Ireland is famous for its various attractions, including some of its most spectacular islands. People enjoy taking a trip to County Galway's Inisheer and the Aran Islands, where they can witness the beautiful white sandy beaches with turquoise waters dotted with playing dolphins and fishing boats. Another island people will be excited to visit in the country is Arranmore in County Donegal which had its airport voted as the world's most scenic airport runway, where they can enjoy the local music and entertainment, along with the breathtaking views and unique birdlife.


Outdoor adventures are also an option, including sailing, diving, kayaking, and much more. Sherkin Island, Valentia Island, and Inishbofin are some of the other spots people enjoy heading to when visiting Ireland. However, there's one unique island, home to an ancient monastery where the seaside monks of Skelligs used to live, and that is Skellig Michael. Here's what to know about this marvelous island in Ireland and its iconic beehive huts. Related: Looking For A Dublin Itinerary? Take This With You To Ireland

Here's What To Know About Skellig Michael In Ireland

This remote island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the middle of the seas of the Atlantic Ocean, 12 kilometers off the coast of Ireland. Many people consider Skellig Michael as the most fascinating part of Ireland. However, people who intend to visit this magical location must note that the boating season is really short on the island, and the weather is inclement. This is why it's not so easy to get there, mainly because the way to reach Skellig Michael is through a small fishing boat on the rough seas. Still, the views of the peninsula during the drive are worth it, and the fact that it is a thrill ride makes the trip even more special.

  • Tickets: People who want to get to Skellig Michael will have to book tickets at the Visitors Centre on Valentia Island. They must book in advance because the Irish government grants tour operators 13 boat licenses only every year to run trips from the mainland to Skellig Michael. This means that spaces are limited. Nowadays, the island takes 180 people per day.
  • Timing: People can visit Skellig Michael on tour from the end of May to the end of August. The boat trip needs an hour to reach the island.

People mainly head to Skellig Michael to witness the iconic 6th-century monasteries. While many visitors take boat tours that allow them to only see the island from the waters, people are recommended to land on Skellig Michael to explore the beautiful beehive monasteries. Related: 10 Places You Should See In Ireland During A 7-Day Trip

Here's How To Get To The Skellig Monasteries On The Island

After succeeding in landing and stepping off the boat, people will see the warning signs highlighting that they can climb up to the monasteries at their own risk. This is because the path to go up there is narrow, and the grade is steep. To reach the monasteries, visitors will have to climb up 600 steps along an uneven and ancient stone path. This is where they will witness the beehive huts, which stand at 600 feet or 200 meters above sea level.

  • Information: The monks have built the stone steps of the path over three centuries. Visitors will be able to explore the skilled craftsmanship of these religious people as they climb up the steps, given the fact that these steps have been standing strong after facing the rains and winds of the Atlantic Ocean for more than a thousand years.
  • Duration: People will reach the beehive monasteries in around 30 minutes. The trip will take less than that if visitors don't stop to take pictures. It is worth noting that the boat allows visitors around 2 hours to explore the area on Skellig Michael.
  • Recommended: The best that visitors can do is go directly to the monasteries and then take their time going down because all the action awaits at the top.

After reaching the huts, people will enjoy exploring the beehive monasteries and be amazed by the island's breathtaking views from above. They will be fascinated by the strength of these ancient monastic huts that are still standing following the wild weather of the Atlantic Coast of Ireland.

Here's What To Know About The Beehive Huts And The Monks Who Lived There

The beehive huts are where the Skellig Christian monks used to live. They chose these spots as their place of refuge because they were isolated from the mainland. Moreover, the landscape's sheer beauty makes one feel closer to heaven. People enjoy witnessing seven beehive monasteries on Skellig Michael. Each of the huts offers a unique viewpoint from the island, and it is worth exploring every single one of them from all angles. Another iconic attraction to visit on Skellig Michael is the stunning cemetery, featuring terraces, stone crosses, and gardens.

  • Information: Not only history and nature lovers are the ones who would be excited to visit Skellig Michael, but the island also attracts fanboys and film buffs. This is because Skellig Michael was where Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens were all filmed.

The monasteries on Skellig Michael were built by the Christian monks between the 6th and 9th centuries and were used as their refuge. This allowed them to survive the Viking invasions and the elements until the 12th century. While life was difficult for them during this period of time, where they lived on a diet of sea birds, rainwater, and sea lion for food, the region gave them the seclusion they were looking for.