clean and fares are priced reasonably. Domestic flights also come in handy if you wish to go to farther destinations within the country, and ferries provide services to bring people from the mainland to the islands and vice versa.

Except for scheduling trips during the summer and going to famous destination islands, you can purchase travel tickets for public transport the same day you are traveling.

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Solo Female Travelers Need Not to Worry

Over the years, Greece has proven that the country is a safe place to visit for females traveling alone. Women can have an undisturbed and peaceful exploration of the country, dispelling any issues that Greek men are aggressive and forward. As you spend your day seeing places in Greece, rest assured that local men will treat you with the utmost respect.

Locals are also very friendly, hospitable, and warm. If you encounter any problems or issues during your visit, they will make every effort to make sure that they help you as best they can.

Scams – They’re All Over the World

Tourism is Greece's economy’s bread and butter. This is where the country gets most of its income. While Greeks are friendly people in general, you should be mindful that in any country’s tourist spots, you may encounter people that are not very honest with their dealings, and Greece is no different.

Being always aware of your surroundings, having the presence of mind at all times, avoiding going to secluded places late at night, and being observant are just some of the measures you need to observes to protect yourself from people who are trying to take advantage of travelers.

Booking Guided Tours

While the main goal is to travel alone, booking guided tours are not bad as well. Aside from it being generally cheaper compared to planning everything yourself, you will also get the chance to meet fellow solo travelers.

Likewise, you will not have to worry about getting from point A to point B as these tours have them covered. And with a scheduled tour, you can be sure that your time will be maximized throughout the day. Lastly, these guided tours also give out some information about places you visit that will truly immerse you in the culture of Greece.

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