Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida and every year, it's going to be on the wish list for several families and people who may not have kids but who feel like a kid at heart. There are six parks, themed food, castles, rides, and basically everything you could want.

Unfortunately, while this is a magical vacation, it's not an incredibly cheap one. That might make you wonder, is it going to be worth the cost or should you go somewhere else?

Yes, it's worth it to go to Disney World, but some parts of the trip are definitely going to be too pricey to consider. If you do some research beforehand, you can figure out how much you want to spend, and having a magical time will absolutely be worth it.


Staying At Disney World's Hotels Isn't Worth It

What are the priciest parts of any vacation? Many people would probably say booking flights and hotel rooms. Things can seriously add up if you book your stay at a hotel on the Disney World property, so when you're considering whether a trip to Disney World is worth it, it seems like staying at these hotels will be too expensive.

The Walt Disney World Swan, for example, will set you back several hundred dollars for each night depending on which website you book through. If you use Hotels.com, you're looking at almost $400 USD. Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is quite possibly the priciest of them all: according to Trip.com, it's around $1,300 USD for one night only.

Instead, book an Airbnb and save money. As someone posted on Reddit, "I've been able to find decently priced ($80-$100/night) Airbnb rentals close to Disney about a month out in the spring. I'd say you can comfortably wait until a couple of months before." Since you'll be staying for quite a few nights, that will result in some awesome savings.

You Can Seek Out More Affordable Food

Another bonus of booking an Airbnb near Disney World is you could buy your own food from a nearby supermarket and cook breakfast for yourself and bring a sandwich or some deli meat, carrot sticks, crackers, etc. for an easy lunch. There are many ways to seek out more affordable food at Disney World, and this is the best way to make sure that the whole trip isn't a wild splurge.

In order to make the trip worth it, you can spend your money on some fun snacks and one special meal a day. Urban Tastebud Disney suggests going to Karamell Kuche for Werther's Caramel Popcorn and L’Glaces de Artisan for a Strawberries and Creme Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich. You could also budget one breakfast during your stay. Trip Savvy recommends The Kona Cafe since the coffee is really delicious as well.

For the rest of your trip, go out for dinner and pick a fun restaurant at Disney World. There are many places that are recommended since they won't break the bank. Disney Tourist Blog suggests Trail’s End Restaurant and Splitsville Dining Room. At the former, the dinner buffet is $37 for grown-ups and $20 for kids, and there's everything from shrimp to pasta to pizza and fried chicken and ribs. At the latter, you can get sliders, pizza, fries, salmon, sushi, and other fun meals.

The Overall Cost Seems Comparable With Another Kind Of Vacation

Overall, it seems like the cost of going to Disney World is comparable to any other type of vacation. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to factor in the cost of tickets/passes, and this will cost you a few hundred dollars, depending on how long you're going for. WDW Info says a one-day ticket is $109.

Of course the price of your trip to Disney World will depend on what you do and how long you go, but there are some examples of what a typical vacation will set you back. Vacation Kids says it will be $5,075 and The Points Guy says that you can spend as little as just under $3,000 to around $8,000 if you have a "high-end budget."

When you factor in flights and hotels and food, you're going to spend thousands of dollars on another type of trip. Just like you can spend quite a lot at Disney World, a family of four going to Europe for a week would cost thousands of dollars. And just like you can save at Disney World, you could spend four days in a cool city and budget so you're not going over $3,000.

While it might seem a bit overwhelming look at how much everything costs at Disney World, you can spend money on what matters (the tickets and fun food) and save on other parts of the trip (hotels on the property).

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