In an effort to bring a little bit of magic back into the world, Shanghai Disneyland was officially reopened as of May. The park had the confidence to keep pandemic numbers low but even so, they've implemented a wide array of safety measures to help spread the disease that has impacted every country in the world.

It looks just like any other day in Disneyland... except for the fact that it's not. While Disneyland can be disappointing at times, these safety measures won't likely be the cause. With face masks, social-distancing guides, and constant sanitation efforts, park-goers are reminded that nowhere, even Disneyland, is a truly safe place as of yet. However, despite the feeling that one can't be too careful, these safety measures are being followed and allow the park to remain open while allowing visitors to escape the news for a while. The park's sanitation efforts are only one of the things that are going on BTS.


Staff Are Required To Wear Masks

The park was closed for a total of three and a half months and during that time, the company was able to come up with reasonable, and efficient, safety practices to implicate. For starters, the part was opened at a reduced guest rate, which meant only 30% of its full capacity could be reached at any one time.

In addition to that, this was only considered stage one of their reopening. More changes could be on the way depending on how things go over the next couple of months, but for now, the current changes seem to be upheld by both employees and guests. In a fairly modern move, the park is requiring all guests to go through a temperature check before entering the park. They're given a personal health QR code, which flashes in a corresponding color according to their risk level and virus exposure.

Park-Goers Must Wear Masks Unless They're Eating, While Maintain Six Feet Distances

It's not only employees who are required to wear masks - having a face-covering goes both ways and in order for them to be truly effective, everyone must wear one. Even with a decreased capacity limit (in which tickets needed to be purchased prior to visiting the park), viruses can spread between those with no protection.

Maintaining a safe distance between other park-goers was made easier with the use of squares that were taped to the ground. In addition to this, squares were placed on the ground where people could sit as well, in the event they want to pause to watch an entertainment skit. Spacing guests out on lines also became imperative, so park-goers will notice additional squares instructing them where to stand as the line moves.

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The Cleaning Never Stops

Even with these extra measures, the park must be cleaned routinely. With so many people coming and going, not to mention children - some of whom might be too young to wear or understand mask-wearing - cleaning every surface of the park is necessary.

Employees can be seen wiping down various rides and hard surfaces, and basically any surface that would see significant traffic, routinely. Even with all the changes, employees are happy to greet guests and don't appear to be letting anything dampen the mood - even Disney actors aren't hesitating to take photos with park-goers, although they're careful to not get too close. This could be the future of all theme and amusement parks, and if measures in Shanghai prove to be effective, it's almost a guarantee.

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