There's no denying the fact that some of the best castle hotels are located in Ireland. So whether you are looking for a romantic, 5-star, historic, fairytale-like, or simply fascinating castle stay, Ireland can definitely accommodate and then some. Of course, if this is your first time considering such incredible accommodations, finding the right castle can be a little tricky, especially when there are over a dozen castles to choose from in Ireland. So to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime, here are ten of the best castles in Ireland that you can actually spend the night in.

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10 Castle Leslie Estate

For those looking for some living history that is on the swankier side, you needn't look any further than the Castle Leslie Estate. Located in County Monaghan, this stunning Irish castle is truly a sight to behold, with over 1000 acres of the Irish countryside, ancient woodlands, and surrounding sparkling lakes. Dating back to the mid-1660s, this castle is one of the few that still belongs to its founding family, the Leslies. The notable castle features here include an almost digital-free atmosphere (guests still have access to Wi-Fi), antique furniture, beautiful heirlooms, and incredible bathrooms complete with lavish oversized baths—so you and your significant other can feel like the kings and queens that you are.

9 Kinnitty Castle

Travelers who appreciate all things Gothic will absolutely fall in love with Kinnitty Castle. Built in 1209, these hollow halls are brimming with the folklore of Druids, great kingdoms, and several poets. The original towering castle was damaged when it burned down in 1922. Still, it was rebuilt just a few years later, and what remains from the original castle, like the High Cross and Abbey wall, have been incorporated into the current structure. Here, this castle stay is definitely more spooky than luxurious as there are more than a few suspected ghostly guests that frequent these halls— the most famous being that of Hugh, the Monk of Kinnitty.

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8 Blackwater Castle

So much is in a name, and Blackwater Castle lives up to its Medieval roots. Dating back thousands of years, this fascinating Irish castle is rich in history, including that of the Lords of the Barony of Fermoy, the Druids, the Chieftains, the legendary Strongbow, and his army. Even a few celebs have graced these castle walls with their presence. Touted as one of the oldest occupied Ireland castles, this is definitely an exciting and unique stay. Here, guests can marvel at this breathtaking existing structure, explore the 50 acres near the River Awbeg, and get lost in the onsite maze. This is yet another castle with a haunted past, so keep an eye out for the ghosts of Lady Ellen Roche and her officers roaming the grounds.

7 Lough Rynn Castle

Another Irish ancestral home ideal for castle seekers is the Lough Rynn Castle Hotel. Located in County Leitrim and spanning 300 acres, this castle stay is perfect for those looking for some leisure and semi-modern fun. Guests here can still get the full Irish castle experience in the Baronial Hall, the walled garden, and the John McGahern library. But if you want to kick back and play a round of golf nearby, you definitely have that option. Castle guests can also partake in nearby outdoor activities such as fishing, water sports, cycling, and horse riding. These beautiful accommodations are also known to host a wedding or two, and it's not hard to see why.

6 Abbeyglen Castle

Located in Clifden in the famed area of Galway, the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel is the new kid on the block. Built in Clifden in 1832, this beautiful castle offers guests a front-row seat to marvel at Connemara's stunning countryside. Here, hotel guests can dine like kings and queens, relax in the lap of luxury, and learn all about this Irish castle hotel's intriguing past. What's more, this lovely castle is surprisingly affordable, so if you don't want to break the bank but still want the full castle experience complete with first-rate pampering, then Abbeyglen Castle is for you.

5 Glin Castle

Glin Castle is an excellent choice for anyone looking to rent a castle. Whether you have a large vacation group, are planning a destination wedding, or simply want the royal treatment, this 700-year-old fairytale-like abode should fit the bill. Situated on the banks of the River Shannon Estuary, Glin Castle, like many other older Ireland castles, has a story to tell. Travelers who want to learn more about this castle's past, hauntings, and infamy are in for a real treat. Alternatively, for those who just want to relax in this stately kingdom, stroll the gardens, and take advantage of the multiple kitchens, they can absolutely choose their own adventure.

4 Wilton Castle

Yet another castle hotel in Ireland for groups is Wilton Castle. Located on the banks of the Boro River in County Wexford, this picturesque former tower was built in 1247. Now a self-catering castle ideal for a long holiday, travelers can enjoy this once fortress's stunning exterior, lush grounds, the deluxe apartment stays that sleep up to six, and this castle's overall regal vibes. Plus, with an abundance of family activities, outdoor excursions, live entertainment, festivals, special events, and more at Wilton, it will be hard to find reasons to stay elsewhere.

3 Cabra Castle Hotel

Set in Kingscourt in County Cavan, Cabra Castle Hotel is absolutely a fan favorite. This 17th-century former estate has all the trimmings one would expect from a castle—stone turrets, ivy-clad walls, winding staircases, imposing lavish castle doors, thriving lush gardens, and of course, incredible Irish countryside views. The perfect setting for a fairytale wedding, a romantic getaway, or your next celebrations, Cabra Castle doesn't disappoint. Guests can stay for a long weekend or several days, dine in the Court Room, and take in all that this lovely castle stay has to offer.

2 Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel

One of Ireland's most popular castle stays is the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Only a few minutes away from the historic village of Dalkey, Killiney Beach, and the coastal town of Dun Laoghaire, this 18th-century family-owned and run castle is a 4-star delight. Hotel guests can take it easy at the Fitzpatrick, enjoy the finer things, and have afternoon tea. Not only are there three restaurants (including Library Cocktail Bar) onsite and overall superb accommodations, but there is also a plethora of South Dublin attractions to check out.

1 Clontarf Castle Hotel

Lastly, the fabulous Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin offers guests the perfect regal getaway with its mix of the old world, ample history, and 5-star accommodations just around the corner from this beloved vibrant city. This Irish castle was modernized and converted into a lavish hotel in 1837. Nonetheless, since 1172, parts of this castle have stood the test of time where the Battle of Clontarf (1014) once took place. Castle guests will have no trouble at all falling in love with the first-rate service here, the castle's knightly décor, spacious guest suites, and The Knights Bar, which offers fine contemporary Irish cuisine.