For many, fall marks the most difficult time to plan for traveling.

After all, many have used up their vacation days for the summer - and the school season is in its early stages. Because fall usually marks a low traveling period in certain areas, there are predictably a large quantity of cheap flights available.

For those who have some vacation days to use up, or if you simply have any free time this season, then you have to check out the bargain flight deals that are being presented in various areas of Europe.


Well, staff from International Living (h/t, researched and discovered some  highly affordable flights from the United States to major cities in Europe.

For starters, you can fly from Boston to Dublin in the month of November for a modest $450. Other incredibly cheap flights include Los Angeles to Paris for $430, from New York to Rome for only $367 plus Chicago to Lisbon for $554.

International Living editor Dan Prescher explained that the continent of Europe experiences"scads of tourists during the summer months." As such, the lower number of "crowds" lead to cheaper flights.

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Prescher explained that he and his wife were able to fly around different countries, with some flights costing only $39. The website then outlined how you can organize trips accordingly throughout various nations in Europe.

There are many other flight deals that travelers need to keep an eye out for. Southwest Airlines and Air Canada were running promotions with low prices for flights. Other airlines will be adding more of these as they try to make up for some slow traveling periods.

A study from WalletHub showed that two out of three Americans will be traveling this winter. 33 million will reportedly not travel because of high costs. That won't be a problem if you can manage to score some cheap flight deals while they're available this season.

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