Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on the face of the planet, but that doesn't mean we don't have some serious questions about it. A few of them may be considered jokey and others might have obvious answers, but we guarantee that most of them have come into your head before.

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We'd highly recommend a visit to this wonderful nation at some point during your lifetime because they just seem to do things differently up there.

Different, as you know, can so often be a good thing just as much as it can be a bad thing, too.

10 Just How Polite Are They?

We hear it all the time: Canadians are incredibly polite and they will always be that way. While we can certainly believe this to an extent, you have to wonder whether or not there’s an area (or group of people) within the country that is incredibly rude. It just kind of makes sense, right?

No one nation can be that universally happy and positive all the time, because that just doesn’t really feel like how life works anymore. Maybe we’re being a bit too cynical and we’ve spent too much time in the States, but we believe the point stands.

9 Why Are So Many Areas Uninhabited?

While the big city areas certainly have a lot to brag about when it comes to their population figures (more than 2.8 million in Toronto), that doesn’t necessarily mean the same is true for all of the rural destinations (37 million across the entire country despite its overwhelming size). In fact, as you can probably tell by the title of this entry, it’s quite the opposite.

The majority of Canada’s northern regions are pretty empty, and even that may be an understatement when you really think about it. The people that know the country and are proud of being locals will be there no matter what, but it’s just a bit strange.

8 Why Is It The ‘Great’ White North?

It’s just a nickname type of thing and we know that, but we’ve always been curious as to what the origin of it actually is. We all know Canada is located in the North of this great planet, and the rest of the nickname kind of writes itself.

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We happen to think it’s one of the best nicknames for any country around the world because it really does showcase the spirit of this nation.

They’re all very proud of where they come from, and it’s a great thing to witness.

7 What Makes It So Different From The United States?

There are clearly some big differences between the United States of America and Canada, but it’s about focusing on the specifics. Why do so many people feel such a disconnect between the two neighbors? Why are some Americans so arrogant towards Canadians?

In truth, it all boils down to legislations and personalities, which are two things that go together hand in hand. It’s perfectly okay to like both and nobody is going to hold it against you if you do, but they’re just very different places and that’s the bottom line.

6 Is There That Much Crime?

We shouldn’t be distracted too much by the beauty of Canada, because just like any other place on the planet, it has a dark side. There are issues that need rectifying and criminal cases that aren’t all too pleasant to see, and just because they aren’t as ‘well-spoken about’ on the news, people turn a blind eye to it all.

If we’re going to focus on the positives then it should be equally as important for us to focus on the negatives, because if you don’t, then you aren’t really providing a fair analysis. For example, the average when it comes to reported crimes has risen over the course of the last twelve months.

5 What’s The Food Like?

Poutine is one thing, but beyond that, Canada has a wealth of great foods that can be discovered from the very top of the country to the very bottom. That’s the kind of dynamic that we like because you always need good nutrition and food regardless of where you are.

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They seem to focus a little bit less on the fast-food side of things, and while it still exists, they don’t put quite as much of an emphasis on it which is really nice to see.

Your health is important, kids.

4 How Does Their Government Work?

The government serves as the glue that holds everything together in any given country. Or, if you’re cynical, it’s the thing that causes a great deal of stress and anxiety for all.

It certainly seems and feels like everything is going pretty well within the Canadian government right now, which works under the traditional prime minister system as opposed to having a president - which fits more in line with the United Kingdom than the United States.

The Liberal Party and the Conservative Party have been the two dominant forces for years now, although the New Democratic Party and Green Party have made their presence felt in recent times.

3 What Is The Healthcare Like?

The healthcare seems to be much more reasonable than in the States, even if it sounds a bit like we’re stating the obvious there. Having sufficient healthcare is just a vitally important way of living, because if you have good healthcare, then you can set yourself up for a lot of really good opportunities in life (and you won’t be bankrupt quite so easily).

Canada famously has a national healthcare system, and is often described as 'free healthcare' for everyone. While this is somewhat true (and no one is going to go bankrupt due to illness), health insurance is still a popular option for extras like dental and optical, and Canadians do pay, whether through taxes at the end of the year or a monthly bill (varies province to province).

2 What Are The Best Cities?

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver immediately come to mind, although there are plenty of alternatives out there which showcase Canada in all of its glory. There’s a good chance you’ll enjoy them all equally as much as you do the two we’ve already mentioned, but in a lot of ways, it just comes down to personal preference.

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The rural areas are beautiful too but if you want to discover what it’s like to be at the true heart of Canada, make your way to one of the big cities on your next visit.

1 What’s With The Leaf On The Flag?

Basically, we’re a bit weird, and we are really fascinated by the art of flags. Canada’s flag is particularly with the maple leaf right in the middle of it, which celebrates the culture of this wonderful country.

There’s a reason why you see so many people parading the flag around 24/7: because they’re proud of where they are from. They originate in a land that provides hope to those who are in desperate need of it, and while it isn’t exactly perfect, they’ve still got more pros than cons on our list.

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