Beaches Negril Resort is well known for its various options for fun and relaxing activities. It has a waterpark with slides and lazy rivers, it is in front of a stunning beach with sugary white sand and your children will also enjoy bedtime interactions with different Sesame Street characters.

The question often raised by vacationers is – is it worth the money? Read on and be enlightened as to what you and your family can expect from a vacation at Beaches Negril Resort in Jamaica.


A Memorable Beginning

Beaches Negril is a family-friendly resort and is one of the two Jamaican resorts that offer all-inclusive packages for the entire family that will surely produce lasting memories.

Upon entering the resort, the Junkanoo parade will lure you to the check-in desk at Beaches Negril Resort, where you will be greeted with welcome drinks on a silver serving tray. Packed with stilt-walkers, dancers, Sesame Street characters, and packing a lively beat, this parade will surely perk up your tired and jet-lagged bodies, setting a good first impression on how your vacation at the resort will go.

And as you feast your eyes and curiously follow this loud and cheerful parade to the heart of the resort, you will find more music created by the town’s youth marching band. If your kids have the energy after a long trip, they can join the Sesame Street mascots like Grover, Zoe, and Cookie Monster and dance their hearts out on center stage.

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Multiple Choices for Meals

After a bit of rest and freshening up, you can head towards StewFish restaurant. They serve Jamaican cuisine that you and your family can enjoy eating while burying your feet in the sand and watching the setting of the majestic sun over the beach that is just a few steps away.

If you are looking for other food varieties, you can visit other restaurants in the area like Kimono that serves teppanyaki, Dino’s Pizzeria for pizzas, BBQ Park, Arizona’s for Tex-Mex, and Venetian for Italian cuisine. If you want overflowing food, you can have a buffet at the Mill, and for a few extra bucks, you can get a character meal for your kids that offers live interactions and picture taking with Sesame Street characters.

Refreshment Overload

One of the things that will impress you when staying at the Beaches Negril Resort is their bottomless smoothie counters. Some of the variants available for your refreshments are smoothie or drink creations like Chocolate Monkey, Pink Boots, and Superman.

At no extra cost, it will surely be a fun and indulgent experience while your family spends time swimming in the pool. Drinks for adults are also available, but they are served alcohol-free. If you want something that will leave a buzz, you can request it from the resort’s friendly staff.

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Indulge in Hours of Water Fun

A resort hotel vacation will not be complete without swimming pools. If you are the type that is not very fond of salty water, Beaches Negril Resort has something for you and your family. Water amenities at the hotel include three swimming pools, a giant whirlpool, two tall and twisting waterslides, and a lazy river that your kids will especially enjoy for hours on end.

If you want to take a break from the waterpark on-site, you can take a few steps and go to the beach where the sand is soft and the waves are mellow enough for the kids not to be scared.

A Camp for Kids of All Ages

Almost all kid’s clubs at hotels have age restrictions, and they should be between 4 to 5 years of age. Here at Beaches Negril, kids’ camps cater to newborns too. Various fun, separate, and quality programs are available for newborns, toddlers’ age group, pre-teens, and teenagers.

The fun part for parents on the other hand is that these camps are also included in your accommodation package. If your kids are used to staying up late, after-hours camp starting at 9 pm onwards can be arranged, but with a fee.

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Tuck-in Your Kids to Bed with Sesame Street Characters

The activity that makes your vacation to Beaches Negril memorable to your kids is the Sesame Street Character tuck-in time. Kids who are allergic to bedtime will not be able to resist going to bed when you schedule this activity for them.

As they wait under the sheets, brushing teeth and pajamas, a Sesame Street character with a companion will arrive at their room for some bedtime stories. After some reading, there will be picture taking with the character, they will sing your kids a lullaby and give them a plush toy that they can take home.

The Sesame Street Character tuck-in is an add-on to your accommodation package and your kids have the option to choose up to two characters they prefer.

Is Beaches Negril Worth the Money?

While Beaches Negril Resort is considered a luxury vacation, its all-inclusive packages plus discounts that they offer on their website, you can have a memorable time with your family without breaking the bank.

The all-in package includes the room, food, beverages for kids and adults including alcohol, water, and land activities like scuba-diving, windsurfing, snorkeling and kayaking, beach volleyball, tennis, and miniature golf. It also includes activities for the little ones like participation in kids' camps and a playground.

All these activities and great packages make the Beaches Negril Resort in Jamaica a value-for-money vacation destination.

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