The stunning island of Cyprus is one of the most highly-coveted destinations in the Mediterranean. With the desire to visit, though, comes a price tag - and it's often a hefty fee to pay for crystal-clear waters and gorgeous beaches. It might seem unattainable but visiting this Cyprus is possible to do on a budget if you're careful, and know which tactics to use when it comes to planning a trip.

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In fact, the phrase, 'it won't be easy but it'll be worth it' could be coined for planning a trip such as this. Those dreamy beaches and that fresh Mediterranean food could only be a plane ride away with some money-saving tips on transportation, lodging, and, yes, even how to save on food costs. There's an entire island just waiting to be discovered and explored, and this is the best way to do it while saving some bucks in the process.

Booking A Flight And Figuring Out The Cyrpus Bus Schedule

Flights to the Mediterranean are not cheap, and especially not to Cyprus, in particular. While airfare will always take a chunk of one's budget when it comes to a highly sought-after destination such as this, it doesn't need to be detrimental to the overall budget for a trip. The best way to find flights to Cyprus that are affordable is to be open to the possibility of flexible flights, which may also include multiple stops or connections. Of course, this is a pain - but it's one surefire way to save money. To buffer the trip a bit, consider flying into a nearby country or city where you'll enjoy walking around and exploring for a bit (or even consider spending the night) before catching a final flight to the island.

The bus schedule once arriving in Cyrpus, however, is a bit more complicated than a flight to and from. According to Skye Travels, the local bus schedule within the cities of Cyprus are a bit of a nightmare and isn't worth the time trying to decipher. Not only are they confusing, with half of the maps in Greek, but they're also costly, as passengers must pay for each bus route map. The intercity buses, however, are far simpler to use and only cost around $8. While this might be more than many are used to spending on a bus ticket, it's worth it to avoid the potential fees associated with renting a car for every day of one's vacation. Plus, having a bus ticket allows travelers to visit new cities each day without the extra added cost of gas.

Lodging And Finding Affordable Prices

Finding lodging in Cyprus is a tricky business but, once again, not altogether impossible. This is a trip that's far better when it's planned well in advance and that includes bookings. Hostels have been outlawed in Cyprus since 2014 and while they're tough to come by, travelers might have some luck if they do specific searches for them. With that being said, they're definitely going to be the bare minimum which might be fine if you don't mind simply having a place to rest your head at night. The other option is Couchsurfing which is similar to a Hostel, but travelers will be spending the night with another family or person in their home - however, the reward isn't always worth the risk, as there's no way to vet hosts and accommodations may prove unreliable or come with a lack of privacy.

The best option that's somewhat cost-effective and also provides enough privacy for a person to enjoy their trip is Airbnb. Surprisingly, the cost to rent a room or an apartment is cheaper than a hostel would be for the night, and it's also far more comfortable than Couchsurfing would be. The key to getting a good deal on Airbnb is to book early - and also book during the off-season. The real trick to scoring those great prices is to avoid any time of the year when prices are skyrocketing, which makes the off-season far more desirable.

Finding Food And Keeping Costs Down

Go figure, the food in Cyprus is the one thing that isn't likely to break the budget. The island is home to many street vendors selling delicious foods such as gyros and döner, and even the platters at local restaurants aren't going to extend much past what one would typically pay for dinner in the Mediterranean.

For anyone sticking to a strict budget, there are plenty of eateries and markets where food can be found for low prices; if you're renting an Airbnb, just make sure it has a kitchen - that will automatically kill two birds with one stone.

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