The unincorporated community of Pebble Beach features the popular cruise, 17-Mile Drive. While part of this scenic drive that runs through Pacific Grove is free, the most talked about, and famous section passes through Pebble Beach. This more exciting section of the 17-Mile Drive requires a small admission fee. Many people love taking this unique drive because it offers many exciting stops and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

This is where people will find the gorgeous white beaches, famed Lone Cypress, and pristine golf courses. Unsurprisingly, the 17-Mile Drive also features 17 marked stops. People have the option to complete this iconic drive from the north gate and proceed to the south, or vice-versa. Here are the most attractive 17-Mile Drive stops worth witnessing when taking this magnificent trip.


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These Are The Most Gorgeous Stops That Make 17-Mile Drive Worth It

People taking the 17-Mile Drive from north to south can start their trip by enjoying the soft, beautiful white Spanish Bay Beach. A stop there will guarantee a unique stroll along the beach’s boardwalk where one can feel the soft sands. The Links at Spanish Bay is one of the most gorgeous golf courses in the area, which people can also enjoy during their stops there.

The rocky area of Point Joe is another iconic stop along the 17-Mile Drive, which offers fantastic views of the rocks and waters. People will find a lookout point informing them who Joe was and why he is relevant. Another thing to note about Point Joe is that it was the site where several ships had crashed because the point was mistaken as Monterey Bay’s southern end entrance.

A historical stop along the 17-Mile Drive is China Rock, where there was a small Chinese fishing village in the past. The rocks feature a little caked on cooking smoke dating back from the late 1800s.

Nature lovers will be particularly amazed when reaching Bird Rock along the 17-Mile Drive. This is thanks to a large number of birds in this area. People will also be excited when they spot the seals and sea lions in Bird Rock. The latter is also famous for its rocky shores.

Cypress Point Lookout is an excellent stop along the 17-Mile Drive, featuring fantastic sunset views. Moreover, Cypress Point is the westernmost part of Southern California.

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The most famous stop along the 17-Mile Drive is the Lone Cypress, home to only one Monterey Cypress tree off the shores of Pebble Beach. This tree is living on a rock and is estimated to be 250 years old. The Monterey Cypress tree has sustained a broken branch during a massive storm in 2019. However, it is still alive today. Because of its fame, people will enjoy taking several shots at the Lone Cypress. The Monterey Cypress tree is also part of Pebble Beach’s official logo.

Other magnificent stops along the 17-Mile Drive include the Ghost Trees at Pescadero Point, Pebble Beach Visitors Center, and Pebble Beach Golf Links.

  • Tip: People who don’t want to drive on their own can opt for a guided tour from San Francisco that includes a full exploring opportunity of the 17-Mile Drive.

Here’s How To Get To Pebble Beach’s 17-Mile Drive

Five gates lead to the 17-Mile Drive, and each one of them allows access to all the stops along the trip. The cost of entry per gate amounts to around $10 per person. People coming from Monterey to Pacific Grove will find that the Pacific Grove Gate is the best option for taking the 17-Mile Drive. Another popular entrance gate is the Country Club Gate, located near the northern end of Congress Avenue on Forest Lodge Road.

Off exit 399A, people can enter through Highway 1 Gate, while the south gate into Pebble Beach is the Carmel Gate. The fifth one is S.F.B. Morse Gate on Morse Drive.

All five gates open from sunrise to sunset every day.

  • Tip: People staying in a resort at Pebble Beach can get a free entrance through the gates to the 17-Mile Drive. As for those who want to pay for the entrance, they should ensure to bring cash with them.
  • How to get there: Around 4 miles from Monterey, one can reach the Pacific Grove Gate. They make their way on Pine Avenue through Pacific Grove until reaching 17-Mile Drive. People coming from San Jose should enter through Highway 1 Gate. As for those heading to the 17-Mile Drive from San Francisco, they can reach their destination from the Highway 1 Gate or the Pacific Grove Gate. Highway 1 Gate is also the best option for people coming from Santa Cruz.

Where To Stay Near The 17-Mile Drive

People who want to enjoy the scenic 17-Mile Drive can stay at several resorts inside Pebble Beach. They also have the option to sleep in accommodations nearby it. The Inn at Spanish Bay is a fantastic luxury 5-star hotel in Pebble Beach. Another great option is the 5-star gem, The Lodge at Pebble Beach.

Other places to stay nearby are located in Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel-By-the-Sea.

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