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New York City attracts millions of tourists yearly thanks to its trendy lifestyle, rich history, and boundary-pushing cuisine. Tourists can spend a day’s trip at the magnificent museums, beautiful botanic gardens, sky-high observation decks, and activity-filled parks.

Brooklyn and Manhattan top the list when it comes to vacationing in this major city with a vibrant atmosphere. However, visiting these boroughs is often overwhelming to tourists who don’t have friends and family who already know the best attractions. Here is a guide for the ultimate vacation in the two hottest NYC vacation spots.


About Brooklyn

Out of all the five boroughs of New York, Brooklyn is a favorite to many tourists. This captivating town is characterized by an urban touch to the music, culture, markets, and thrilling nightlife. It’s easy to be mesmerized by Brooklyn’s essence and atmosphere. The vast array of things to do is enough to last tourists a lifetime, let alone a vacation or weekend getaway. It’s a melting pot of cultures from all around the United States, featuring some streets designed into trendy hipster districts and other spots boasting vintage buildings and museums.

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Every block in Brooklyn overflows with creativity and rich diversity, from an incredible LGBTQ+ history to the delectable cuisine in the city’s prestigious restaurant. In short, Brooklyn is home to almost everything tourists miss when they visit the other boroughs of New York. The main attractions in Brooklyn are Coney Bridge, the stunning Brooklyn Bridge, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Brooklyn Museum.

Even though the living standards gap is getting narrower, Brooklyn is a more budget-friendly city compared to Manhattan. This could mean some places in Brooklyn may have better vacation packages while maintaining the ultimate vacation experience. Great hotels in Brooklyn include The William Vale, Hotel le Bleu, Hotel Indigo, and Wythe Hotel.

About Manhattan

Manhattan is a city that moves fast due to the busy corporate atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean the borough doesn’t have the lion’s share of New York’s attractions and landmarks. However, Manhattan can be overwhelming for first-timers, as one would need more than two weeks to experience all of the town’s awe-inspiring attractions.

Manhattan is a New York City borough that attracts over 66 million annual tourists. This indicates just how thrilling this destination can be, boasting a mix of creativity, work, play, and world-class architecture, not to mention the trendy restaurants and chic bars. Manhattan has breathtaking sights, including towering skyscrapers where tourists can enjoy panoramic views of New York.

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Manhattan is a better choice for tourists planning a short stay in New York than Brooklyn. This is because Manhattan has more tourist attractions coupled with thrilling nightlife. In addition, Manhattan features an extensive public transport system, lessening the burden of visitors driving to tourist destinations while beating the annoyingly expensive parking experiences. Uber and Lyft dominate the transport services in Manhattan, but tourists can also opt to use buses or the subway.

Brooklyn Vs. Manhattan? Best Spots To Visit

Although both boroughs have a lot in common, some stand-out visiting spots are unique to each destination. Here are the highlights of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Brooklyn Attractions

Travelers who are culture enthusiasts consider the Brooklyn Museum a rite of passage while vacationing in Brooklyn, as the museum doesn’t fall short regarding worldwide collections and exhibitions. History buffs can have the time of their life exploring Egyptian history, featuring many Egyptian collections, including a section of the “Egyptian Book of The Dead.” In addition, the museum has five floors full of marvelous textiles, African art, and European paintings.

Alternatively, tourists feeling more outdoorsy can enjoy breathtaking views at the Brooklyn Bridge. This neo-Gothic passage is a literal piece of history, as it has seen different stages of civilization, from horse-drawn carriages in the 1800s to bikes and cars in modern times. Connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, the bridge offers sweeping views of Manhattan’s skyline and the Empire State Building.

The food culture in Brooklyn is too iconic to be ignored. Nothing defines this borough like its pizza, where locals and tourists flock to have a slice of heaven at Brooklyn’s top pizzerias. Some of the best eateries foodies can engage their taste buds to include Juliana’s Pizza, Sottocasa, and Di Fara Pizza.

Manhattan Attractions

Manhattan is littered with museums, but The Metropolitan Museum of Art takes the crown. Arguably one of the best museums in the world, this tourist attraction is home to more than 2 million works of art, including sculptures of Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Daniel Chester French. Moreover, history buffs can enjoy the rich history of all continents as they treat themselves to awe-inspiring paintings, jewelry, and textiles. Other museums in Manhattan worth visiting are The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, The National Jazz Museum in Harlem, and the Skyscraper Museum.

Tourists who love beautiful views can try the Sky Deck Empire State Building, a great spot in Williamsburg that offers panoramic views of Manhattan and New York City. Sitting at the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the observation wraps around the entire Empire State Building, delivering a 360˚ view from 1,454 feet above Manhattan. The observation deck is open from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM, and guests can also enjoy an interactive museum and education center experience on their way to the top.

There are many more places in Brooklyn and Manhattan where visitors can have memorable experiences during a holiday. Overall, Manhattan has more destinations, whereas Brooklyn boasts a rich culture and history. However, both boroughs are worth discovering, thanks to their vacation-friendly atmosphere.