There are a lot of really cool places to visit in the United States. One of the most fun and popular states for a person to visit is Florida. There are a lot of things that attract people to this state. It definitely has some flaws, but lots of people go there all the time because they are drawn to the beaches, as well as Disney World, even though some travelers have seen uncomfortable things there. Additionally, there are many famous people who visit Universal Studios.

There is no denying that Florida is a nice spot overall. However, some of the photos that have been taken there show that is it not even close to a perfect place. Here are some photos that show what living there is like, for anyone who is considering it.

10 They Have A Lot Of Tornadoes

There are a few things that can make Florida a bit of a dangerous place for a person to visit, and one of those things is the weather. This state is known for having tornadoes, and that is something people need to prepare for if they're planning to go there.

9 This Place Can Be Really Dangerous

Florida is a very popular place that attracts lots of visitors each year. But while there are some scary places to see in Colorado, Florida is pretty terrifying on its own. That is because there is a lot of crime there. Travelers should definitely know this if they wish to visit.

8 Florida Is Known For Having Hurricanes, Which Can Be Very Bad For The People Who Live There

Florida has some seriously bad weather. Hurricanes are something that this state is definitely no stranger to. Florida has actually had quite a few of them, unfortunately. Over the last 100 or so years, there have been numerous ones that have hit the state, and some that have missed it.

7 Seeing A Bear At One's Home Is Not That Uncommon

There are a lot of strange things that people have seen in Florida. For example, people in other states usually do not wake up to see a bear walking around near their home, or sleeping by it. But this picture shows that seeing things like that is not very odd there.

6 Florida Has Some Seriously Hot Weather, And It's Not Always Fun To Deal With

Spending time in the warm sun is something that a lot of people love, and it even puts them in a better mood. But at the same time, getting too much of some really hot sun is not cool. People in Florida have to deal with this all the time.

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5 Sometimes Alligators Can Pop Up Near Peoples' Homes

Apparently, bears are not the only strange animal a person will see on their property when they live in Florida. Based on what can be seen in this picture, it looks like someone who lives there found an alligator in their garage, which was probably very alarming for them.

4 There Are A Lot Of Tourists Who Go There

This is something that is probably pretty obvious, but it seems like one of the less fun things about living in Florida is the fact that there are almost always a lot of people visiting from other places. Meeting new people is fun, but crowds can be really unpleasant, also.

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3 The Drivers Are Not Always Safe

There are some people who are really great drivers, but there are also others who are not that great. Based on this photo, it seems like this state might have some really bad drivers. That is something travelers may need to know before they go there. Safety is important.

2 People Who Are In Florida Have To Deal With A Lot Of Lovebugs During A Certain Time Of The Year

One of the unfortunate parts of going to the southern part of the United States is the fact that many of the states there have a lot of bugs. Florida has a lot of lovebugs during certain times of the year. They might sound like pleasant things, but they aren't.

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1 The Silver Lining Is That The Residents Don't Have To Drive Far To See Disney World

While there are some negative parts of being in Florida, there are also plenty of good things that come along with it as well. For example, people who want to go to Disney World do not have to travel as far as others do if they already live in Florida.

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