For many of us, the things we know about Ireland come from the rumors about green hills and seaside cottages. Similarly, the things we know about Scotland pretty much encompass all the scenery we got from Outlander. But for those lucky enough to take a trip across the sea, both of these counties are so much more stunning than how they seem via word of mouth or TV screen.

While Ireland is, well, very green, it's also home to Dublin - a city that should be on everyone's bucket list. Scotland is home to Glasgow, a city more than worth visiting, but Scotland also has scenery that will take your breath away... It's truly an 'off the beaten path' type of destination, and one that you won't soon forget - but it might just make you forget the rest of the world. But which should you choose? These travelers' photos might help you decide.

20 The City Streets Of Dublin Are Enchanting Night Or Day

Where else can you get an authentic beer? Just kidding (sort of). Dublin is an easily walkable city and one that's likely far different from any you'll have been to in your life. With tiny shops and (authentic) pubs lining the sides of the street, it's not hard to find a place to sit, relax, and take in the Irish atmosphere.

19 Similarly, The City Streets Of Edinburgh Feel Vibrant And Lively

Edinburgh is on a bit larger of a scale and a bit more city-like. A classic European city, there's no end to the shopping, walking, and fun to be had on these city sidewalks. Just walking down the streets is a treat, as every building is more brightly colored than the last.

18 The Cliffs Of Moher Resemble Something Out Of Lord Of The Rings

The Cliffs of Moher are a popular tourist destination and one that travelers should definitely be careful around (don't do what this guy is doing). It's a sheer drop down into the ocean, but man, is it absolutely stunning. Even on a foggy day, these cliffs cut through the mist as though they're reaching out to the sea.

17 Those Lucky Enough To Visit The Isle Of Skye Won't Soon Forget It

The Isle of Skye is an untouched part of Scotland that, if you saw it, you likely wouldn't believe. It's humbling to stand in the midst of these mountains while listening to the streams flow around you, but this is what they mean by 'nature's beauty'. This island is the largest of the Inner Hebrides, and without argument, the most beautiful.

16 The Blarney Castle Might Seem Overrated But Is Worth A Trip

While bending over in a nearly yoga-level position isn't always everyone's idea of fun on a vacation, you don't need to touch the Blarney stone to appreciate all that Blarney Castle has to offer. It's sheer exterior and grounds are enough to showcase Ireland's historic beauty, even if you don't hang over a castle wall to see it.

15 Edinburgh Castle Sits Atop A Hill, Overlooking The Entire City

Scotland has its castles, too, and many of them are rooted deep within a warring history. Scotland hasn't had it easy as a country, and a true Scot's pride can be seen just by visiting this stone-walled facade. Built for protection and homestead, Edinburgh Castle is just one of many, but this one can be seen right from the modern city.

14 In Ireland, The Ocean Meets Land In Such Unique Ways

Ireland is well-known for its unique organic formations, such as stones, cliffs, and rocky beaches. The land that slopes into the Atlantic is often so unique that it almost looks man-made, but the beauty lies in the fact that it's simply just untouched and well-weathered.

13 The Isle Of Sky Is Also Home To Its Own Castle

This could easily be mistaken for Romania, but it's actually Scotland. The same Isle of Skye that puts forth epic, mountainous landscapes is the same one that holds a castle in secret. This isn't the only castle to be found in Northern Scotland, and the area was once ruled by the Clan MacLeod, the most powerful of their time.

12 Seeing Dublin From Above Is A Whole New Experience

While you may not get quite the alpine-like views that Scotland delivers, Ireland does have some incredible vantage points. Specifically, those which follow the shoreline. Like something out of a dream, standing at the edge of one of these cliffs is terrifying, humbling, and breathtaking.

11 Don't Knock It Until You Try It, Scottish Breakfast Is Delicious

The UK might be known for many things, but their beans with brekkie have always been something to judge. As with anything else, you should never knock it until you try it - this protein and fiber-filled plate will provide enough energy to get through any walk through Edinburgh, trust us!

10 When The Sun Hits Kilkenny, The Castle Seems To Come Alive

Some of the most beautiful castles in Ireland are also some of the most well-known, and Kilkenny is one of them. This castle was built in 1195 and is one of the longest-occupied castles in Ireland. Built as a fording point, it maintains all its family history and is open for self-guided tours.

9 Glasgow Holds Something For Everyone, Even If You Just Want To Explore

Glasgow is less old than many other cities in Europe but worth visiting all the same. It's known as a seaport and many visit the area just for its rich architectural style.

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A mix of nouveau and Victorian, these buildings are reminiscent of a new era for Scotland, one that marked the 18th century.

8 There's No Turning Down An Authentic Guinness, Fresh Bread, And Irish Butter

If you've ever tried Irish butter outside of Ireland, then you know that fresh butter in Ireland is far superior. With ingredients that are likely to come straight from a local farm, there's nothing like slightly warm bread, Irish butter, and, yes, a pint (or more) of Guinness... and we're not talking cans here.

7 Who Could Say No To A Face Like This?

Animal-lovers, this one is for you! The Scottish Highland cow is the cutest in existence (says us) and it's worth a trip to Scotland just to see these beauties on a farm. While they will grow into full-sized cattle, there's something about them that's still so stunning against Scotland's green backdrop.

6 Dublin Streets Are Quiet Compared To Some

You're not going to find a hectic city center in Dublin. While that's not to say it doesn't get busy, the cobblestone part of Dublin is easily walked, meaning car traffic is nothing like what you'd expect on a New York City street. It's also surrounded by plenty of nothing, so the city itself is quite isolated.

5 Melrose Abbey Holds Plenty Of History Behind Its Stone Walls... Pup Not Included

While this abbey lies partially in ruin, its structure still stands tall. A request build by King David I of Scotland, it was constructed by Cistercian monks in 1136. In one of the stairways, visitors can find the inscription of 'Be halde to ye hende', which means 'keep in mind, the end, your salvation'.

4 These Are The Rolling Green Hills Ireland Is Known For, Much Of It Untouched

The photos don't do Ireland justice but then again, they never do. There are so many places to pull off on the side of a road just to take in Ireland's beauty, whether it's overlooking the sea or a green pasture.

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Various stone structures and bridges give way to babbling brooks and streams, mostly untouched.

3 The Drovers Inn Is Estimated To Be Roughly 300 Years Old

There's no competition between the two when it comes to lodging in either country. Both offer charming, old-world options if that's your preference, and the Drovers Inn is one of Scotland's most well-known. Set against the Scottish hillside, this stone inn is estimated to be almost more than 300 centuries old.

2 Or You Could Stay In A Cozy Seaside Irish Cottage

Airbnb is a friend to Ireland, and it's not impossible to stay in a charming cottage such as this.

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Be prepared to step back a bit in time, and you'll be welcome for it - disconnecting for a while is a perk of waking up to a seaside breeze, the whisper of seagrass, and a cup of coffee overlooking the cliffside.

1 Fairy Glen, Where All Mystical Creatures Are Said To Gather

Not surprisingly, Fairy Glen can be found on the Isle of Skye, just above Uig. We were kidding about the fairies - there's no legend making claim to anything regarding them. However, it is said that pressing coins into the cracks of the nearby Castle Ewan will bring a visitor good luck.

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