So, did you hear the one about an Italian who just starred in a movie called The Irishman and plans to open a hotel in Poland? Hey, insert whatever punchline you want, but the anecdote is the furthest thing from fake news.

You looking at me or my new digs?

On Thursday, luxury hotel chain Nobu announced that legendary actor Robert De Niro was on board to help the company launch a luxury accommodation complex to be called the Nobu Hotel Warsaw in the Polish capitol's downtown area. The luxurious spot is slated to open in June.


Once in operation, guests of the hotel, designed by Poland-based architectural firm  Medusa Group, will have a choice of 117 rooms with furnishings decided between the architects and interior specialists Studio PCH. Rooms will be classified into classic suites designed with traditional Polish cultural touchups, with other suites boasting more modern, minimalist looks.

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An offer a chef couldn't refuse?

Guests will also have access to conference rooms, a fitness facility and a Nobu restaurant. The latter amenity is pretty much compulsory since the primary owner of the chain is renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who owns 40 restaurants and 19 other hotels worldwide.

De Niro isn't merely a celebrity attaching his name to the Nobu brand since he's also a major investor and major mover behind the chain. It turns out the company wouldn't have even existed without his prodding that started back in the 1980s.

No Godfather required for this venture

That was when the actor—best known for roles in The Godfather Part II, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas—first met Matsuhisa, who owned a single restaurant in Beverly Hills, specializing in Japanese and Chilean fusion cuisine. De Niro liked the food so much, he cajoled the chef to open a similar eatery in New York. His persuasion eventually morphed into a partnership in 1994, resulting in the expansion of the restaurant and hotel chain that prospers today.

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