With breathtaking countryside, popular beaches, and a lot of history, the United Kingdom is one of the most picked vacation countries worldwide. The country offers great destinations for your vacation whether alone, with friends, or family.

The English countryside prides itself on its peaceful ambiance and beautiful lakes. They also offer green hills, rocky coasts, pubs, and castles – not to mention their modern destinations and unique cuisine that will surely leave you looking forward to your next taste.


If you are planning on a trip soon and are choosing between Ireland or Wales, read further to get all the information you need and come up with the perfect vacation.


More Than Pubs and Guinness

The rich history of Ireland can be traced back to prehistoric times. The abundance of historical sites, unique houses, and museums make the island the perfect destination for avid historians. Aside from lush greens, beaches, forests, cliffs, and national parks, the country also boasts of its friendly city Dublin.

If you are planning to experience Emerald Isle’s best, here are some places to visit or activities to do that may have you choosing Èire.

Visit the Blarney Castle

No Ireland trip is complete without visiting the Blarney Castle – considered one of the classic and oldest attractions on the island.

Legend tells that when you kiss the Blarney stone, you will be endowed with the so-called “gift of gab” – or flattery skills. But it isn’t for the faint of heart.

The gifting stone is made of Carboniferous limestone incorporated into the fortifications of the castle. This popular tourist attraction in Ireland attracts vacationers from around the world to try the legendary smooch and take a tour of the castle’s jaw-dropping interiors and gardens.

Lines for kissing are very long so bring a lot of patience with you when you visit.

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Take a Deep Dive into the World’s Most Famous Sunken Ship at the Titanic Belfast

The entire world has heard, or even watched in theaters the story of the well-known ship Titanic and its unfortunate fate during its first journey into the oceans.

What some might not be aware of is the place where the ship was built – in Belfast, and this place is rich with everything Titanic!

Since starting operations in 2012, the Titanic Belfast has garnered numerous awards being one of the top tourist spots in the world.

They offer self-guided tours which will take you down memory lane to learn about the Titanic, the team who created it, and the passengers on board its maiden voyage.

Take a Break from the City and Enjoy the Outdoors by Visiting the Glenoe Waterfall

Surely, there are a lot of beautiful waterfalls on the Emerald Isle but the best of them all is the Glenoe Waterfall.

This not-so-big waterfall is located in the outer part of Glenoe village and can be visited via car from the city. Just look for the Waterfall Road carpark, settle and follow the guided path for two-minute through the trees going to the waterfall.

The Glenoe Waterfall is also the perfect stop for the weekend if you are planning to make a north coast trip and see more attractions.


The Land of Song

Famous for its rugged mountains, rolling valleys, and gigantic national parks, Wales is a place where the pace is slow and the atmosphere is great.

Between hiking, going to resorts, or visiting the cities, you will find many reasons to enjoy Wales. Take a quick peek at the great destinations in this popular ‘Land of Castles.’

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Climb the Snowdon in Snowdonia

Snowdon is located in the popular national park called Snowdonia and is considered among the tallest UK mountains. The massive park, coupled with the tall mountain makes this place a haven for outdoor adventurers. In Britain, Snowdonia makes the list of the top places to hike. But if you just want to enjoy the view sans the walk, you can enjoy the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

Visit Caernarfon Castle – An Important Part of Wales’ History

There are approximately 640 existing castles in Wales and Caernarfon Castle is one that stands out. Since it was erected in 1283, the castle has been besieged and re-captured numerous times, yet it is still one of the most well-preserved medieval castles in all Europe. The castle boasts abundant towers in its walls, making it a formidable defensive structure.

As a side trip, you can go to the nearby towns surrounding the castle and enjoy sumptuous food and drinks at the many restaurants, pubs, and cafes.

Relax in Llandudno – A Peaceful Beach Resort in Wales

Dubbed as the “Queen of Resorts in Wales,” Llandudno is the most popular and biggest resort among other destinations in Northern Wales.

It is located just below The Great Orme (an impressive limestone headland), which is also a great destination spot. Following the tramway up, you can have a spectacular view of the pier and the resort. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, there is also a ski slope and cable cars.

Aside from the spectacular beach, there is also a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and hotels. There is even a Victorian-themed carnival where you can pass time.

So, Ireland Or Wales?

Ireland and Wales are both magnificent places that offer rich history and tradition aside from their spectacular attractions. In addition, renting a car is convenient as the tourist spots on these islands are all accessible by enjoyable road trips.

In the end, the decision will go down to your personal preference, length of stay, and budget.

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