There’s no better place to enjoy a relaxing and affordable summer vacation that makes one happy and sunkissed than Cyprus. This small country island is home to beautiful cities and towns that offer the yummiest food and craziest nightlife. One of the most frequented areas on the island is the lovely Ayia Napa, located to the east of Cyprus. The city is home to several stunning beaches and a vibrant nightlife scene. Moreover, Ayia Napa also boasts a handful of elaborately decorated restaurants that serve the yummiest food ever.


Additionally, one can find several bars, clubs, shops, and grocery stores in Ayia Napa. Families traveling to this city enjoy the amusement and water parks there. Here is a guide that will help travelers to Ayia Napa make the most of their trip when hitting this magical area of the world.

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Here Are The Most Mesmerizing Beaches In Ayia Napa

The most famous and most visited beach in Ayia Napa is Nissi Beach. The white sand and turquoise blue waters of this beach are why it is frequented by so many people. Moreover, the beach is home to a sizeable luxurious resort, restaurants and bars, and a handful of water sports. Additionally, the Nissi Bay Beach Bar welcomes many famous DJs and guest artists to hold great beach parties and even fun foam parties during the summer months.

  • Where to stay: The Nissi Beach Resort is a great place to stay.

Another less crowded and equally attractive beach worth visiting in Ayia Napa is the Konnos Bay in the Cape Greco National Park. Konnos Bay is known for its white hands and crystal clear waters. When visiting Ayia Napa, it is a must to drive to the nearby town of Protaras and enjoy a swim in the best beach there, the Fig Tree Bay. The latter is considered among the best beaches in Europe and boasts fine-grained golden sand and crystal clear waters that make it a dream to swim inside.

To the north of Fig Tree Bay, there is a small islet full of greenery and majestic trees that add much beauty to the views in the area. Makronisos Beach is another charming destination that travelers to Ayia Napa must visit. The beach is 5 km away from the city center and boasts turquoise waters and golden sands.

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More Amazing Things To Enjoy In Ayia Napa

Aside from the city’s magical beaches, visitors to Ayia Napa can hit Central Square to witness the unique I Love Ayia Napa sculpture, the beautiful fountains, memorials, and scenic greenery. Additionally, people can enjoy some relaxing time at the various coffee shops and restaurants there. The Ayia Napa Central Square is also home to historical churches.

Some visitors enjoy hiking in Ayia Napa’s iconic Cape Greco National Forest Park. They can witness their scenic views of ocean waves, pine forests, beaches, and sea cliffs. A few steps away from the Ayia Napa Central Square, one can find the historic monastery of Ayia Napa, which is filled with cultural artifacts. Another site worth exploring in Ayia Napa is the city’s Cactus Park which is home to an array of cacti and Mediterranean plant life. For families who want to take their kids to unique destinations, a visit to the WaterWorld Themed Waterpark Ayia Napa and the Parko Paliasto Luna Park would be a great idea.

  • Location: WaterWorld Themed Waterpark Ayia Napa, 18, Ayia Thekla Road, Ayia Napa 5345, Cyprus.
  • Opening dates: The WaterWorld Themed Waterpark Ayia Napa is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM between May and September. On the other hand, the Waterpark opens daily from 10:00 AM to 05:00 during April and October. The park is closed from November to March.

How To Party Hard When In Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is home to a vibrant nightlife scene that is probably the best on the Mediterranean Sea. People from all backgrounds and tastes will enjoy a party in Ayia Napa because of the various options available for visitors to choose from. Hitting Ayia Napa’s Central Party District is a must to enjoy a guaranteed wild night out. Several venues line the plaza in Ayia Napa’s Square, creating a carnival-like vibe.

The most fantastic place to visit first to enjoy a night out in Ayia Napa is the Square Bar, which features live bands which pump up the hyped crowds. Partying in Ayia Napa is not all about nightlife. People also enjoy the best parties at Nissi Bay Beach Bar during the summer days, where wild foam parties are continuously hosted during the whole season. The best nightclubs to visit in Ayia Napa include Aqua Club, best for after-parties, Blue Moon Bar frequented by Scandinavian crowds, and Club Sin. However, the nightclub that hosts the most epic parties in Ayia Napa is the enormous triple-arena Castle Club.

  • Recommended: It is advisable to book the iconic Pambo Pool Party on the sundeck area of the Napa Rocks Hotel. The party takes place every Thursday afternoon during the summer months. It hosts international DJs and offers VIP sunbeds, signature cocktails, and non-stop splashing.
  • Location: Napa Rocks Hotel, Nissi Ave 10, Ayia Napa, Cyprus.
  • Cost: A standard ticket to the Pambos Pool Party costs around $40.

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