Intrepid Travel Launches Ethical And Socially Responsible Tours

Capitalizing on the socially conscious millennials, Intrepid Travel has launched a new line of tours geared towards the 18 to 29-year-olds market, who are looking for enjoyable, yet sustainable travel options.

After releasing a series of surveys on the millennial demographic, the world’s largest provider of sustainable travel decided to offer a range of options to young travelers that focus on affordability, sustainability, and immersive activities. The survey was conducted by OnePoll and revealed interesting trends in the 18-29 year market:

  • 90% of those polled considered the commitment the travel company had to ethical traveling as a factor in booking their trips
  • 86% believed that sustainable travel options were of importance when booking a trip
  • 86% were willing to spend more on a vacation if the experience was completely ethical


The polls revealed what has been known to marketers for quite some time now– the millennial group more than any other demographic cares how and where their money is being spent. Adding options of socially conscious travel is great for the community as well as the tour operators who can tap into a growing market. The company has a long-standing history of demonstrating its commitment to social justice and sustainability in travel. It has been a carbon neutral company since 2010 and has shown its preference for animal welfare by being the first large operator to ban elephant rides. They have also removed orphanage visits from their itineraries, demonstrating their commitment to child protection.

“In an increasingly connected world, younger generations are more aware than ever of environmental and societal issues around the globe, and how their decisions impact those issues,” said Darshika Jones, director of North America, Intrepid Travel. “Our new 18 to 29s trip range was designed for these young, informed, and adventurous customers who are eager to discover new places and cultures, make a difference in the world, and connect with people their own age who share the same values.”

The recently developed options of over 80 socially responsible tours around the world to sought-after destinations include trips to Iceland, Egypt, and the famed Machu Picchu, all at reasonable and affordable prices. The trips focus on sustainable travel with limited impact while providing real experiences that stand out from the typical tourist travel. The tours are offered only to travelers between the ages of 18-29, which allows like-minded travelers to enjoy their experiences together. As one of the largest tour operators in the world, there are thousands of options available for people looking for responsible tourism options that fall outside of that age group.

The 9-day tour of Egypt, for example, starts at $716 and includes accommodations in a hotel for 5 nights, and an overnight train ride. 8 breakfast meals are included, 3 dinners and 1 lunch, and as well as entrances to a few museums and guided tours.

"Sustainable travel doesn't have to be expensive," said James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel. "This age group will increasingly influence travel trends. Their buying decisions can help to reduce demand for unethical activities like visiting orphanages or riding elephants."


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